Tell the Wolves I’m Home – A review

I finished Tell the Wolves I’m Home at my kitchen table, pizza cooking in the oven and my kids working together to craft “Pony Land” out of LEGO pieces. They worked with the oversized duple blocks instead of the tiny pieces I step on at least once a day....more


attempting a giant bubble at The Magic House in St. Louis Thunder rumbles in the background, though we’re bathed in sunlight. I vaguely consider moving my chair into the shade, my freckled skin never comfortable in direct sunshine, no matter how much I crave the heat ....more

Marriage, Grease, and stalled conversations

I’m in Canada today. Not literally, but my words are spending time there, courtesy of my friend Laura and her “Writing Vows” series on marriage. Please come by and read about one of the ways Ryan and I keep our marriage strong, even when we’re running in seven hundred different directions ....more

Vanity, thy name is Blonde

Her hair gleams in the light, sun pulling strands of lighter honey through the darkening curtain framing her face. Photos show paler hair framing her face, but through every shade darkening year, I think of how perfectly it suits her. On days...more

Miss Mabel’s School for Girls – A review

Witches hold a strange sort of power in stories. I can remember playing The Wizard of Oz with my friends when we were kids, taking turns being Glinda, because she had the prettiest costume. Abbey’s Halloween costume this year was the Wicked Witch, but she was more interested in the oversized shoulder pads and giant emerald brooch than any of the witch’s actual misdeeds ....more

The Interestings – A review

For a brief period in college, I obsessively looked at applications to be a counselor at a sleep away camp. After having a rollicking good time for two summers as a day camp counselor, I wanted to take the job up a notch. Deterred by bugs and logistics, I took a job at The Gap instead, and after reading The Interestings, I’m glad I did ....more

After I Do – A review

Who knew extra-curricular decisions for six and four year olds could be complicated? (Well, fine, all parents of older children who have warned me about it, but… ) The circular thoughts about over-scheduling and what we think they should do versus what they’ve shown an interest in doing and what about when they’ve shown an interest in every single possibility under the sun are tiring. Something so inconsequential — and truly, extracurricular choices for a first grader are inconsequential — can reverse the clock until I feel like a kids wearing mom’s shoes and play acting at this whole parenting thing ....more

Boundaries and spaces

The polar vortex came to visit Tuesday, at least I think that’s what all of the weather people mean. All I know is I’m wearing a sweater right now; the blast of cold air when I left the gym this morning cooled me down and woke me up more than my run. The air doesn’t feel like July, but my tired yawns, wrapped around an empty coffee mug, do ....more


Mopping wasn’t in my plans, but a storm of home improvement dust coated the surface of the tiles. A bucket and mop would take the place of whatever I’d expected to be doing for the next thirty minutes. Unplanned for cleaning left me a bit grumpy, but I paused ....more

Take a seat – LTYM videos are here!

Bedtime was already ticking past its expiration. Three rousing games of Zingo — red card, then green card, then red again — and a patience-straining room pick up meant the sun was beginning to dip toward the horizon. Still, we read ....more