Falling out of friendship – Buy My Other Ex today

Still deep in the trenches of child-rearing, my current conversations with friends happen in a few different ways. The flying-fingers text exchanges Interrupted conversations that intersperse adult-talk with corrections to child behavior Marathon chats that happen when the stars align and everyone’s schedules part for a rare night together Conversations with my friends didn’t always happen in these distracted, feast-or-famine ways. I knew about leisurely phone calls and dinners out that weren’t dependent on making sure husbands were home on time to swap out bedtime duties ....more

When quiet is loud

My sweet boy, You wore your backpack for almost forty minutes before we had to leave, and even with photos on the porch and double-checked car seat buckles, we were early. Earlier, you shrugged off the shirt I chose and pulled on an old favorite in your beloved green, and I let you wear it because you are four-turning-five, and so rarely argue about clothes. I drank coffee with other moms, though I’d already finished the ceramic mug I cradle in my hands on the walk to school, but it seemed like the right thing to do at a new school where we’re just meeting moms and children ....more

The Fever – A review

High school relationships are intense — a combination of hoarded emotions and over-analyzed moments, envy and the projection of feelings. A desperation hides beneath the surface of the shiny newness of the connections, unspoken worries about how far is too far and wondering exactly how much you’re willing to do for the person you love. And those are the friendships — not the romantic relationships ....more

On the edge

Bedtime was accompanied by a few bonus sparkling smiles tonight. First grade is on the other side of tonight, and one of us is bouncing with excitement because of it. A new backpack hangs on her doorknob, empty but for a summer reading journal ....more

Invisalign Straight Talk on Straight Teeth

No matter how much she “wiggles” her bottom teeth, Abbey’s baby teeth are still firmly in place. Always interested in things that I think should be years away, she asked about braces the other day. I answered yes, I’d had them when I was younger, and no, she didn’t need to visit an orthodontist yet ....more

Rare Bird – A review

The countdown to school is ticking loudly. Months have dwindled to weeks, and now days are becoming hours. Soon, the house will be quieter, at least for several hours a week ....more

The Super Run makes running fun

Hot and sticky from lake water and lingering sunshine, we sat in the shade of concession stand umbrellas before tackling the climbing of the Warren Dunes. The kids were determined to run all the way up — for about eleven yards, where they realized steepness and sand aren’t as easily tackled as they’d anticipated. By the time we reached the top, clouds covered the setting sun, bathing everything in a gauzy light ....more

Talking about My Other Ex

After a much-needed dinner out with two of my dearest girlfriends, I felt profoundly grateful for all of the friends I’ve had a chance to touch base with this summer. Circumstances and life and the sheer madness of time can keep us from the people we really love, and sometimes taking a few hours to connect with friends is a tangible reminder of...more

Tell the Wolves I’m Home – A review

I finished Tell the Wolves I’m Home at my kitchen table, pizza cooking in the oven and my kids working together to craft “Pony Land” out of LEGO pieces. They worked with the oversized duple blocks instead of the tiny pieces I step on at least once a day....more


attempting a giant bubble at The Magic House in St. Louis Thunder rumbles in the background, though we’re bathed in sunlight. I vaguely consider moving my chair into the shade, my freckled skin never comfortable in direct sunshine, no matter how much I crave the heat ....more