Crazy but true...

A revelation: I can't just eat whatever I want, log at the end of the day, and hope it works out so that I lose weight. If I could do that, I wouldn't need to lose weight. Crazy but true! ...more

5 steps to keeping your sports bras looking new

This post contains affiliate links, but represents my honest...more

More shots from my Gwynnie Bee "Not a Model" session

When I was making the arrangements for my photo shoot for Gwynnie Bee, I learned that instead of sending a photographer to me, they would find a local photographer to work with me. ...more

Yesterday's weigh-in: At least I tracked

My week was marginally better than the last one -- I tracked, even though I was over points. I lost 0.4, so tracking still makes a difference over not tracking even when I'm not planning well enough to stay in my range. This has been a chaotic time, so I'm not surprised that I have been finding it hard to focus ....more

Goodbye, summer!

This week is chock-full of meetings. Classes start next week. I have really had a great summer and, because of some sad events, have felt even more determined than usual to make the most of my time ....more

Stepping into "pretty"

Since my Gwynnie Bee feature went public, I have been getting a lot of nice comments from family and friends (and blog readers -- thank you so much!). ...more

Weight Watchers Activity PointsPlus: Use or lose?

This week's Weight Watchers topic was about tracking Activity PointsPlus (from here on out in this post, I will just say Points). ...more

My Gwynnie Bee photo shoot

This was the better of two pictures. I really am "Not a Model." Way back in May, I was contacted about whether I would like to be featured in Gwynnie Bee's "Not a Model" blog series. It has been hard keeping the secret! ...more

I'm "Not a Model" for Gwynnie Bee

I can finally share the news that I have been bursting to tell you -- I am not a model!...more

Does losing weight make you depressed?

When I saw the reports in the media that "Losing Weight Could Make You Depressed,"I thought it was just another case of media misrepresenting the findings of a study to drive traffic. ...more