Clinton/Stark 2016

Sunday was without a doubt the most important day of 2015 thus far. Why? For one, Hillary Clinton FINALLY launched her campaign for president ....more

Who Run Comedy? Girls.

Women have always been in the spotlight when it comes to comedy on TV. From “I Love Lucy,” which was the most watched show in the United States in four of its six seasons to “30 Rock,” which won 16 Emmy awards, women have ruled the comedic silver screen. Yet despite how successful sitcoms lead by women are, women continued to be shut down and told they aren’t funny ....more

10 Best Feminist Moments on ‘Parks and Recreation’

My favorite show Parks and Recreation has come to a close. As I bawled throughout the entire hour-long series finale, I was reminded that one of the main reasons why I loved the show was because its main character, Leslie Knope, was a loud and proud feminist. I can’t think of another show on television that celebrates girl power and female friendships as well as Parks and Rec. Here’s my ranking of the show’s 10 best feminist moments, in chronological order....more

GamerGate Sheds Light on Sexism in Gaming, But That's Not All It's About

Tens of thousands of video game fans will be gathering in Boston this weekend for PAX East, one of the largest gaming conferences in America, but developer Brianna Wu won’t be among them. Wu’s female-run video game company, Giant Spacekat, pulled out of the event because of concerns for their safety....more

Why #GamerGate Is Toxic

Last week I published a post called “GamerGate Is Not all about Violent Tweets.” Although I stated my opinion on the issue (that it is good for video games – like all other forms of media – to be critiqued through a feminist lens), I tried my best to represent the non-violent proponents of GamerGate fairly, using information I gathered from my own personal research and civil conversations I had with proponents on Twitter. My article received both positive and negative responses from gamers. I had hoped that all negative responses would have been respectful but sadly that was not the case.… Read more The post Why #GamerGate Is Toxic appeared first on The Feminist Feline ....more

GamerGate Is Not All about Violent Tweets

This past Wednesday...more

Pay Inequity in Hollywood

“Angelina Jolie tops the list for highest paid Hollywood actresses, but she is the only one to make the top 10 with men included” – Daily...more

Pay Inequity in Hollywood

Image credit: Collider...more

Feminists Are Ready for a Woman in the Oval Office

In five years feminists across the country will take to the streets and the Internet to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Nineteenth Amendment. 2020 will mark one hundred years of women voting. Since women take up 51% of the population, we have the power to elect the next president all on our own ....more