What I did this week: Two hours short

This was supposed to be a 12-hour training week, but I missed three workouts, so it was only a 10-hour week. Today's workouts were almost half of the week.I feel tired, but also good about what I was able to accomplish.Next week is an easy week -- only 6 1/2 hours of training. It will be nice to scale back a little ....more

Check-in: In a stuck place

I put up a snarky blog post this morning, thought the better of it, and took it down. I am feeling stuck in a lot of ways right now. ...more

Strategic planning: I'll save you the time

I attended a strategic planning session yesterday. Actually, in theory, I helped lead the session, but mostly I was there as a flunkie. I was dumb enough to think that this session might make a difference and help me get reenergized ....more

This could be the start of something big: Team Endurance Fusion

I have talked in previous posts about how I have been training with a group led by a triathlon coach, Lesley Kruzel. She has formalized this group into Team Endurance Fusion, a group of athletes who have one thing in common: We are crazy enough to enjoy riding in Lesley's basement during the winter, and we all have big dreams for the coming season. We have some great sponsors who have offered us team discounts on things like helmets and nutrition.I have been working with Lesley on a per-hour basis ....more

Work harder, or move more?

Note: This post contains Amazon Affiliate Links....more

Triathlon training: Bad week, good week

Last week I was dealing with a possible eye infection and some serious work-related stress, so as you can see, my training week was a wreck. The gray box is a workout I did that was unplanned, all the orange ones are missed workouts, and the green boxes were the ones I did as planned (not many).This week was spring break. My workout life were both more productive when I wasn't teaching ....more

Fit by FItbloggin' Week 3: Late but some good news

I have good news and bad news. The bad news is that last week was so crazy that I hardly tracked at all. The good news is that I lost some weight anyway, both on my home scale yesterday and at Weight Watchers last Wednesday ....more

New Enell Color Alert: Raspberry Zest!

It finally is launched, and it's lovely: The latest Enell offering is bold and beautiful. It almost seems a shame to cover it up. As an Enell Ambassador, I just got this gorgeous bra in the mail a couple of weeks ago and I have been waiting to wear it until it was official.If you can't find Raspberry Zest or Scuba Blue at a store near you, you can always go right to the source and order it from Enell ....more

Fit by Fitbloggin' Progress Report Week 2: Exhaustion

Yesterday's post was a pretty good indication of how I'm feeling lately. The way-below-zero temps we have been having have made it hard to get outside to exercise, which really impacts my mood. I feel like a mole person ....more

Enough, already!

I am really tired of extreme cold, snow, and road salt on my car and clothes. This post originally appeared on Perfect in Our Imperfections and is the property of its author, who has not given permission for it to be published on other sites. If you see this published anywhere but in my blog or site feed, it was taken without my consent ....more