The Power of Saying No

I have a kitchen calendar that's pretty much the nerve center of our home. The kids scrawl all of their activities into the proper date boxes -- yes, even the 5-year old, who painstakingly forms each letter as I slowly spell whatever word he needs to publish on the family agenda. Doctors' appointments, meetings, conference calls ... it all ends up there. I never make a hint of plan without checking it first.This weekend, though? I have mentally stamped a big NO across both days....more

Overachieving mommies: Stop ruining Valentine's Day for the rest of us

 Overachieving mommies, I beg you: Hands offa Valentine's Day....more

To all the recovering alcoholics and drug addicts: Thank you

This article popped up on the sidebar of a news article about Phillip Seymour Hoffman. It's by Russell Brand, whom I've always thought is incredibly articulate and hilarious. (No comment on the Katy Perry thing.) Brand is also a recovering drug addict. In this article, he talks about life after getting clean....more

Why I don't care if you like me

Apparently I like to give advice. Lots of advice. (And I'm also pretty good at flingin' the old eff word around while doing so. Go me.)So here's the thing about me: I really don't care if you like me. I actually really and truly don't. ...more

What else can go right? My trick for not wallowing in despair

Complaining can be an art form, doncha think? I really appreciate a well-worded kvetch. But it can also be dangerous if you act like it's your second job.Hippie Trish wants to tell you to KNOCK THAT SHIT OFF.I was thinking that this morning, as I read yet another excellent post from Ralph Marston, The Daily Motivator. (Like him on Facebook to get a nice bit o' wisdom and insight every morning -- the man blows me away.)...more

My Insurance Company Called My Son Fat

I can't stand hearing people discuss healthcare reform in a theoretical way.I don't think you can truly make a case one way or the other unless you have some skin in the game. If you have health insurance through your employer, it's like you're living in your parents' basement -- you might know something is going on and you might have some thoughts on it, but you're insulated from feeling the full impact of the dangerous and expensive mindfuckery involved in getting your own health insurance....more

A Gentile does Rosh Hashanah

  I'm bogarting Rosh Hashanah this year. OK, maybe I'm not stealing the entire holiday ... but I'm hacking a little piece off just for myself....more

The Day I Almost Put My Child in a Dumpster

So who else went dumpster diving last weekend? Saturday was one of those high-intensity parenting days where the kids fought all day -- loudly and with much enthusiasm -- at home and in public. Mommy (that’s me) had no patience left. Mommy (again, me) had already texted this message to another mom who was bringing her son over for a playdate that evening:There is no beer in my house but if you would like to bring some I wouldn’t complain. ...more
I'm glad I'm not the only parent who sounds angry when I'm "not mad."more

Why I'm Glad I'm Not Black

I’m glad I’m not black.Why? One reason: If I were, then my little four-year old son would grow into a black teenage boy someday. Being a black teenage boy in this country has to be a tough gig.For Trayvon Martin, it was fatal....more

Why Isn't Prince Charming Beating Down My Door?

This is another post in “Ask Trish” series, in which I answer readers' questions. This week’s topic is close to my heart so let’s get right to it!READER QUESTION:...more