Best Gifts for Bloggers: 25 Practical Gift Ideas For The Blogger You Love

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Homeschool Mom Confessions-I Don’t Care About Your Family

I love meeting new bloggers. I especially love it when I find homeschooling bloggers who keep it real. I met today’s featured blogger through Facebook and after one visit to her blog, I just knew I had to invite her over for homeschool mom confessions ....more

10 Things to Smile About

I woke up this morning to my youngest running a fever of 102. Again....more

I will wait.

I don’t know where I read it or heard it, but I’ve been thinking about a quote about waiting today....more

Homeschool Mom Confessions: I Don’t Actually Teach Kindergarten

I mean, my kids turn five and they learn things, but I wouldn’t exactly call it kindergarten. It’s kind of weird to admit that, considering my degree from way back in the day is in Early Childhood Education, but there you have it. When it comes to kindergarten, I pretty much wing it ....more

What I Got From a 7-Day Raw Cleanse

I’ve sort of dropped the ball on #NaBloPoMo the last couple of days. I’ve missed a total of 3 days now. What are you gonna do, right? ...more

7-Day Raw Cleanse Recap-Days 5 & 6

Day 5-I deserve a medal....more

Raw Cleanse Recap-Day 3 & 4

I impulsively decided to do a 7-day raw cleanse last week. At first I didn’t think I was going to make it, but I’m through day four and only have...more

Homeschool Mom Confessions: My School at Home Burnout

We do school at home. I think that might be just as much of a confession as the fact that it burns us all out sometimes! If you had a window into our homeschool you would see that we are a more school at home kind of family ....more

7-Day Raw Cleanse Recap: Day Two

Day two: done!...more