Rodan + Fields Preferred Customer Perks

Note: I recently became a Rodan...more

My Christmas gift to myself

I haven't posted anything about my weight in a long time, and we know in fitness-blogger-land that this is because everything is great and I'm one pound away from my goal weight, right?(pause for sad, knowing laughter)Yeah. My weight is up since taking that not-too-exciting-but-pays-the-bills corporate job, and I was overweight before. ...more

My first month on the Rodan + Fields Reverse regimen

Spoiler alert: I had a good experience with the products so I decided to become a Rodan...more

Coming out of the dark

If you didn't guess from my long silence, I was going through a tough time for a while there. It started a little before the election, and then the unexpected and (to me) horrible outcome really threw me for a loop.Being a contingent worker for more than a year was really getting to me. I had a couple of glimmers of hope, and then big disappointments, and that didn't help much ....more

I don't need more accountability right now... plus a podcast recommendation

I'm sure you have seen stuff like this on your Facebook feed. A friend of mine posted it in a group and suggested we all try it and post our results for accountability. I thought about it for a minute and...No.I already don't drink soda ....more

My experience with #TheGoal30

When I read about #TheGoal30 at...more

Looking for the bright side

What do you do when you're feeling down? My answer is usually a hard workout, but in the wake of my injury, that has not been an option. I don't get the same effect from my PT exercises, walking, light swimming, and easy bike rides ....more

7 Tips for Your First TED Talk

In March, I gave my first (and so far only) TED talk at TEDx WayPublicLibrary....more

Let's get real: Weight regain

I get fascinated with the Facebook feature "On this day," which lets me look back to memories as long ago as about 2008, when I started using the site regularly. ...more

Introspective in Indy: Fitbloggin' 2016 follow-up

This year's Fitbloggin' was a different kind of conference than the three previous ones I attended. In the past, the focus was definitely on the quirky, accepting community that started with the first conferences in Baltimore, and continued as the convention moved on to Portland, Savannah, and Denver. In past years, I had always enjoyed the sessions, but the real focus was on the free-for-all of interactions with people I had met in previous years, or with new attendees ....more