Book review: Leap by Tess Vigeland

I have been anxiously awaiting Leap: Leaving a Job with No Plan B to Find the Career and Life You Really Want (link to order through the author's website) ever since I heard author Tess Vigeland interviewed on "How She Really Does It."...more

Gluten-free and (mostly) dairy-free

After my last visit with my traditional endocrinologist, I resolved to try something different. I looked around for another endocrinologist, but all the ones around here follow the same protocol -- I was never able to connect with my old friend from the gym to find out who she was working with. ...more

Another race report: Swim to the Moon 5K

Are you tired of race reports yet? This one, I promise, is something different. It was the Swim to the Moon 5K, a swim through five lakes ....more

One perfect moment from the Sylvania Triathlon

One thing I forgot in my race report: Ever since I have been doing triathlons, each event begins with the U.S. national anthem. (This didn't happen when I did road races before September 11, 2001.)I have learned to associate the anthem with being slightly on edge and concurrently impatient to start and a little scared. No matter how many races I do, there is always a little anxiety at the start.At Sylvania, they typically have canned music played over a loudspeaker while someone holds a flag from the lifeguard stand ....more

Enell Ambassador Race Report: The Sylvania Triathlon

Note: I did not ask Enell to pay my entry to this race because I wanted to wear my Team Toledo shirt, but I was still well supported through the entire triathlon by my Raspberry Zest bra. Hi! It has been a while since I posted ....more

Enell Ambassador Race Report: Women's Only Triathlon

Note: Enell paid my race entry for this race as part of their Ambassador program....more

Several months ago

Several months ago, I listened to Tess Vigeland being interviewed on "How She Really Does It" about life after leaving the dream job. Then I listened to her World Domination Talk. I really wanted to do the same thing ....more

Race Review: The Color Run

Note: My mother, sisters, and I were invited to do the Color Run as Kohl's Yes2You Rewards VIPs and were given free race entries for the race. My sisters paid my nephews' entry fees themselves.I have done a lot of races but have never tried the Color Run. When invited to try it by Kohl's Yes2You Rewards, though, I was game ....more

This does not inspire confidence

I saw my endocrinologist today. The good news: My thyroid nodules have shrunk. The bad news: Looks like the right side of my thyroid has completely crapped out ....more

The problem with the Marthas of the world

"I want to rule the interwebz!" Last week Roni posted a question-and-answer from an anonymous poster who called herself Martha. I thought Roni did a good job of thoughtfully answering, though maybe that she gave too nice of a response what was not, in my opinion, a nicely-asked question. The commenter painted my friends (and let's face it, me) in an ugly light, ignoring every positive thing we are and try to do to focus in on all of our worst flaws.Some of my friends had fun with it for a little while going on about #marthawouldnotapprove until Roni asked them to stop, which was fine too ....more