Living Outside the Box

I was speaking with a client today about his burn-out in his career. This is a man who’s been very successful, earned a lot of money, and worked hard for a big, national corporation. I told him he was burned-out, and on strike, because he had put himself in a box about work. The box consisted of four walls: Wall #1: I have to make $$$$ amount of money Wall #2: I have to work for a certain kind of company Wall #3: I’m scared about letting myself be creative (the unknown) Wall #4: I hate all of it. ...more

Dear Dr. Romance: twice I have been let down by this man I so love

Dear Dr. Romance:My partner whom I have been in a relationship with for the past year has changed and let me down twice. We were first friends for several years & became a couple for the last year. We both fell in love instantly and desire to live together to build towards a good future, financially, & with family. We both have children from past relationships & are content with it....more

Handling Anxiety Effectively

We are all in a time of high stress, and national disasters often bring up fear. If these fears are not dealt with, they can lead to “acting out” behavior, such as drinking too much or creating relationship, work or money problems as a distraction. To avoid these kinds of problems, follow these simple steps for resolving your fear and anxiety. ...more

Dear Dr. Romance: I am somewhat leery of another romance

Dear Dr. Romance:My last romantic relationship (that I thought was mutual) ended because she said one day out of the blue, "I don't love you any more." I think she never really did, but rather I was her crutch after her lastbreakup. I loved her wholly, with all my everything, however she did not do the same. That, of course, hurt....more

Dear Dr. Romance: I'm really confused about a guy

Dear Dr. Romance:I'm really confused about a guy I know online from a social site, he's ten years older than I am. We've been in contact for several months.  We now live in different countries.  Recently, our chatting got intense and he told me that he likes me.    We planned to meet up in another country.  But he was suddenly never online and never contacted me even by email. I was really devastated....more

How to Cope with the Loss of a Friend

I was recently sitting in my favorite coffee shop, and remembering my dear friend who used to meet me there and who died not long ago. As I get older, I’m experiencing more and more loss, and so are my friends of a similar age. Those of us who survive loss still have to “keep calm and carry on” as they say. So I thought you might appreciate some help with how to cope....more

Apology and Forgiveness

In my clinical experience, I've encountered many clients who are afraid to admit they’re wrong. This comes from a culture of blaming and accusing—where one's early family may have picked a “culprit” when something went wrong, and focused on blame, rather than on fixing the problem and healing the hurt. People with such experiences approach every situation as if they're on trial, and they compulsively try to convince everyone they're not guilty. They have no patterns to follow for apology and forgiveness. ...more