Gwynnie Bee private label fit testing

Back in early September, Gwynnie Bee (affiliate link) solicited participants to help them fit-test redesigned garments for their private labels...more

Before, during, trying to get back to after

After my father passed away, we spent a lot of time going through old photos. This photo was taken on a family trip to the Mall of America when I was at my absolute heaviest. I have no idea what I weighed, because I was avoiding the scale and pretending that things weren't really that bad ....more

Linking Weight Watchers and Jawbone UP

When I heard that the Jawbone UP and other activity trackers were now going to be able to be linked to Weight Watchers, I was intrigued. ...more

Getting back to my routine

The view from my napping place I'm trying to get back to a little more of my normal routine, as I have been feeling pulled in too many different directions lately. I feel the need to put things in order a little more. When I don't have meetings, my days are kind of flipped -- I get up early and do my "me" things before going into the office in the afternoons and teaching in the evenings ....more

Dr. Dennis Gross 14 Day Challenge: Day 1

Note: This is an unsolicited, honest review. I purchased the products with my own funds. I am including Amazon Affiliate links in the post ....more

Saying our goodbyes

My father finally passed Wednesday night. We had the memorial service yesterday. This has been a hard time for me, and it was even harder for him -- there was a lot of suffering that I thought no one should have to go through ....more

Hoping to die at 75 isn't the right approach

Ezekiel Emanuel, a bioethicist (and brother to Rahm Emanuel) has created a bit of a firestorm with...more

Help ENELL support your favorite breast cancer-related charity

It's October, Breast Cancer Awareness month, which means that pink products are everywhere. Unfortunately, not all pink-ribbon products actually donate any money to breast cancer charities.Because ENELL is a bra company created and run by a woman business owner, ENELL has always focused its charitable giving efforts on breast cancer related charities. 10% of the proceeds from the Pink HOPE ENELL Sport and Lite bras go to breast cancer charities all year long, not just in October ....more

Winter running gear: 4 essential items and 3 nice-to-haves

Follow PerfectImperfect's board Winter Running Gear on Pinterest. I live in Ohio, and I run outdoors in the winter. Only the worst winter days (like some of the ones we had last year) will keep me inside running on the treadmill ....more

Enell Ambassador Race Report: Race for the Cure, Toledo

Follow PerfectImperfect's board Enell Ambassador Races on Pinterest. I was looking forward to doing my first race as an Enell Ambassador, so I registered for Toledo's Race for the Cure. ...more