How to rid your house of those pesky box elder bugs...the safe way

I know this isn't decor related, but I like to pass along good tips whenever I think they might be beneficial. And if you are experiencing what I'm experience, trust me, this is beneficial ;)It's that time of year again...for bugs. Box elder bugs ....more

Model Home Monday {UV Parade of Homes # 16}

Happy Monday! Aren't you all loving this Fall weather? Well, at least around here it is finally acting like Fall ....more

3D Halloween Specimen Gallery Wall

Happy Friday! I'm getting more and more into the spirit of decorating for Halloween. I try not to decorate for it until about 2 weeks out ....more

My Literal Fall Mantel

I may or may not be the last person to decorate their mantel for Fall :) I usually do this type of thing in August, yet here it is October. But, if you think about it, I'll be leaving this up until Thanksgiving. So, it'll get its fair use, almost two months worth ....more

Model Home Monday {Parade of Homes #27 Part 2}

Happy Monday! Hope you all enjoyed your weekend :) You may remember the huge house from last week; here's the 2nd edition! Pretty much all of these rooms have on-suite baths...lucky :) Enjoy! ...more

18 Gold Home Decor Pieces That Won't Break The Budget

I think by now it is no secret that I love gold accents :) It's funny because way back in the day...not like waaay, but like a year ago I kept seeing gold pop up in jewelry and it was driving me nuts! I'm totally a sterling silver type of gal and all I was finding was gold everywhere. Well, it took me a bit to get on trend, but I'm finally there :) At least with the gold accents in home decor, still trying to get used to the whole gold jewelry thing ....more

DIY Gold Sunburst Mirror for $10

Hi everyone! So, you may not know, but I'm redoing my bedroom...again. :) I know, I just updated it a little bit earlier this year, but sometimes bigger things just need to change instead of just new bedding and lamps ....more

Model Home Monday {Parade of Homes #27 Part 1}

Happy Monday! I'm super excited to show you this next house. It's huge ....more

Washi Tape Pumpkins and Halloween Vignette

As you all may have noticed, I'm not much of a seasonal decorator. Don't get me wrong, I'll decorate the heck out of Christmas. But any other holiday or season, I'm lucky if I get anything up ....more

DIY Houndstooth Pattern Pillow with ScotchBlue Painter’s Tape (Plus! Two other home decor tutorials!)

I can't believe Fall is here! That means winter is around the corner...I love winter sometimes :) I hate the snowy roads, so I guess there's that. But I do love fresh snow on the lawn (not roads) and the crisp air ....more