Feminists Are Ready for a Woman in the Oval Office

In five years feminists across the country will take to the streets and the Internet to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Nineteenth Amendment. 2020 will mark one hundred years of women voting. Since women take up 51% of the population, we have the power to elect the next president all on our own ....more

Herself.com and Body Love

An Australian actress started a website with nude photographs of women, including herself. When I first heard this, I have to admit I rolled my eyes. I thought this website was just another excuse for a celebrity to publicize her nude photos for the sake of “art.” But Herself.com is not like that at all ....more

If The Feminist Feline Was An Outfit

One of my main goals with The Feminist Feline was to show women that feminism is not anti-feminine. Denim...more

The Top 5 Feminist Cat Memes

Feminists and cats have always made great friends. That’s why I made the Feminist Feline. I’m not the only feminist who adores the feline species ....more

Out With the Resolutions, in With the Goals

Image source: Maggie’s Crochet Blog I hate the phrase “new year’s resolutions.” I have never once kept one and neither do most people. So this year I decided to do something different. I just graduated college and I don’t have a job just yet so I have the time to make some really positive changes in my life ....more

The Only Thing Worse than a Woman Lying About Rape is Someone Telling Her She Made the Whole Thing Up

Photo taken from a protest at Dickinson College. Image source: feminspire. This past Friday (December 5) I woke up angry, confused, and just downright pissed ....more

The Ultimate Feminist Feline Holiday Wishlist and Book Geek GIVEAWAY!

Now that there is only a week left of November, it’s time for some holiday cheer! Stores are already setting up their displays, the radio stations are starting to play “It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas,” and you’ve pulled your winter gear out from the back of your closet, ready to brace the forthcoming snow (at least it hasn’t gotten to DC yet. Can’t say the same for Buffalo!) ....more

One Month Until Graduation!

Photo cred: 953 Fresh AM ...more

I “Literally Can’t” With Lil Jon and Redfoo’s New Song

Photo cred: YouTube/Party Rock Records ...more