13 Things I WON’T Be Doing This Holiday Season

I love the holidays, but I don’t like how stressed-out and frantic people become during the season (good cheer, anyone?). ...more

Apple Cheeks Get Real Cloth Diaper Giveaway

Welcome to the Bear Bums Get Real for the Holidays Giveaway hosted by This West Coast Mommy and Maman Loup’s Den. Apple Cheeks’ Get Real diaper was a very limited release to celebrate the 2014 Fifa World Cup in Brazil. A very limited quantity was produced, and we all know what that means: UNICORN! ...more

12 Unique Gift Ideas (for any occasion)

Gift giving truly is an art; not something to be rushed through, not a last minute impulse buy, but something to be carefully weighed and considered with the intended recipient in mind. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had moments when I’ve had to ‘buy on the fly’, but I was always left with a nagging […] The post 12 Unique Gift Ideas (for any occasion) appeared first on lo-wren ....more

The Ultimate Online Baby Shower: Three Ways to Score Amazing Baby Products

It’s that time of year again! ...more

The Ultimate Online Baby Shower: Participating Brands

I’ve been talking about The Ultimate Online Baby Shower for weeks; I’m excited, you’re excited, but I’m betting you’re also curious about the amazing companies participating in this event, aren’t you? ...more

Making an Artist Out of the Everyman

In the early days of our courtship, my husband and I had the opportunity to test our compatibility through gift giving. I remember our first Christmas together; we were falling in love and still figuring out what made the other tick. I have always put a great deal of thought into my gift giving, often […] The post Making an Artist Out of the Everyman appeared first on lo-wren ....more

3 Keys to Raising a Compassionate Child

I remember, in vivid detail, lying on the couch, silently crying after having suffered my second miscarriage. My despair was momentarily halted when my then eighteen- month-old son came over, rubbed my arm, and asked, “Mommy, you okay?” with an imploring look in his eyes. I was surprised by my toddler’s reaction to my outpouring […] The post 3 Keys to Raising a Compassionate Child appeared first on lo-wren ....more

5 Non-Monetary Ways to Give Year Round

While there are definitely families in need year round, the holiday season typically brings giving to the forefront of our minds. Maybe it’s because we’re busy thinking of gift ideas for family and friends, or simply looking forward to the together time that comes with the holidays. Giving back doesn’t always have to involve monetary […] The post 5 Non-Monetary Ways to Give Year Round appeared first on lo-wren ....more

Featured WAHM: Turn Your Baby

Did you know that nearly half of newborns develop a flat spot by their second month? Even if most cases are mild, doesn’t that seem unacceptable? I thought so, especially when so much focus is put on “Back to Sleep” which has made flat spots more prevalent ....more

Emergency Preparedness with the HybridLight Solar Lantern

I recently shared some tips to be prepared for the winter storms headed our way this year in my winter emergency preparedness...more