The lingering scent of lavender

I visited a lavender farm today, only miles away from my home yet light years away. For three hours I sat with other writers, participating in a workshop about character development, conflict, setting, and the way the three are inexorably tied together in strong pieces of writing. I sat with two women I already admire as writers and met new ones I hope to get to know better ....more

On buying shoes

pre-first Communion pedicures with my favorite girl I was 18 years old the last time I bought Birkenstocks. I spent my summer working in the shoe department at the department store formally known as Hudson’s, which was half my dream job and half a nightmare — access to all of that fabulous footwear teeter-tottering with having to help slide other people’s feet into shoes. My wardrobe teeter-tottered, too, wedges and crop tops in one breath,...more

Chatting about Multiples Illuminated

When I was pregnant with Dylan, I distinctly remember thinking about how I’d sync his nap schedule with Abbey’s. Her nap schedule basically consisted of working very hard for over an hour to get her to sleep for approximately 30 minutes, but I still clung to the idea of 30 minutes of child-free time a day. She dropped her nap completely just about a month before he was born ....more

More than a missed workout

searching for balance I turned off my alarm this morning, though my workout clothes were folded and waiting on my dresser. I’d stayed up too late reading — Revival by Stephen King, which may be a decent book but was absolutely not the book I needed to read last night — and I was grumpy at the idea of starting the day. I buried myself under the blankets and waited until the last possible minute to greet the sunshine streaming through the windows ....more

When kids Konmari

The bins look neat when they’re in the storage unit. If you peek inside, though, they’ve lost most of the organization I worked so hard to implement when we decided on a wall unit of toy storage the size of a small nation. Each bin now houses a mish mash of toys — some intact and some broken, random puzzle pieces and broken crayons tucked away at the bottom of many of them ....more

A glimpse at the end of the school year

When the “Star of the Week” schedule came home at the beginning of the school year, he was appalled he’d have to wait until the end of the year for his turn. I explained that someone had to be last, secretly grateful not to have to hurry to put together a poster while we were still adjusting to a full day of school, to eating lunch in gulps and swallows, to a new way of life. I glanced at the list at different times during the year, knowing how dates can creep up when you’re not looking ....more

Making pizza and moving forward

I made pizza today. In and of itself, my pizza isn’t so impressive. I make a quick dough that involves yeast but doesn’t require rising time,...more

The changing nature of coloring eggs

We colored eggs for the first time on Abbey’s second Easter. On her first, she was barely able to flip from her back to her stomach, and we dressed her in a cuddly bunny onesie and cozy white pants. For this milestone, this coloring of eggs, I dragged her little picnic table into our littler kitchen and spread brown paper bags underneath its legs ....more

Walking on Stilts

Walking on stilts takes practice. I know this not because I attempted to walk on stilts during Abbey’s field trip, but because I helped a handful of kids try the tricksy game during their recess time before lunch. The first time I helped Abbey, it was a struggle for both of us ....more

Holding pattern

Dylan looks at this wall several days each week. He gets impatient when we wait at the dance studio for too long. Most days, we drop off Abbey and run some sort of errand or go home for a little while before picking her up again ....more