Sleeping bags and unexpected milestones

I remember sleepovers with my friends — late nights and giggling and sleeping bags that feel so much cozier in my memories than the last time I tried to sleep in one. The disconnect between my childhood and hers seems vast some days. Our kids are confused as to why we didn’t have the exact same apps and websites they have, and when I try to explain how computers and TVs worked all those millions of years ago, they are genuinely confused by a world without on demand entertainment and finger-tip ready information ....more

Unexpected moments in the morning

Reading on the couch? That’s one of my favorites. Mornings are not my favorite — even on the best mornings, whenmy fingers don’t fumble for a later alarm and I manage to accomplish a run while still getting all the lunches made ....more

In front of the door

January’s been a bit crazy around here. Both Ryan and I are juggling a lot, and he got a little sick, and now I seem to have it. I wish I could say I’m taking it in stride, but I’m struggling to be a rational adult at times ....more

Sharing a story with VProud

Friendship between girls can be complicated. I’ve written about the loss of an important friendship — and I could write about others. Even with all its complications, friendship with girls — and women — can also be a gift ....more

How binge watching TV {might} be improving my writing

I laughed when I unwrapped this piece of chocolate. Staying up past my bedtime ranks close to number one on my favorite things to do. The hushed hours of the night, when headlights rarely pass the house, are some of my favorite hours ....more

Upon a Midnight Clear – Part 12

And after a brief intermission, the conclusion of the story continued from part 11 — or start at the beginning. For the first hour after Maren and Drew left to catch Christmas Eve dinner with his family, Julia felt almost elated about her decision to spend her first holiday in her new place. She found her grandmother’s ceramic Christmas tree in the first box she opened and nestled it onto the wide window seat overlooking the water ....more

A few more hours of five

My sweet boy, I hugged you more times than I usually do...more

Practicing gratitude

Chaos surrounds me; paper, books, and errant sponge curlers litter the kitchen table, and I don’t even want to turn to look at the playroom behind me. Lego pieces took over this morning; various piles of colored blocks, raided to complete sets or craft personal creations and parental booby traps. Two piles of envelopes contribute to the table’s mess: Christmas cards and thank you notes ....more

Upon a Midnight Clear – Part 11

Continued from part 10, or you can start at the beginning. “You know what the problem is?” Drew asked, leaning back on the couch Maren had directed the movers to slide near the windows so Julia could look out at the water. Maren shot him a withering look, but Julia was a touch too hungover to mind anything he might say ....more

Upon a Midnight Clear – Part 10

Continued from part nine — or start at the beginning. “Uncle Josh! I’m coming up!” A voice exploded into Josh’s tender skull ....more