Decor Trends: Mad For Plaid

Disclosure: Affiliate links are contained in this post I'm not on board with most trends, but this is one to be on :) Plus, it's something that comes back in style all the time, and it doesn't look out of place if you happen to have some still lying around even when the trend is over. That's my kind of trend right there. The not trend, trend :)Plaid is everywhere now ....more

The Secret To Making 5 Minute Pillow Covers

It's no secret that I'm a pillow hoarder. If you don't believe, I'll show you pictures of my hoard. It's literally a little scary ....more

Tips For A Great Master Bedroom Refresh

Do you have those weeks...months...that you don't ever feel like cleaning up a space? Or making a bed? I have that quite frequently with my master bedroom ....more

My Fall Shelves -It's All About Pumpkins!

I love how last year I hardly decorated for Fall. I was in complete denial. This year, I'm fully embracing it! ...more

A Neutral Fall Home Tour

Disclosure: Affiliate links may be used Hi everyone! Welcome to this years Fall home tour put on by Marty with A Stroll Thru Life! This week I've teamed up with 29 other amazing bloggers to showcase our Fall homes ....more

Cheap and Cute Pillow Covers From Amazon

Disclosure of Material Connection: Some or all of the links in the post below are affiliate links....more

Ammo Can Succulent Planter

In full disclosure, this post is for my husband. He's super excited about this project and wants to become an internet sensation :) In all seriousness though, his idea was pretty good and turned out cute, so I figured I would throw him a bone and make a post out of it ;) ...And I'm sure he loves that I just called it cute lol.He just moved into a new office and decided that he wanted to 'decorate' it. As we were talking about what he wanted in it, he said he wanted succulents and a topiary ....more

How To Make A Slipcover For An Ottoman Or Coffee Table {Ikea Style}

What to hear a shocker? I want my living room to be more white. I know, I know ....more

DIY Jute and Wood Tray

I'm in a redecorating mind set again. "Again" usually means a constant state of mind for me. But, I'm really changing things up this time :) I'm trying to bring in more natural colors and textures into our house ....more

DIY Privacy Screen for $100

Our neighborhood is situated on a hill, so we get the pleasantness of having a huge house peering into our backyard. Even if a fence were up, the house is high enough that our neighbors would see right into our backyard. So, after years off feeling a lack of privacy when hanging out on our porch, I finally came up with an idea! ...more