An Attitude Adjustment

How you view the world greatly affects your success in almost every and any endeavor. Positive people tend to achieve more success in their jobs, in their interpersonal relationships, and in their fitness, among other things....more
I love this post!  I've never heard it phrased like that - "be coachable" - but wow, yes.  I ...more

12 Things Every Girl Should Know

There are so many milestones that women go through in their lives. Our sweet sixteen, graduations, the 21st birthday, our wedding days, and the most joyous occasion, the day our babies are born. That is the day you learn the meaning of sacrifice and love. To look at this little miracle that has your own blood running through, is probably the best feeling anyone can have. You wish you can take them and put them in a bubble, so this world that we know, can’t affect them. That is not the case and you have to let them learn for themselves....more

Don't Be Greenwashed!

Have you ever heard of greenwashing before? Well it is a term that you definitely want to become aware of and learn how to avoid being green washed. When a company or organization spends their time and money advertising being “green” when in actuality it is being implemented minimally.This. drives. us. INSANE....more

Easy Tasty Prepared Meals

If we had the time to prepare a fancy meal every night, we would, but unfortunately life tends to get a little more complicated. It is easy to go out to dinner or reach for the unhealthy food items, but that just becomes expensive and unflattering to the hips. The solution is taking one day over the weekend to go over next week’s schedule and then see what days freezer friendly meals would come in use. Sunday can be your day to prepare those meals, which will last not just that week, but can be saved for other weeks when you get in a pickle....more

Avoid The Treadmill in 2015!

Are you dreading going to the gym because you know it will be an agonizing hour of treadmill cardio? We feel your pain! Workouts seem to be a job in itself, but it doesn’t have to be!...more

Get A Date Now

Here is a quick guide to help you meet someone special right now.  Try one or all of these tips and up your chances of landing a date next week!  1.  If you are single and not dating anyone, how can you get a date quickly? - Revamp your Online Profile:  Doesn’t have to be long or too detailed, a new photo of your doing something fun like skiing or at the beach just to show you are fun and interesting.- Step out of your comfort zone & try new places:  Tr...more

Trending Hair Style: The Long Bob

The current trending hairstyle is “The Long Bob.” It is a shorter hairdo that doesn’t make you feel like you have over chopped your locks. It is cut a little below the shoulders to create a chic and effortless look. This haircut can work with all textures of hair, whether you want a pin straight or a beach wavy look. Another accessory to add with this new haircut is, to spice it up and ask for bangs. With this shorter look the bangs can really help balance out the shape of your face. Another perk about this hairstyle is that it will cut down some of your getting ready time in the mornings!...more

T2B's Top Juicy Picks for TV Binges in 2015

With the cold weather here we are enjoying curling up on the couch with the fire going while watching our favorite fluff pastime…prime time television.  With so many options out there we thought we would share with you or favorite shows.  Keep in mind that some of these are no longer on the air and you will have to get them on Netflix or On Demand.  If you are in need of something worthwhile to watch definitely catch one of these series in your down time....more

Luscious Lips for a Steal

We love tinted lip balms! There are so many brands to choose from that will give you a great look for a cheap price. Some lipsticks create a flaky feeling to your lips where as lip balms help bring back moisturizer to those dry lips, as well as, a pop of color! We gathered  some of our favorite tinted lip balms! With the holiday season here, they are perfect stocking stuffers.Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm $8.99...more

Gift Ideas When Attending A Party

Is your social calendar filled with holiday parties this season?  Between work, friends and family celebrations there is a lot of fun to be had this month.  How can you thank all of the different hosts of without going into the poor house with thank you gifts?  We have a list of inexpensive options for you to bring to the hosts of your events that will come across as thoughtful and appreciated....more