Apple Streusel Bread

Imagine this: You finish whipping up a batch of amazing Apple Streusel Bread and it's baking away in the oven. Your house smells of cinnamon and vanilla and baked goods. The timer goes off, so you rush to the oven ....more

Baked Old Bay Chicken

Chris doesn't have to work late too often, but on those nights that he does, I find myself making Bradley dinner and then just...more

Roast Chicken with Vegetables (Gluten-Free)

I love making roast chicken at home for a few reasons....more

Brownie Cookies

I need to remember these cookies. You know when you want something sweet, delicious and homemade, but you want it to be quick and easy? This is that recipe ....more

Banana Blondies with a Brown Sugar Frosting

These blondies are my new obsession. I had a few overripe (aka rotten) bananas sitting on my counter, so I did what I always do. I turned those rotten bananas into a tasty treat!...more

Cuban American Panini

Not wasting food was a big thing in my household growing up. My parents would literally make me sit at the dinner room table for what seemed like hours until I finished what was on my plate. They always said, "There are starving children in this world that would love to eat that," and it always worked ....more

Balsamic and Dijon Roast Pork

Despite what you may think, roast pork only takes about an hour and comes out of the oven perfectly moist and full of flavors. I chose bold flavors for this roast (balsamic vinegar, Dijon mustard and onions), but we enjoyed the combination since the pork didn't turn out bland or boring. Pork is also generally inexpensive, so you can have a delicious and wallet-friendly meal on your table in no time ....more

Old-Fashioned Bread Pudding

You know that Quick and Easy French Bread I made the other day? Well, that recipe made a lot. I mean two HUGE loaves ....more

Quick and Easy Homemade French Bread

We planned on having Chris' 30th birthday celebration with my family the Sunday after I took Chris out in the city to celebrate, but of course those plans were nixed due to an ice storm. Chris had requested his favorite Italian meal for his birthday dinner (my mom's...more

Peppers and Onions Hash

Chris loves exploring new additions for the classic potato hash he likes to make on the weekends, and I think he outdid himself this time. We usually put cheese on top of hash, but we opted to keep it off this time to save ourselves some calories. Peppers and onions alone added enough flavor to the crispy potatoes that cheese wasn't needed anyways ....more