Not Just Here for Your Entertainment: The Real Stories Behind OITNB

By Robyn Di Giacinto Fangirls rejoice—the new season of OITNB has dropped in all its feminist glory! YAAASSS (image via Since OITNB hit Netflix in 2013, it’s become a force to be reckoned with, weaving together engaging storytelling, a dynamic ensemble cast, and groundbreaking commentary on social issues that most mainstream shows are too afraid to even hint at. In particular, OITNB was the first real introduction many viewers had to the ever-expanding world of American prisons ....more

It’s Time We Discuss All Things Vag

This post was sponsored by S+HE Intimate Fitness. Although this post is sponsored, all opinions are my own. How do I get all these little bumps off my bikini line? ...more

Bernie lost. Let’s move on.

This election has really tested my patience. We’ve got unapologetic racists and xenophobes on the right and conspiracy theorists on the left. Here’s the truth: Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are going to battle for the presidency this November ....more

Stand #WithMalala Tonight at 8pm ET for Girl’s Education!

I have a very special announcement to share with you, feminist felines! Tonight at 8:00 pm ET/7:00 pm CT the National Geographic Channel is playing a COMMERCIAL-FREE premiere of...more

‘Shoot Down the Wendy Bird’ Asks the Most Important Question of Our Generation (Plus a GIVEAWAY!)

Kat asked me simply, “What’s your favorite Disney character?” I answered immediately, Tinker Bell. I’ve forever been drawn to the feisty fairy that goes after what she wants despite all obstacles. No little girl was going to come in and take her love away, or ruin the good thing she had going in Neverland ....more

Single Cat Lady and Proud

“I don’t think this is going to work. Good luck with things.” That’s a real text I received from a guy I never even went on a date with. “I didn’t realize there was a ‘this’,” I replied ....more

Sex Toys Are Fun!

This post was sponsored by Carvaka Sex Toys. Although this post is sponsored, all opinions are my own. I think we can all agree that sex toys rock ....more

Why Are We All so Obsessed with Witches?

By Alex Miller It’s no secret that Americans are fascinated by witches. The amount of witch-related popular culture that we as a country produce is so great it could easily be its own genre. Chances are that at some point in their lives, most of the readers of this post will have had at least one witchy guilty pleasure, and in my experience that is particularly the case for women and queer men ....more

Don’t You Dare Defund Planned Parenthood

Over three years ago, my friend Taylor Kuether​ wrote this editorial in her school paper about signs she saw at a pro-life rally that read “Defund Planned Parenthood.” Unfortunately, it’s 2015 and Republicans in Congress are now threatening to shutdown the government in order to do just that. It’s disgraceful that women’s health services are such a point of contention in America. Since when did body autonomy become a political issue? ...more

What About the Intersection of Religion?

Feminists are quick to dismiss the Catholic Church, but do they realize how important faith is in many women’s lives? As we welcome Pope Francis to America, many people are wondering if he will speak about abortion during his visit. His recent comments on the subject have put the media in a frenzy ....more