The Girl On the Train – A review

When a book like Gone Girl tears through book clubs and movie theaters, there will invariably be comparisons to books that have a similar tone or other similarities. The Girl On the Train by Paula Hawkins has been, and will continue to be, compared to Gillian Flynn’s best seller. Similarities abound: infertility, unreliable narrators, a tense puzzle where pieces shift together and apart as more information is revealed throughout the story ....more

Glitter and threads of communication

Keeping in touch shouldn’t be hard, but sometimes it is. We forget to send thank you notes — I try extremely hard to make sure that doesn’t happen here, but it occasionally falls through the cracks — we mean to respond to a Facebook comment or click on something interesting someone texts us. Starting this June, I’ll be sending out a monthly newsletter with bits and pieces of things I think you’ll find interesting: a few book recommendations, news about any new publications, maybe a quote I think will make you feel a little more sparkly for a few minutes at least ....more

I am… Old School Blogging

one of my favorite LTYM Metro Detroit 2015 photos, courtesy of Kimberly Mitchell I am bursting with dreams and holding too tightly onto fear. I wonder if their hands will always feel like home when clasped around mine. I hear...more

Show and tell – 5 things to read

working on her Science Fair project… one of the seven million things on the calendar this week I blinked at my calendar several times this week, wondering how we could possibly be at all of the places outlined, how we could finish all of the projects, cross all of the t’s, and just generally make it through this last surge of the school year before summer. (Let’s not talk about how Abbey is actually in school for another month.) I’d like to start a quick weekly wrap-up — places I’ve visited with my words in tow, other essays I’ve read that I’ve adored, bits and pieces of what’s made me overly emotional this week. Another version of my Five Things posts, I hope you find something to read that touches you as you fall into the weekend ....more

Focus on the little things

He found the block on a side table at her dance studio and asked me, curiously, what it was doing there. Without other blocks to make something exciting, like a tower he could later crash to the ground, the lonely block needed a purpose. Undeterred, it became something to balance on his head, and later he added a LEGO Emmet...more

Watching her make her own time

The dress hung in her closet most of last spring, through the summer, and into the fall. The umbrellas, she explained, weren’t her favorite. I’d purchased it a little large, and I left it on the hanger until it became an item in her closet I saw without seeing ....more

Five things

All about Harry Potter — They ask for chapters in the morning, as I scramble to make breakfasts and lunches and read with the book propped open with my desperately needed coffee. Dylan makes wands from, well, anything, shouting “expelliarmus,” while Abbey directs their play in a frighteningly accurate depiction of Hermione at her bossiest. The last time we tried the books, we stopped half-way through The Chamber of Secrets, uncomfortable with some of the scarier bits ....more

Joy in motherhood

We’ve had a rough couple of days here, maybe weeks if I’m being completely honest. The weeks up to Listen To Your Mother were jam-packed, and re-entry was tougher for me this year than it was last year. I’m finding myself hopelessly torn between a sort of frantic deluge of ideas and the desire to just BE in my life ....more

On the road

I drove through three states on Sunday to get to the Listen To Your Mother Show in Chicago. I’m not sure you can count the brief time in Indiana, so not completely through three states, but I sort of felt like I had by the time I pulled into the driveway in the wee hours separating Sunday from Monday. Solo road trips are weird and wonderful and isolating and centering all at the same time, and I’ll probably write more about that later, but today I’m taking a different kind of road trip ....more

Kindness Wins – A review

Hit and run accidents have consequences. Post and run crashes aren’t so easily punishable, and sometimes the results of unkind internet words aren’t seen immediately. Online comments can be typed out more quickly than “The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog” and then left to fester in hurt feelings or to snowball into something uglier and crueler than the original comment ....more