Broken sanctuaries

We picked up the CD when we registered in the church office — tracks of upbeat Christian music they had memorized within hours. Our listening habits lean more toward Top 40, where I cross my fingers on the steering wheel that they won’t ask me what certain things mean for another few years. Each summer, though, we go through a few weeks of Christian music immersion, simply because they adore attending Vacation Bible School so much ....more

Connection and quiet

I removed coral paint from my nails today and coated them with pale pink. With half of my attention on a conversation about where I think The Riddler’s cane might be — I have no idea, for the record — the nail polish ended up almost as much on my fingers as it did on my nails. I’ll clean my cuticles later ....more

Swing away

I’m not going to lie; I’ve had serious issues sticking to my writing plan the last couple of months. I’ve let things languish without finishing or editing. I haven’t hit my goals for submissions ....more

Blue and not quite wordless Wednesday

We popped the lenses out of blue, plastic sunglasses to make Odd Squad glasses. (Do your kids watch that show? It’s goofy and silly, and Abbey and Dylan adore it.) He reads One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish aloud and “in his head,” and I’m not sure where the memorization ends and emerging reading begins anymore ....more

In his cup holder

He couldn’t wait for cup holders. Dylan’s convertible car seat didn’t have cup holders, putting him at Abbey’s mercy. Some...more

Playing pretend

He’s waited for her to be done with school since mid-May, though I’d be lying if I said “waited patiently.” Practically the moment she emptied her backpack for the last time as a first grader, they began...more


They won’t always pose for these photos, at least not with smiles reaching all the way to their eyes. Someday, they will live in that in between place where first days of school are annoying pauses on their journey to being grown up....more

Beach day

The Thursday before school got out for summer vacation, the kids were invited to participate in Beach Day. Armed with sunnies, a hat, and her favorite Frozen towel, my girl was in her element. Her words tumbled over each other when she returned home ....more

Show and tell – things to read

Abbey loved these (non-homemade) glittered shoes My goal was to do a fun “things to read” post every Friday, but I missed last Friday. These posts are a mishmash of things I’ve loved the last two weeks, and I’m trying to be flexible and not irritated with myself for skipping last week. Listen to Your Mother shows are magic all on their own, but I particularly loved seeing all the red shoes on stage at the Chicago show ....more

Five Things

School gets out tomorrow, and while Abbey gets teary about leaving her first grade teacher, I am ready to welcome summer with open arms. While, my favorite things right now are sunshine and the upcoming summer, here are five tangible things that make me smile right now. Today I packed my last lunch, which is an occasion upon which the angels in heaven sing ....more