I Wanted My Own Bitchin Camero

 It’s the mid 1980s. Bands like REO Speedwagon, Foreigner and Wham! ruled the charts. But there’s an underground movement bubbling up — punk rock.Listening to my Sony Walkman late at night, the local college station would spin strange songs and bizarre artists. Sometimes, the songs were so awful my ears hurt. Other times, the music seemed plain boring and vanilla. But some magical nights, the DJ was speaking directly to me....more

My Name Is "Jennifer." All Eight Letters, Please.

“Do you go by Jennifer or Jen?” asked a fellow blogger also named Jennifer. I felt immediate relief and kinship with this woman I had just met. After all, only another Jennifer would understand how loaded and important this simple question could be. ...more
Thank you--I'm Jennifer and proud to be so :)more

What I Wish I Knew As a New Parent: A Letter to New Moms (and Myself)

People never talk about the dark side of being a new parent until you “join the club.” Then you’re whacked over the head with so much craziness that you can’t possibly imagine why people didn’t warn you. If I could write a letter to myself as a brand new parent, I wouldn’t talk about the details of pee and poop, sleepless nights or the constant crying (mine included). This is the letter I would write to myself....more

Happy Birthday, Barbie?

Barbie turned 55 this week. I’m not sure if I’ll send a card to her. We were really never the best of friends. She appeared in my house along with a friend or two but we just didn’t connect. Perhaps I was too busy riding my banana seat bike and getting my jeans muddy to notice her. She just didn’t grab my interest....more
Great post! I so agree about Barbie. Not any girl's real friend. My granddaughter played with ...more

Famous Last Words: The Things We Say Before We Are Parents

Before a person has children, it’s easy to pass judgement. And then you have them. It slowly dawns on you that you had absolutely no idea what it meant to be a parent and raise a child. Rather than feeling foolish for all of those bold statements I made about parenthood before joining the club, I’m embracing my naivety and sharing them with you. ...more
Cracking up!!!!!  Thanks so much for sharing.  And yep--overpriced hot chocolate with whipped ...more

I’m So Mad at Joel on Parenthood I Could Scream: When a Marriage Partner Quits

 “I’m so mad at Joel on Parenthood,” my husband said to me out of the blue. And I couldn’t agree more.The Parenthood television program on NBC has been a hard-hitting family drama for several years. Last year they tackled breast cancer and its impact. This year, they’re approaching how a marriage breaks down....more
I used to watch this show, but it got to be too much drama for me.  Anyway, marriage is tough ...more

Victory! I Didn't Gain an Ounce During Holiday Break with 6 Tricks

Every Christmas season do you promise myself you won't fall off healthy eating and fail? How can you not? With Thanksgiving dinner (for us Americans), holiday parties, Christmas feasts and then holiday vacations, it's enough to make me want to throw my hands up and declare, "I give up!" Which is exactly what I did this year and didn't gain an ounce....more

Give Your Child the Tools to Manage Their Own Meltdowns

Just when I get comfortable and let Sensory Processing Disorder take a back seat, it reminds me that it’s still hanging out in my family.After six years of coming to gymnastics, I forgot my son’s shorts. For those who don’t have tactile defensive kids, wearing pants for sensory kids can be a serious issue. My son actually feels pained by regular pants and only wears sweatpants (which are also troublesome; however, we live where it snows so Vman has to wear some sort of pant)....more

Being Trapped In Florida Ain’t All It’s Cracked Up to Be

In 20 years, will we be asking each other, “Where were you when the polar vortex hit?” My answer will be, “I was stuck in Florida.” I imagine people rolling their eyes and giving me sarcastic, oh-you-poor-baby looks. But for some families, I imagine being stuck in Florida was a hardship they weren’t prepared for....more

The Perfect Gift for Teachers? Cold Hard Cash

Every year we invest hours of our time and thought into putting together adorable, delightful and even quirky gifts for our children’s teachers. But I’m going to let you in on a little secret. The one gift they really want is cash.It may sound crass to say teachers want cash, but they do! After asking several of my friends who are teachers, they all admitted that while they do think the gifts they receive are adorable, the one thing they truly appreciate and use are gift cards....more