Dr. Romance on: 11 things people won't tell you about divorce

 There's a lot of misinformation about divorce, and Dr. Romance would like to clear up some of the confusion.Here are 11 things people will not tell you about divorce....more

Self-Control: Who’s in Charge Here?

Want to be powerful in your relationships? Learn emotional self-control. Learning to take charge of your emotions means you can’t be “set off” by someone else. You control your reactions, they don’t control you. When you’re too reactive to your partner, he or she can easily draw you into a fight that stops you both from focusing on fixing the problem. ...more

How Not to Fight-Myths about Fighting In Relationships, And What to Do About Them.

In my counseling practice, couples are often surprised to learn they can communicate and solve problems effectively without fighting; but sometimes you may find it’s not so easy to give up your struggles. You may have trouble letting go of the fighting habit because of two factors: social expectations (expectations the people around you have about marriage) and myths (common beliefs not based on fact.) Myths and Expectations about Fighting ...more

Lighten Up - Cures for Marital Boredom

The old folk songs say it:           Oh, love is handsome, love is fine           Love is a jewel when it is new;           But when love’s old, it waxes cold           And fades away, like morning dew. Folk wisdom says it:...more

Dr. Romance on Love Styles

Dr. Romance writes:There was a time when life seemed very hard, so hard I tried not to think about it.. Several times I helped to destroy some very viable relationships. Changing myself, my life and my loves has been very exciting and fulfilling, yet I am still growing. Love Styles is intended to help you reach your desired destination on your own journey and make your hard places a little easier....more

Kindness and Happiness

Recently, I went through very unpleasant and difficult dental work, and the outpouring of kindness I received—from my husband, who held onto my ankle all through the two and a half hours (and had nightmares that night about it) to my dear friends, who offered me support and encouragement to heal and take care of myself—made me feel blessed, despite the pain. I don’t think there’s a greater happiness in life than knowing the people who love you are there for you. ...more

Dear Dr. Romance: I guess we don't separate the "math" from the "emotion!"

To watch video, click hereDear Dr. Romance:I saw your video about couples fighting over financesI am totally on board as I think what you share is phenomenal. The challenge is my approach I suppose as my wife Mel is almost NEVER on board. I guess we don't separate the "math" from the "emotion!" Trust me we're gonna to have to sit down and be more business-like and professional for sure, what a great approach. I hope it helps....more