Fiction Friday Four – NaBloPoMo Style

This is the last Fiction Friday of National Blog Posting Month, and it’s also a sneak peek of a little project I’ve been concocting. Beginning Monday, December 8, I’ll be posting parts of a serial Christmas story. I finished a similar project last year, inspired by one of my writing partners — Cameron D ....more

Happy Thanksgiving

I take photos all the time. A certain (much beloved) daughter broke my actual camera, so I take them with my phone until I decide how and with what to replace the broken one. I click and upload to the computer, and I wish I had the time to write down stories to go with each of them ....more

When kittens get in trouble

Kittens are mischievous creatures. They sneak toys into their beds and bat around too many books and animals until they don’t remember what exactly lurks beneath the blankets. They toss and turn, giggle and chat until the day fades in front of their closed eyes ....more

Gathering my thoughts

We sat on the floor and played UNO tonight. This photo isn’t from tonight, but the scene has become commonplace this fall, with Abbey at the dance studio two different nights each week and some Sundays. We bring books and UNO and Zingo, and some nights I run out for milk, worrying all the while about getting back by the end of class ....more

Packing lunch and buying stock

Taking lunch to school for the first time is a big deal when you’ve watched your big sister do it for over a year. Like many decisions, I changed my mind a million times about how many days and what times I wanted Dylan to go to preschool this year — pardon me, he corrects us to Pre-K every time we mention where he goes to school. His school felt like the right fit from our first visit, and I’m generally happy with the four-day program, though I am continually shocked at how quickly almost three hours can shatter into not-enough-time ....more


My nightstand is a jumble of treasures. I toss my jewelry there before bed, when I don’t remember I’m wearing it until I’m too tired to take seven steps to the closet. A water bottle is a constant, because I’ve tried using cups, and I spill them ....more

Turn around

Even before the snow fell this week, I’d been feeling overwhelmed. My impatience, always lurking in the background, snapped and crackled at anyone in its way. My planner has been sitting, open, in the office, and things are being highlighted ....more

Fiction Friday Three – NaBloPoMo Style

Lina only tagged along with the would-be brewers because she didn’t want to write her philosophy paper. Rex and Reid had been looking...more

Not Without My Father – A review

I ran gently the day after my half-marathon this fall, testing and stretching sore muscles. The previous day’s thirteen (point one) mile run weighed heavily on my joints, and even as my slow run loosened the kinks, I looked forward to stretching, to resting, and I haven’t come close to that thirteen (point one) mile distance since the sunny Sunday at the end of September. In March, Andra Watkins published a book, a feat I admire in and of itself ....more

Field trips are awesome

You might expect preschoolers on field trips to be...more