The changing nature of coloring eggs

We colored eggs for the first time on Abbey’s second Easter. On her first, she was barely able to flip from her back to her stomach, and we dressed her in a cuddly bunny onesie and cozy white pants. For this milestone, this coloring of eggs, I dragged her little picnic table into our littler kitchen and spread brown paper bags underneath its legs ....more

Walking on Stilts

Walking on stilts takes practice. I know this not because I attempted to walk on stilts during Abbey’s field trip, but because I helped a handful of kids try the tricksy game during their recess time before lunch. The first time I helped Abbey, it was a struggle for both of us ....more

Holding pattern

Dylan looks at this wall several days each week. He gets impatient when we wait at the dance studio for too long. Most days, we drop off Abbey and run some sort of errand or go home for a little while before picking her up again ....more

The second snow day and rainbow pancakes

very serious pancake designing I wrapped my arms around our first snow day like a warm cup of coffee. My eyes might have been a little dazzled by the sun, because our second one — hey there, March in Michigan...more

Embracing our snow day

We all need a pause button lately. The four of us are running around like crazy, sliding schedules together with eyes squeezed tightly, crossing our fingers that we somehow end up where we need to be on time. Days before February draws to a close, we’re being forced into a little bit of a break ....more

160 Things

a look back at last Easter I can’t pretend we’re a family of devout Catholics; our church attendance is hit or miss, with the hits happening mainly on days Dylan has catechism on Sunday mornings. My beliefs collide with the doctrine of the church in all sorts of ways, and we’ve gone back and forth so many times about whether raising the kids Catholic is even the right thing for the four of us. I also can’t ignore the sense of peace I feel in mass, the quietness of the ritual, the chance to regroup and reflect on myself and my relationship with the other people in my life ....more

Sleeping bags and unexpected milestones

I remember sleepovers with my friends — late nights and giggling and sleeping bags that feel so much cozier in my memories than the last time I tried to sleep in one. The disconnect between my childhood and hers seems vast some days. Our kids are confused as to why we didn’t have the exact same apps and websites they have, and when I try to explain how computers and TVs worked all those millions of years ago, they are genuinely confused by a world without on demand entertainment and finger-tip ready information ....more

Unexpected moments in the morning

Reading on the couch? That’s one of my favorites. Mornings are not my favorite — even on the best mornings, whenmy fingers don’t fumble for a later alarm and I manage to accomplish a run while still getting all the lunches made ....more

In front of the door

January’s been a bit crazy around here. Both Ryan and I are juggling a lot, and he got a little sick, and now I seem to have it. I wish I could say I’m taking it in stride, but I’m struggling to be a rational adult at times ....more

Sharing a story with VProud

Friendship between girls can be complicated. I’ve written about the loss of an important friendship — and I could write about others. Even with all its complications, friendship with girls — and women — can also be a gift ....more