Things That Should Be Outsourced

In today’s world of seemingly unlimited technology there is questions of whether certain things should be outsourced. Outsourcing not only frees up time for in house employees to be more efficient but it can also be cost effective. Not all areas of work should be outsourced as there are things that a company might not trust an outsourced team to do. Figuring out which parts of a company should be outsourced can be tricky. Finding the correct company or individuals to outsource to is also difficult but once a good team or company is found then it is time to watch the money pile up!...more

Keeping Up with Life in 2015: 6 Tips To Get and Stay Organized

Are you considering unique ways to improve your lifestyle in 2015? Check out these suggestions to help you take control of your life and get organized for a smoother year of friends, fun, and productivity!...more

6 Exciting Ways to Celebrate a Birthday

If age is just a number, why should birthday parties fall off with the passing of years? 21 is not a peak age, and you deserve that same anticipatory thrill of a birthday celebration every year. Don't accept the same stale drink, dinner, cake routine. Consider these six ways to make each birthday celebration new and exciting:Themed Get-TogetherAs an adult, themed birthday parties graduate from Minnie Mouse to Mad Men....more

Weekend Wear Fashion Tips for Plus Size Women

The weekend brings occasions to let down your hair and relax, but it also ushers in afternoon gatherings in the fall and nights on the town with friends and significant others. Wearing clothing that's fashion forward, comfortable, and flattering helps make your weekend outings even more enjoyable by boosting your confidence. Check out these practical tips for plus size women who want to look beautiful every weekend....more

Step Out of the Office: 7 Most Relaxing Overseas Vacations

It's Monday, and your overbearing boss is at it again. Projects are stacking up, and coworkers are of little use. There are a lot of things at work that can begin to burn you out. That's why vacations are so important.A relaxing vacation can melt away work-related stress, clear your mind, and improve the quality of your life. If you need to get away from the rigors of the average workday, then step out of the office and consider these seven most relaxing overseas vacations....more

5 Tips for Surviving Your First Car Accident

You mom always told you to wear clean underwear in case an accident lands you in the hospital, but what happens if you just get in a fender-bender? What do you do when the guy who rear-ended you won't return your calls? How do you know the mechanic isn't ripping you off?A car accident will happen to almost any driver at some point, and overcoming the shock and seeking medical treatment is only the first part. Take a deep breath and read on so you can be prepared if this happens to you.Break Out Your Camera and Notebook ...more

When Should You Look to Professional Help for Your Troubled Child

All children have struggles: that's just part of growing up. However, some children have an easier time dealing with life's stresses than others. There are so many circumstances, and no child's situation is the same. Because life is hard, some children need assistance dealing with their challenges. If you're worried, take a look at these five indications that you should look to professional help for your troubled child....more

Home Makeover: 5 End of Summer Projects

The mild weather at the end of summer is the ideal time to give your home a makeover. The pleasant conditions help you stay comfortable whether you're working indoors or outside. So don't wait until winter's chill hits. There's no better time to tackle these easy projects so that your home's ready for the season ahead....more

A Guide to Road Tripping the American Southwest

The southwestern portion of the United States is home to some of the most breathtaking sights and locations in the world. With major attractions such as the Grand Canyon and Las Vegas drawing millions of visitors a year, these states can be quite a “hot” spot. To really capture the beauty and vastness of the region, traveling by car to make sure to hit all of the great sights is a must. Here are a few tips on hitting the open road in the great American Southwest....more
Linda Anselmi the Grand Canyon is a given. I'd hope anyone visiting the area wouldn't skip over ...more

Don't Get Taken Advantage of: 6 Must Know Car Tips

Even though women make up a majority of the car buyers in the U.S. and influence 84% of the buying decisions, they still take a back seat in the car buying negotiation process and are often overcharged when it comes to car upkeep. Avoid being scammed with the following advice:...more