A two coffee kind of day

I woke up late today, and went through the motions of making my coffee and Ryan’s coffee. He walked down the stairs before I remembered...more

Accepting my wimpy running status

Wet gloves, afternoon coffee that needs to be rewarmed, and a deep appreciation for my car’s heated seats are all part of my reentry into our snowy season. I’ve never lived anywhere besides Michigan, and the inevitability of winter doesn’t change my shock at the way snow invades boots and mudrooms and shakes into my gloves when I dust flakes from my windshield. The treadmill comes back into my life in full force each winter ....more

First snow

Early in the morning — we have a lot more snow now! November lulled me into complacency. With mild days and sunshine tempering the dropping temperatures, I happily ignored the calendar creeping toward December ....more

A tale of two videos

My incredible friend and LTYM partner, Angela, made a video to introduce our third season of Listen to Your Mother Metro Detroit. Can you believe we’re on our third season? I swear, it’s like a child, where you can’t believe how quickly the years go by but also can’t really remember your life without it ....more

Even when they’re not with me

Ryan and I went to Las Vegas when Abbey was young, which meant Dylan was even younger. I thought I was ready to leave them until we boarded the plane....more

A brain like mush

Some days, all you have left by the end of the night is a mind that feels a little like Play-Doh. On those nights, there’s not much use in trying to write or have coherent conversations or trying to figure out why exactly your computer’s start up disk is so full. Speaking of Play-Doh, it’s not a toy I enjoy having in the house, though the kids love it ....more

No time for shenanigans

Time and I ran neck and neck today, my tasks and my time in Abbey’s classroom collided and danced around each other. I knew I had to minimize any distractions, and when I heard someone on the front porch I might have sighed audibly. I paused, waiting for a knock or a ringing of the bell, a sure sign of a package delivery or a spiel about new windows, which are likely needed and definitely not on my to-do list for the next year ....more

Dance class distractions

Dylan was about eight months old when Abbey started taking her first dance class. I’d hold him and read books, and I loaded my favorite diaper bag with diapers and wipes and a nursing cover he basically refused to use. I used to pack a bag for him before we left for the dance studio ....more

Nine deer

Ryan and I joked around this morning about one of the most shocking statistics of the school year: I’ve only been to Target once in the last two months. Shopping habits might be silly, but my lack of Target shopping is about more than staying away from mindless aisle-wandering. When I’m overwhelmed, I curl into myself a little ....more

Love and prayers

My thoughts are scattered today, and my heart is in Paris ....more