Start and stop and start again

My coffee doesn’t look nearly as sun kissed — or as prepared by a barista — this morning as it did a couple short weeks ago when we were driving home from Michigan Adventure. I wish it did, of course. The chill in the air is partially welcome, especially by a certain, sweet girl who desperately wants to wear her new fall clothes, but I’m still feeling a bit wistful for summer ....more

Winding down

Taking Abbey to a birthday party was one of the things I did on my birthday this year — along with consuming mass quantities of garlic and chicken schwarma. I teased her that I should be invited since it happened to be my birthday, too, but she’s discovered the tween eye roll and sigh combination that’s sure to drive me to the brink of ballistic more times than I’ll be able to count. She wanted to walk, despite carrying a present in the sweltering heat, so we did ....more

The connection between ease and strength

Motivational quotes float around Pinterest like dandelion fuzz, getting stuck on my boards and in my head. One of them comes out of the mouths of the instructors at the studio where I work out many mornings: It doesn’t get easier, you just get stronger. A quick search lead to this possible source of the quote: screenshot courtesy of “Life doesn’t get easier or more forgiving, we get stronger and more resilient.” (Steve Maraboli,...more

Five things: #BlogHer16 recap

Recapping conferences eludes me, though words are my favorite things. I generally have access to a cornucopia of them, but I stumble when I’m trying to parlay an experience I shared with thousands of other people, each of them with their own perspective on the event. Each BlogHer...more

Expanding and contracting

I just spent four days in California, immersed in writing inspiration, community, and advice. By the time my plane landed in Michigan, I...more

Five Things: What I’ve been reading — and re-reading

Once upon a time, in a land pretty much exactly the same as this one, I loved reviewing books in this space. I sought out quotes, made graphics, and poured my heart into my thoughts about those books and my book recommendations. I loved those reviews ....more

The lingering scent of lavender

I visited a lavender farm today, only miles away from my home yet light years away. For three hours I sat with other writers, participating in a workshop about character development, conflict, setting, and the way the three are inexorably tied together in strong pieces of writing. I sat with two women I already admire as writers and met new ones I hope to get to know better ....more

On buying shoes

pre-first Communion pedicures with my favorite girl I was 18 years old the last time I bought Birkenstocks. I spent my summer working in the shoe department at the department store formally known as Hudson’s, which was half my dream job and half a nightmare — access to all of that fabulous footwear teeter-tottering with having to help slide other people’s feet into shoes. My wardrobe teeter-tottered, too, wedges and crop tops in one breath,...more

Chatting about Multiples Illuminated

When I was pregnant with Dylan, I distinctly remember thinking about how I’d sync his nap schedule with Abbey’s. Her nap schedule basically consisted of working very hard for over an hour to get her to sleep for approximately 30 minutes, but I still clung to the idea of 30 minutes of child-free time a day. She dropped her nap completely just about a month before he was born ....more

More than a missed workout

searching for balance I turned off my alarm this morning, though my workout clothes were folded and waiting on my dresser. I’d stayed up too late reading — Revival by Stephen King, which may be a decent book but was absolutely not the book I needed to read last night — and I was grumpy at the idea of starting the day. I buried myself under the blankets and waited until the last possible minute to greet the sunshine streaming through the windows ....more