Shrimp Scampi

Since low carb at night is the way to go, we are giving Paleo a try. The concept is organic, free range protein and no grains or dairy. Honestly these recipes just look good and you can eat more without the guilt. We must give Whole Foods a shout out for peeling and de-veining two pounds of shrimp on the spot. Very nice of them and time saving for us. This recipe, for shrimp scampi, was retrieved from the Paleo cook book, Well Fed 2. Two ingredients that stood out when looking through this cookbook: Ghee and Coconut Aminos. They sounded like elements from the scientific table....more

Creative and Classic Halloween Costume 2014

It is the month of October, so certainly we are planning weeks in advance for what we are going to dress up as for our Halloween parties! This year we are seeing more and more DIY costumes, some of the classics, and some that are just mind blowing creative! Ladies, we picked out costumes this year that suits the women who wants to be a little sexier this Halloween and we picked out creative costumes for the women who would rather show off more of their costume. Men, we understand that not all of you are excited about dressing up in cheesy costumes....more

Go for the Extra Point this Football Season

Football season is upon us.  Time for us football widows to get creative and figure out a way to not only live though but also enjoy the coming months.  Football season can be a time where you spend QT with girlfriends, get back into reading or a favorite hobby as well as a time to hunker down with your guy and/or family to spend quality time doing what he loves.  Below are a few tips for enjoying the impending football craziness....more

Easy, Healthy Dinner: Crock-Pot Turkey Chili

There is nothing better than a pot of chili on a cold day. There is also nothing better than something that you can throw in the slow cooker, go do your 500 things, and come home to a delicious hearty meal. I am always looking for meals that I can make in my Crock-Pot—because let's face it, there are only so many hours in the day. Between getting your kids to school, work, trying to squeeze in a workout, after-school activities, and homework, time flies. Therefore, the crock is a parent’s best friend. ...more
Yum!!! Great for a fall day.more

Dating in Your 20's

The dating scene in your 20′s, may feel like you are pulling teeth just trying to find the right guy. Boys (because we just can’t quite call them men yet) just don’t seem ready to be monogamous, because “they’re just to busy” or “just not ready yet…” aka that’s code word for  “I want to keep my options open.”...more

At Home Party Planning: From Concept to Completion

With the holidays swiftly approaching, our imagination starts working on overdrive. Gifts, decorating, cooking, visiting and all else. We can’t keep making excuses for not reciprocating when we are invited to all those great events. What is it about some people that make hosting a great event look so easy? It is called, PLANNING. Do as much in advance as possible. When you are in control, it is actually enjoyable to be a guest at your own party. There are some great apps for planning a party that can be downloaded, but until then, here are some simple guidelines to follow:...more

Juicing for your Health

As someone who has always been into athletic pursuits, such as triathlons, lifting weights, kickboxing, swimming, etc., I’ve always been into “juicing.” No, I don’t mean steroids, I mean juicing–literally....more

Frugal Fall Fashion

We are enjoying the last couple of weeks that summer has to offer, but we are starting to prepare for the colder weather that the fall season is going to bring. Fall is just around the corner and you know what that means…we have to swap our tank tops for sweaters and our flip-flops for boots. It is time to go into your closet and break out the warmer clothing and take inventory of what items you have and what items you need to go shopping for. Of course when it comes to Fall fashion we love our cable knit sweaters, flannel shirts, and long leggings....more

Healthier Chicken Salad

If you love chicken salad as much as we do but want to try and make a healthier version, look no further.  We have created this recipe from trial and error and it is just delicious.  The secret to this mouth watering dish is the fruit and sunflower seeds combination.   We hope that you enjoy it as much as we do. ...more

5 Ways to Up your Sex Appeal

We all have heard it, being sexy is one of the most intriguing things a person can radiate. Sexiness is not necessarily innate. You can create a sexier you by changing or adding a few things. Whether you are in a relationship or looking for one, it is an important attribute. BUT make sure you do not confuse sexiness for sleaziness. No one finds that attractive, well except for unattractive people....more