A busy week!

This week was mostly a good one, but really busy. I logged my food about 1 out of every 2 days. I had my birthday and did a lot more eating out at restaurants than usual ....more

Happy 44th Birthday to Me!

I don't look a day over 22, do I?...more

Meeting with a triathlon coach

Note: This post contains Amazon affiliate links. I met with a triathlon coach last night to discuss my race goals. To my surprise, she didn't sound doubtful I could do what felt to me like a very ambitious schedule ....more

Changes coming to Weight Watchers

I have heard rumors about the changes coming to Weight Watchers and even saw a blog post that was published prematurely (and taken down) that outlined some of the changes coming. ...more

Logging, revisited

I need to log my triathlon workouts and progress. After my initial review, I had decided to try the Beginner Triathlete app, but it just didn't capture my interest. A local coach I have considered working with uses the Training Peaks app, so I decided to play around with it on my computer ....more

I blame it on the wetsuit

Let's recap:On Sunday, I did a hard swim workout, race day. This was super-fun and I enjoyed challenging myself.On Monday, I did a 20-minute run at 7 a.m. and then a hard bike ride at 7 p.m. ...more

Why I'm NOT representing Enell at a Turkey Trot this morning

I was supposed to be running a turkey trot right now in my role as Enell Brand Ambassador. Instead, I'm on the sofa, babying my sore back.I overdid it this week. Instead of doing a taper like a sane person, I did two workouts on Monday, a run and a hard bike ride ....more

A rainy morning.

I was not happy to notice rain coming in the back of my garage this morning.I called someone weeks ago to get a quote and he is still not getting back in touch with me, so I am going to have to find someone else. My husband is supposed to ask the shop teacher for names, and he keeps forgetting too. Any blog readers have a good contact in Toledo for small construction projects? ...more

If you have an hour and a half to spare...

The daily-blogging thing really got away from me this week. A friend from one of my online communities posted the link to this video. The audio is really interesting but the video is useless because it focuses only on the doctor and not the slides ....more

Wordless Wednesday: Wish I were there

Mackinac Island, July 2014 This post originally appeared on Perfect in Our Imperfections and is the property of its author, who has not given permission for it to be published on other sites. If you see this published anywhere but in my blog or site feed, it was taken without my consent ....more