The real cost of being cheap

When I scheduled my flights for Fitbloggin', I worked hard to find the cheapest flight I could -- I was worried about money, and I didn't want to spend more than I had to.This is why I was riding with my husband, who was so nice to drive me, an hour to the Detroit airport before the sun had even come up. On the way there, I got a call that said my flight didn't leave for almost 2 hours after its scheduled departure, which meant I missed my connection to Denver. I am still not sure what time I am getting to Denver, but I am going to hustle to the first flight leaving after I land and try to go standby ....more

The hardest part of training

Tonight I tried swimming in my wetsuit for only the second time. I'm afraid it is a little bit too small, because getting the thing on is such a project. It feels constricting ....more

Enell Ambassador Race Report: Tri Goddess Tri

I am an Enell Ambassador. Enell paid my entry fee to this race and has also provided me...more

Fit by Fitbloggin' update: A few weeks to go

I leave for Fitbloggin' in two dozen days! The time has rushed by. I haven't posted an update in almost a month ....more

Fit by Fitbloggin' update: Positive developments

I have a hectic week coming up and I need to stay calm and centered. After talking to a friend last Friday and then reflecting, I realize that there are some people at work who either enjoy creating a stressful environment or who are feeling so much distress that they can't help but spread it. Maybe a little of both.As much as I wish I had the ability to help make these problems better for them, I don't, and I am not serving anyone by getting caught up in the frenzy of it all ....more

Jawbone UP 24 vs. FitBit Charge: And the winner is...

I think I need another gadget or two I had been tracking with the Jawbone UP for about a year, and decided to give the UP 24...more

Fit by Fitbloggin' update: Getting real

Last night I had guest speakers in my class, a married couple. One partner is a creative writer who works with a nonprofit to bring writing to inner-city classrooms, and the other is a high-level corporate executive. The wife was the corporate exec, and she brought her husband in to a team meeting to help her work with her team to set goals for the year.Being aware of the shape of story -- beginning, encounters with challenges in the middle, peak action or goal, falling action, and conclusion -- can help set more realistic goals and also plan for problems ....more

Fit by Fitbloggin' detour: Biometric screenings and a Mad Men fan question

I didn't weigh in at home this morning -- I had fasting tests this morning for our insurance company instead. They did weigh me, but since I was clothed and it was a different scale, I'm not going to try to compare the results with my home scale weights.If I had gotten up a little earlier, I could have weighed in here too, but as it was, I was glad I remembered the appointment and managed to make it there on time. I am still feeling a little tired and groggy after my race yesterday, especially because I had to stay up to watch the newest Mad Men.Mad Men fan question: Have any other Mad Men fans noticed that Peggy's wardrobe colors often relate to the account she's working on? ...more

A racy weekend

I have been just a little active lately. Once I was fully recovered from my hike into the Grand Canyon, it was time to get a little more activity.I have the great fortune to be part of a really fun triathlon training group, Team Endurance Fusion. ...more

LoseIt! Premium's new Patterns feature

I have been using LoseIt! to log my calories lately instead of the Weight Watchers app. I'm still technically a Weight Watchers member, mostly because I like my leader, but I have been having trouble getting to meetings lately since my class schedule changed.Anyway, when I logged in today, I noticed that the app seemed to be suggesting that I eat more crackers ....more