Five things to read — or do

Our kids don’t go back to school until next week, but I’ve watched friends and relatives send off their kids to their first days for weeks. Lots of sweet photos and stories have passed through my social media feeds, text messages, and phone calls, but none have brought tears to my eyes like that of the lovely Jamie Krug and her son, Owen. Don’t let these adorable photos fool you; Owen is a warrior — as is his mama....more

Finding the right tools

Yesterday I hung a bulletin board in the playroom. Abbey’s done her homework in various places the last two years: the kitchen table, the island, sprawled across the living room floor. This year, especially since both kids will have homework each week, we’re working on creating a dedicated space for them to devote to schoolwork, studying, and reading ....more

Empty shelves

The real countdown to the first day of school became obvious when we scrambled over to Target for a few things on a school supply list that changed this week. I’d thought I’d finished ahead of time this year, but I should have known the premature self-back-patting would come around to mock me. Still, the changes weren’t major, and I’m not going to complain about another chance to wander the school supply aisle ....more

Changing carousels

All tigers, all the time at the Comerica Park carousel We’ve done so much this summer, and I’ve been fairly terrible about documenting all of it. Time feels strange during summer months, stretching and contracting when I least expect it. We keep going on things that go around and around without really getting anywhere, but soon we’re stopping, jumping off the carousel,starting a new school year, and setting new goals for ourselves ....more

Starts and stops and restarts

The Detroit Tigers currently sit at four (give or take) games below a 0.500 season, and five (give or take) games back from a Wild Card spot in the Major League baseball playoffs. They lost the one game I attended this season, which doesn’t make me feel like I bring bad luck because they’ve lost a bunch of games. Still, whenever they put together a few wins, which happened last week, the commentators start talking about streaks and climbing up in the standings and making a run for a strong finish ....more

Beat by the heat

Zoo selfie with friends – heat imaging version I spent part of the night in Dylan’s bottom bunk, trying to find a comfortable spot on a pillow that isn’t mine. He crawled into our bed after having a bad dream — again. His racing heart slowed almost immediately as I rubbed his back, and I couldn’t bear to shuttle him back to his room but he’s beginning to crowd me out of the bed when snuggled between Ryan and me ....more

Five things to read

one of my favorite takeaways from BlogHer – lots of coffee fits in this mug Friday. Since I work at home, Friday shouldn’t seem like a big deal, but it does. Not to mention, “work at home” has been theoretical more than actual this summer ....more

Birthday musings

The day started with my snooze button, birthday snuggles, and cake for breakfast and ended with an episode of Freaks & Geeks — a show that reminds me of how much closer I am to a sitcom mom than a sitcom high-school student. In between those moments, the rest of the day slipped away...more

Down the pop lyric rabbit hole

The Rolling Stones – bringing you suggestive pop lyrics for over 50 years While we have Kidz Bop on heavy rotation in the car, our personal listening habits...more

Letting go of stability

Half marathon training brings out equal parts excitement and nerves for me. I know I’ll never train speed into my legs, but I look forward to the accomplishment, the feeling of excitement knowing I pushed my body past its normal comfort level for weeks on end. Weeks of treadmill training — the gym shower was a lifesaver during our bathroom renovations — made coming back to the hills around our house both thrilling and a little painful ....more