A Bevy of Panties

Just 3 months ago, I wrote a post about panties. These weren’t any ordinary panties, they were period panties. No, not your battered, beaten and stained “time-of-the-month” granny panties, these were stylish, sexy and functional THINX period panties ....more

38 Is Great (But 40 Will Be Better)

I distinctly remember conversations with one of my “regulars” at the college bar I tended (I’ll call him Bill), and his words have remained with me throughout the years. I was twenty-one at the time and recall alumni coming into the bar for homecoming weekend, a weekend consisting of college friends partying from Friday through […] The post 38 Is Great (But 40 Will Be Better) appeared first on lo-wren ....more

Easy To Locate: Not Your Child Corp

My son started nursery school in the fall, which was the first time he had been in the care of other adults, strangers to me, in the three years since he was born. Had you talked to me two years ago, I would have vowed that I was not going to send him to school, […] The post Easy To Locate: Not Your Child Corp appeared first on lo-wren ....more

Scroll On: How to Reduce Your Social Media-Induced Frustration

Scroll On I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen —political rants, cringe-worthy personal posts and adverts for whatever overpriced product people are selling [at that moment]. What I can tell you, is that none of these things would drive me to ‘unfriend’ a person. I like the fact that the people who comprise […] The post Scroll On: How to Reduce Your Social Media-Induced Frustration appeared first on lo-wren ....more

5 Must Visit Philly-Area Entertainment Venues and Restaurants

Having lived in Baltimore for many years prior to our move to Philadelphia, one large difference between the two cities can be found in...more

Cheap Reads: Book Outlet Coupon Code

To use an incredibly overused term, I am a voracious reader. As in, I read nightly and have been devouring 2-3 books a week lately. My reading tastes have changed a lot over the years — as a child I loved science fiction, and began reading Stephen King and Ray Bradbury in elementary school (I […] The post Cheap Reads: Book Outlet Coupon Code appeared first on lo-wren ....more

Let’s Talk Absorption: Smart Bottoms Too Smart Inserts

Just when you thought you had heard the last from me about cloth diapers and cloth diapering…and then Smart Bottoms sends me a pack of their Too Smart Inserts – hello absorption! Too Smart Inserts would have saved me a ton of time when I first began cloth diapering! If you’ve followed my blog for […] The post Let’s Talk Absorption: Smart Bottoms Too Smart Inserts appeared first on lo-wren ....more

MommyCon Atlanta Promo Code

Alright, my cloth diapering, babywearing, breastfeeding friends, it’s 2016! You know what that means, right? MommyCon events are taking place across the country this year! ...more

Top Posts of 2015

As this year comes to a close, it’s time for me to get a little sentimental about some of the pieces I wrote this past year. 2015 marked the end of my cloth diaper use, as my son transitioned away from diapers in the spring. Surprisingly, my most popular post of the year, by a […] The post Top Posts of 2015 appeared first on lo-wren ....more

Finding Gratitude and Peace In The Everyday

I feel it building. My pulse begins to race, a hot flush creeps up my neck and flows out across my cheeks. I begin to feel a tightness and piercing pain in my chest ....more