What Ramen Noodles Taught Me

I recently got to introduce my son to one of my favorite college food staples: Ramen Noodles. I watched him marveling at the length of the noodles, giggling as he dangled ribbons of noodles over his mouth, waiting to catch them and slurp them up in one go, and I couldn't help but join in his excitement. It wasn't long before I was sharing noodles with my son, trying to catch individual noodles in my mouth, each of us pulling random noodles from the bowl, trying to see who could get the longest and squiggliest on each attempt. Oh, how we laughed! ...more

Breastfeeding: My Most Rewarding AND Challenging Feat

August is National Breastfeeding Month, and the first week marks World Breastfeeding Week. A few years ago, these events would have passed without significance, but after having my son and experiencing a long and rewarding breastfeeding relationship, I feel compelled to encourage and support other breastfeeding mothers and breastfeeding mothers-to-be. ...more
Lactation consultants can help work on issues between milk production levels and infant ...more

My Grey Hair: Testament to a Life [Well] Lived

I love my grey hair. I love the fact that I’ve let my hair take it’s natural course, without coloring over it’s silvery strands. I’ve earned every grey hair on my head, and wear life’s natural highlights with pride....more

That Time I Spent $100 On An IKEA Stuffed Cat

It’s a scenario parents across the world have faced: their child imprints on an object, usually a stuffed toy or blanket, and that item disappears, causing sleepless nights and many a tear [until a convincing replacement is acquired]. But what if the object your child takes to is one of a kind, or discontinued? This is the dilemma my husband and myself faced last fall, after leaving “Murphy,” our son’s beloved stuffed kitty, in a church while attending an out-of-state funeral....more

10 Signs You're Ready to Stop Breastfeeding

I recently sailed past the 19 month mark of breastfeeding Declan, and did so with a sigh. I'm grateful for being able to nurse for so long, but the truth is that I'm ready to be done any time now. I started out with a six month goal, which turned to one year once I exceeded my initial length. At the one year mark, I assumed (especially being pregnant twice) that Declan would just self-wean... and soon. Not the case. Pregnancy hormones didn't put him off... ...more
This was great to read this morning. Just like her I was aiming for 6 months I'm at 9 and she is ...more

The Gardenburger® from Hell...

...or the Gardenburger® gift that keeps on giving.  So, what were you up to at 11pm tonight?  This is what I was doing:...more

How Do Germophobes Potty Train Their Children?

Seriously, this question flitted through my mind this morning as I was enjoying my shower. We’re in our third week of potty training, and my two-year-old son showed up at the shower curtain, which is strange only because he had to pry his eyes away from Super Why! to come upstairs. Don’t judge, I NEED those seven minutes. My cherished seven minutes of “me” time turned into a poo-tastrophy of epic proportions this morning, and I wondered how the hell germophobes ever survive potty training their children. ...more
I'm a germaphobe for sure. And yes, it is insanely gross and tough. BUT...I also have to say ...more

C-Section Words of Wisdom

So, you're having a Caesarean section. If you were planning for a different type of birth experience, do not despair. I can remember how devastated I was when I found out that I would be unable to have my out-of-hospital natural birth—I cried for a couple of weeks....more
AngeleLafond Very true!  I was likely the exception, as I had heavy bleeding for several weeks, ...more

Life on Zoloft

A couple of months ago I wrote about my decision to begin taking a Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor (SSRI) and delay trying to conceive after suffering two miscarriages last year. After two months on Zoloft, my world has softened and my life has become more manageable....more
StrongMama 2.0 Thank you :)  Trying to reduce the stigma, one blog post at a time!more