Why "I'm All About that Bass," no apologies

It's not surprising that Meghan Trainor's anthem, written on a whim and performed by the songwriter herself because other pop stars didn't want to touch it, has become a big hit. ...more

Why I weighed in yesterday

I knew I would be up yesterday. I went not because I was expecting a great weigh-in, but because I needed to hit the reset button. Despite my great intentions, I let tracking slip again ....more

Everyday life

I'm afraid it has gotten very all bras, all the time, around here lately, so I wanted to assure you that I will continue to post on a range of topics! A post from Vickie's private blog reminded me of how much I love...more

Why I wanted to be an Enell Ambassador

I wrote a little about being selected as an Enell Ambassador, but I didn't talk about why I wanted to represent them in the first place. I got my first Ambassador package yesterday, and there was a card that said, "This is for the Blessed and the Cursed." I have always felt a little of both -- blessed to have something to balance out my wide hips, but cursed when I went to go run or do other high-impact exercise. Over the years, I got a lot of disapproving looks in aerobics classes or out on a run ....more

Old-School Weight Watchers

I just had my Week 19 weigh-in. I'm down 8.4 pounds total, and last week, I hit an all-summer low of 177.2 (I was up 0.4 this week). If I can lose 1.6 or more next week, I'll get my 10-pound star in Week 20.That's roughly 1/2 a pound a week, which is not a bad rate, but I know that I could do better if I tracked every day ....more

New Enell color: Don't wait to dive in to new Scuba Blue!

Enell Sport launched a new color today: Scuba Blue. ...more

Blog makeover

I finally got around to my blog makeover. ...more

Triathlon wetsuit score

One of the members of my triathlon club had gotten too small for her wetsuit and was looking to get rid of it. I was able to buy it from her for $50. Amazon lists the...more

Why I race: Motivation is a crazy thing

Somehow, I was misled by my teenage hormones to fall in love with a sports fan, and then later, marry him. I never liked watching or talking about sports so this was never part of my plan. As a consequence, I get exposed to things that I wouldn't have otherwise seen, like this blog post from Joe Polanski about motivation, and how it is a strange and fickle thing ....more

Follow the Enell Ambassadors

Aliah - Northern New Jersey/NYC www.thegetfitdiva.com Twitter: @thegetfitdiva Carrie - Wilson, NC...more