Glam Up With Accessories

I love summer. In my opinion there is nothing better than sitting outside on a hot night, sipping an iced cold cocktail and eating a fresh from the garden salad. Thankfully, fall’s hottest jewelry trends (PASTELS! BRIGHT POPS OF COLOR!) allow you to carry these feelings of lightness and happiness with you as the weather changes from sultry to crisp. ...more

How To Get Magazine Fit

You can change your body with a few helpful pointers and choices. I have always been pretty fit. There was a period in college  that I thought I could eat A LOT of Pizza Hut. Who wants to cook in college when a pan cheese pizza is ah-mazing? I also had an eating frenzy with my first pregnancy too. It doesn’t just come off with the baby? Guess not. I have always worked out but I made the choice to set a goal. I decided to get in shape by intensifying my workouts and incorporating a healthier eating style. I learned how to eat from a friend who was also the Former Mr. Maryland....more

Igniting The Flame

If you are married and have been so for 10 or more years you may have gone through periods of time where you think the grass is greener being single.  Let us assure you, it is not!  (Assuming you are in a healthy marriage.)  We have met with countless single people who are looking to find someone great to go thru life with.  Most all relationships ebb and flow and it is typical for couples to go through mundane times throughout the span of your marriage.  These are the times where you may think, is he/she still the right person for me?  If you are in a respectf...more

Be In The Moment

Technology is so prevalent in our society. Watching too much TV used to be the problem but now there are also cell phones, iPods, iPads, game systems, etc. to contend with. It is not just our children constantly plugged in and faces to the screen, the parents are just as bad. We are so intrigued with other people’s lives, what happened yesterday and what is going to happen tomorrow, that we forget to get intrigued with living in the moment....more

Disappointed- Loss of Attraction

So you get married.  You are both young and determined.  Things are going very well.  You are working together toward your goals.  You are both physically fit.  You both want the same things: kids, home and you even want the same breed of dog.  How is all this possible?  It is almost nirvana until someone gains a great deal of weight.  The scenarios cited are not gender specific.   Spouse A:“This is not what I signed up for.  You are not the same person.  You have given up your high standards....more


Do you have that special friend? The kind that always knows what to do. A friend who gets it. The friend that has the knack of knowing what to say when. The busy friend who always has time for one more thing. A friend who makes you feel important even when you may have forgotten that. The best laughs are when you are together....more

Skinny Zucchini Fritters

These Skinny Zucchini Fritters are so delicious. They are the perfect side dish or you can even use them as a meal with a salad. We were looking for something healthy that was a break from the norm. These fit the bill.This was the first time using the shredding device on the Food Processor and it made making these super easy. The Fritters are great right away or heated up. Hope you enjoy them as much as we did. ~T2B ...more

How to Get A Guy/Girl To Really Like You!

Most people can get a date. Usually the problem is getting beyond the initial encounter and moving forward to a second and third date. Part of the issue is that in today’s busy society of emails, texting, video chat and online dating people are serial dating. If you have two or three dates in a week it is virtually impossible to remember interesting and important facts about each person. You may connect with someone on your date but before you can think of planning to see them again, you have date #2 to go on and then #3....more

Beach Bag Essentials

Summer is all about laying out by the pool or the beach, for hours on end, soaking up the summer sun. It is also all about being prepared for anything so you don’t have to run back home and interrupt your tanning time. T2B’s Summer Bag Checklist is the perfect way to stay organized and comfortable during your pool/beach time.  1. Oversized Beach Bag2. Beach Towel3. Sunglasses4. A good read5. Strong Sunscreen6. Coconut Water- hydration is key when you’re in the heat...more

Skinny Cauliflower Fried Rice

Looking for a great side dish that is healthy and flavorful? We have been hearing a lot about the Paleo diet which is basically anything in it’s whole form and does not incorporate grains, so basically no carbs. Here is a little information on it, if you are interested in learning more. We are not on any strict diet but try to eat a limited carb intake in the evening, since you are the most sedentary. Our Skinny Cauliflower rice is the best option for a delicious side dish....more