What "Free Range" Really Means

Last month, as part of BlogHer University, I offered 12 food politics terms I think every food blogger should know. It was tough to pick just 12 terms—there are a lot of important things to be aware of when talking about food politics. That led me to this sequel: 10 more concepts that food bloggers can consider graduate-level, perhaps....more
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12 Food Politics Terms All Food Bloggers Should Know

Every food blog post doesn't have to cover serious issues. But somewhere, amidst all the beautiful food photos against weathered wood backdrops and carefully written instructions guiding readers through a recipe, there needs to be room for and awareness of food politics when blogging about food. ...more
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Food Blogging & Linking Etiquette

Every blog post provides an opportunity to make connections, whether those are to other posts on your own site, to posts on other food blogs, or to articles or pages that help explain a particular ingredient or technique. The world of blogs is built on these connections, which create pathways to lead your readers from one recipe or story to the next. ...more
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A Working Mom's Guide to Pumping: Talking with Jessica Shortall of 'Work, Pump, Repeat'

On September 1, my son will turn one year old. On that day, I’ll celebrate him, and all the joy he’s brought into my life, and I’ll celebrate my and my husband’s parenting—we kept him alive for a whole year!—and I’ll also celebrate meeting a milestone that seemed like a total pipe dream when he was born: I will have made it through a year of breastfeeding and pumping milk—endless ounces of milk—to help him grow. ...more
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Upgrade Your Kids' Lunch Boxes This School Year

Registered Dietitian Katie Morford of Mom's Kitchen Handbook comes to the rescue this year with Best Lunch Box Ever, which is packed with recipes for salads, sandwiches, and other treats that kids will love to find when it's time to refuel midday. ...more
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8 Great Snacks to Serve Poolside This Summer

Most community pools have a snack bar, but rather than resorting to buying endless microwaved hot dogs and candy bars for your kids this summer, how about packing some delicious homemade snacks to keep them fueled between games of Marco Polo and Sharks and Minnows? Here are eight ideas for snacks—both savory and sweet—that will make a big splash when the lifeguard clears the pool for adult swim. Savory Snacks Ham and Dill Pickle Bites ...more

USDA Releases New Resources for Healthy Eating on a Budget

Late last month, the U.S. Department of Agriculture updated ChooseMyPlate.gov to feature more resources for eating well on a budget. For many families, it's a struggle to eat healthy, nutritious food that meets basic dietary guidelines without spending too much money, and this new resource provides lots of tips and tools to help change that for families around the nation....more
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Get 'Fed Up' With the Documentary's Director and Executive Producer

This past weekend, a new documentary hit theaters that asks hard questions about what Americans eat and why. Fed Up examines the effect of added sugar on the American diet and our high rates of childhood obesity and chronic disease, and asks hard questions about the food industry's role in creating an eating environment that fosters those problems....more
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Food Revolution Day 2014: Make Rainbow Wraps With Jamie Oliver

May 16 marks the third annual Food Revolution Day, a worldwide celebration organized by the U.K.- and U.S.-based Jamie Oliver Food Foundation, and The Good Foundation of Australia. This year, the event focuses on inspiring kids all over the world to cook fresh and healthy food from scratch....more
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A Grocery Store That Lets Shoppers Harvest Their Own Crops

Devotees of buying fresh, local produce often go to a local farmers market or, if they've got the time, might drive to a local farm that allows you to pick fruits and vegetables, such as berries or asparagus, straight from the field. But Durham, North Carolina, consumers have a third option: The Farmery, an urban vertical farm and store where they can pick their own herbs and lettuces....more