30 Years of Marriage, 30 Gifts of Imperfection

I feel like I fell asleep for 30 years and just woke up. How did 30 years go by so quickly? We sat and talked about options for celebrating our 30th wedding anniversary. I asked him randomly, “Now what?” He looked puzzled at my question. I said it again, “Now what?” It is a simple question, right?...more
I love this! Anyone who doubts love can stay fresh after the first few years should read this ...more

Selfies to Live By: 8 Qualities to Step Up Your Game

The phenomenon of taking your own picture produced 16 billion Selfies on social media.  Females 18-24 make up 75% of Selfies shared on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.  Women over 65 like Selfies too.  When asked, women stated they like Selfies because it makes them feel cute.  Critics say people who constantly share Selfies are obnoxious and narcissistic.  I say live and let live!  If you enjoy taking Selfies - do you!  My hope is that young women, especially girls, don’t get lost in the world of fake ...more