How I Handled the Masturbation Conversation with My Three-Year-Old

Masturbation. This word strikes fear in the heart of most parents. It’s the Kryptonite of the parenting fraternity. When most parents look at their children, the last thing they want to think about is that they -- gulp -- masturbate. Because there seems to be such taboos connected with this topic, many parents are unaware that it is, in fact, totally normal for children to be touching themselves regularly at the age of three and then again, from twelve well into adulthood. ...more
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Damn You, Barbie!

This morning, as I battled to tame her deliciously curly brown hair for school, Baby G very sadly uttered: “Mama, I wish I had long, straight yellow hair and blue eyes.” That one sentence halted my world. ...more
Wow that was an amazing response! That should be on a hallmark card: we've got the same ...more

The ugliest doll in the shop.

(How a doll from 1984 taught me a lesson last week.)I walked along the aisle, staring intently at box after box. Peeking at me through each cellophane window was a hopeful face that quietly implored, “Me! Me! Choose me!”I was as stressed out as an eight year old could be, torn between the one with blue eyes and blonde pigtails and the one with brown hair, dimples and green eyes. I could not believe this day had come. I was going to become a Mommy!...more

The Story of a High Horse

Last week a blogger, Issa Waters, posted No Excuses: Parenting Isn’t Hard. I love the premise of her piece, but her judgemental stance was pretty confronting and she used some strong language that got a few people pretty wound up....more