Cute Storage Boxes from Old Boxes and Sweaters

Does January seem like the 'get it organized' month for you? It does for me. Every single January it feels like I'm in high organization mood ....more

DIY Knock-off Nailhead Trimmed Upholstered Headboard

I'm slowly finishing up some projects in my master bedroom. It's sooo close to being done. I've thought it was done a few months ago, but then realized how much I needed storage ....more

Winter White: Decorating Between Christmas and Spring

I often have troubles deciding how to decorate in between Christmas and Spring time. If you think about it, this time really has no big decorating theme like Christmas or Fall does. So, when all of the Christmas items are put away, what's next? ...more

Old Traditions and New Traditions: Luminarias

The hubs and I started a few traditions when we first got married. The main tradition was not putting up the Christmas tree until Thanksgiving night. I loved this idea, but then soon realized that it was me and only me putting up the tree :) He just brought it up from storage and was done ....more

Candlestick Glitter Chalkboard Signs

This year has been so different than any other Christmas in my adult past. I have never been one to make many things as far as Christmas crafts go. I usually buy most of my stuff at the store and just decorate ....more

Faux Driftwood Noel Sign

Ever have a blank wall that you don't know what to do with? Well, this was designed for my big, blank wall...but, short story short, it has never seen that big, blank wall since it looks too good on this one :) Eventually...hopefully...I'll find something else for the wall lol. Until then, it'll just continue to annoy me ....more

Light Up Deer Silhouette

This post is brought to you in collaboration with Silhouette. All thoughts, ideas, projects, and opinions are my own. Happy Friday! ...more

My Christmas Home Tour

Happy December! I can't believe I'm even saying that. I feel like it went straight from July to December this year ....more

10 Ways To Make Your Home Cozy For The Winter

This post is brought to you in collaboration with Cree LED bulbs. All thoughts, ideas, and opinions are my own. Lots of things go into making your home cozy during the winter season, from decor and ambiance to prepping your house for the colder weather ....more

Nautical Jute and Rope Ornaments

Welcome to the last day of our series! 12 days can go by pretty fast, huh? :) I wish I could say that these wonderful past 12 crafts/ornaments are still adorning my tree...but truthfully, when you have a toddler around, nothing adorns your tree for long ....more