Rest days

I was going to run today, but it's as cold as the moon outside and I just can't make myself get out there. Today is going to be a busy day, so I decided to double up tomorrow in the interest of having another rest day. But that's all the schedule juggling -- now I have to stick to the plan.This is an easy week -- the schedule my coach gave me has two hard weeks and then an easier one ....more

Completed As Planned

TrainingPeaks (affiliate link), the app I use to plan and track my workouts, has a feature I just noticed. When I would record my workouts on the iPhone app, I was actually manually adding the time. But then I figured out that if I just clicked the "Completed As Planned" button at the top, it automatically filled in the time I had already allocated for the workout.There is something so satisfying now about clicking that "Completed As Planned" button ....more

Review: I bought a TIM3 MACHIN3, and I love it

Note: I bought this product with my own money and was not asked to write a review. I just think it is really cool and wanted to share....more

Biggest training week ever

Today was a big training day in what is my biggest training week to date. I'm so tired but also proud that I got through 3 hours and 34 minutes of workouts today.I'm really amazed at what having a big goal has done for my training. I know that if I don't get the training hours in, I'll suffer on race day.A little more than 41 hours down so far, with "only" about 417 hours more training to go ....more

For your viewing pleasure: This Girl Can

This makes me want to go work out. See you later! This post originally appeared on Perfect in Our Imperfections and is the property of its author, who has not given permission for it to be published on other sites ....more

Blog recommendation: Better View of the Moon

One of my friends from my MFA in Poetry days just started a beautiful blog, Better View of The Moon. I suppose it's not surprising that she takes the mundane things I yammer on about and turns them into something larger and more crafted, as she has continued to work her poetry through motherhood, moves, and job changes. Unlike her, I have made several ...more

"Mad Men" is my oracle

In preparation for the long-awaited final season of Mad Men this spring (still no release date available), I have been re-watching all the episodes. ...more

First Monday of 2015

Today feels like the real start of the new year. Back to a routine, back to work. ...more

Enell Ambassador Race Report: Midnight Special 5K

Due to injury, I didn't get to do the Turkey Trot 5K I registered for with Enell, so I decided to do the Midnight Special 5K as a sort of make-up race.If I hadn't preregistered, I might have wimped out on the race, as windchills were in the single-digits and I knew I would be doing most of the running on a bike trail that had no shelter from the wind.Instead, I put on my big-girl bra (a Scuba Blue Enell Sport), bundled up, and wore a sparkly scarf just to tell the wind that I didn't care, it was still New Year's Eve. I'm wearing three tech-fabric shirts and two pairs of tights in this picture. I added a Gore-Tex suit, a stocking cap, and a neck gaiter to this base outfit so I wouldn't freeze ....more

Triathlon training: December 22-28

My TrainingPeaks...more