3 Tips to Creating a Successful Sales Funnel

It takes more than just having an amazing product to grow your sales online. Without an effective sales funnel, there is a good chance that you’ll still get very little to no sales at all.Interesting, isn’t it?You would think that a remarkable product is all you need to get things going, but the fact is, while having one is without a doubt important, without the right system (a sales funnel), you will still end up failing miserably....more

Importance Of Site Search

 One of the most important things that need to be present in a website is the ability to easily navigate it so that the customer is able to find whatever he is looking for easily. Apart from the ability to easily find what someone is looking for, there is a need for an efficient onsite search box....more

10 brands that are absolutely nailing returns policies

We’ve all heard refund horror stories. They’re what give us that sinking feeling when we find out our new top doesn’t fit, our new camera doesn’t work, or our new toy is missing a piece.But did you know that this fear could be deterring customers in the most important stage of the buying process? In 1910, philosopher John Dewey outlined the five stages of the buying decision process. And for over a hundred years retailers have observed Dewey’s model. But many seem to overlook the fifth (and arguably most important) stage – post-purchase....more

Relationship Advice For The Working Woman

Finding the right man can sometimes feel like the most impossible task a woman can face in today’s world. All of the good men either seem like they are taken by other lucky women or are just bad guys waiting to get into a relationship to come out. Women that are focused on their career first run into a myriad of different challenges. The challenges come in many forms, first of which is the time that they have to dedicate to meet the right person....more

Customer Loyalty: Keep Your Customers Coming Back

The words customer loyalty sound pretty neat, right? Of course they do! Customer loyalty is something that every business desires and needs to keep the profits up and new customers rolling in. If you are having trouble retaining your customers or you find that you are not getting as much repeat business as you would like, try to determine why....more

3 Things Your Timepiece Tells About You

Timepieces are not for everyone, but if you love fashion, sports, or technology, chances are you wear a statement watch to support at least one of these interests. A wearable solution to a broad range of consumer needs, your watch tells more about you than you may realize. Not only that, BloombergBusiness.com reports that the average American owns five watches, according to Timex! Imagine that, a country that is in love with the watch, even though the time displays on multiple mobile devices 24/7....more

Reasons People Try Dating Websites

Dating sites and apps have become all of the rage in recent years as technology has developed a quite a rapid pace. In the past there was a misconceived notion that people used dating websites because they had no real luck in real life. This could not be further from the reality as many people use dating websites for a myriad of reasons. The following will highlight certain reasons people go on websites to potentially find their soulmate. The days of having to go to a bar to meet the love of your life is over and online dating can take some credit for that....more

Things To Do After A Car Accident

Being in a car accident can be quite traumatic so having a plan is of the utmost importance. If there is no plan then you could be leaving yourself open for lawsuits among other things. There are very specific things to do when involved in any type of automobile accident. The following will help anyone involved in an accident take the proper steps to have the situation handled appropriately. Car accidents can happen to anyone so having a plan regardless of who you are is necessary....more

Things That Should Be Outsourced

In today’s world of seemingly unlimited technology there is questions of whether certain things should be outsourced. Outsourcing not only frees up time for in house employees to be more efficient but it can also be cost effective. Not all areas of work should be outsourced as there are things that a company might not trust an outsourced team to do. Figuring out which parts of a company should be outsourced can be tricky. Finding the correct company or individuals to outsource to is also difficult but once a good team or company is found then it is time to watch the money pile up!...more

Keeping Up with Life in 2015: 6 Tips To Get and Stay Organized

Are you considering unique ways to improve your lifestyle in 2015? Check out these suggestions to help you take control of your life and get organized for a smoother year of friends, fun, and productivity!...more