Roasted Vegetable Baked Pasta

Am I the only one who buys an abundance of vegetables and then finds them rotting before I have a chance to get to them all? Well, I found a solution for that: vegetable pasta! I just roast up all those glorious vegetables that are about to go bad, toss them with a creamy, cheesy pasta combo and bake it ....more

Sopapilla Cheesecake Bars

It's fun having blogging friends and celebrating momentous occasions over the blogosphere with them. Today a bunch of other bloggers and I are helping Camilla of Culinary Adventures with Camilla celebrate her 15th wedding anniversary with cheesecake recipes! She originally asked for 15 bloggers to participate, but we ended up with waaaayy more participants, and therefore waaaayy more than #fifteencheesecakes ....more

Mushroom and Asiago Chicken Over Egg Noodles

It's finally getting warmer out and it's officially SPRING! I'm so excited for long morning walks, trips to the playground and writing on the sidewalk with chalk. All with Bradley, of course :) Chicken dinners are a staple in our house since it's a protein that we all love and I keep a healthy stock of it in the freezer "just in case."...more

Slow Cooker Honey-Garlic Chicken Thighs

I found myself making this when we had a snow day and I didn't want to/physically couldn't run out to the store. All of the ingredients were things I always keep on hand anyways, so it was easy to toss it into a slow cooker for dinner. Plus it didn't matter if I used frozen chicken, which I always have, so that was a huge selling point ....more

Blueberry Muffins with a Crumb Topping

My good friend, Melissa, is getting ready to have her second baby...more

BBQ Quinoa Meatloaf Muffins

I've been on a big quinoa kick lately, so as soon as I saw Debbi's recipe (over at Debbie Does Dinner) for Quinoa Meatloaf Muffins, I knew what my SRC pick was going to be this month. I love that Debbi makes dinners that are only around 500 calories, so I didn't feel guilty making my decision. The quinoa basically does the same thing that breadcrumbs do in traditional meatloaf: they bind the whole thing together and add some texture ....more

Veggie Deep Dish Pizza

Considering tomorrow is Pi Day (3/14) and today is Lenten Friday, it's only fair that I share this incredibly tasty (and meatless) deep dish pizza pie with you today! It's so good that I can guarantee you'll want to eat this even when you don't HAVE to go meatless....more

Soy Ginger Edamame

I like to keep frozen shelled edamame on hand since it's a quick snack that's filled with protein and fiber. I eat edamame plain on the time, but every once in a while I like to spruce it up. Crispy Parmesan Edamame is a fun and easy snack, while this particular recipe makes a great side dish ....more

Key Lime Pie

I love that my family started the tradition where the birthday boy/gal gets to pick their birthday cake. My mom used to make a standard cake for each person's birthday, which was great, but it wasn't always what they wanted. And the birthday boy/gal should get what they want on their day, right? ...more

Loaded Chicken and Potato Casserole

This is easily going to be one of my new favorite casseroles. I literally threw everything into one dish and let it bake. I ended up with a casserole that tasted like a loaded baked potato, but had chunks of seasoned chicken mixed in for extra protein ....more