Behind the Scenes: Blogging Office Essentials

After blogging for almost 8 years now, I’ve come to love a certain group of items in my office. They’re my “essentials” that help me get through the day-to-day (still fun!) work that blogging has become. If you’re interested in becoming a part time blogger or a full time blogger like me (it’s still feels weird to say that!), you might also love this list of blogger office essentials ....more

DIY Bird Feeder Ornaments – Tip Tuesday

This simple craft is a great activity to do with your kids this winter – you can get messy together, and then feed the birds around your yard! Making these DIY bird feeder ornaments is easy. All you’ll need are some ordinary ingredients, some metal cookie cutters, and a bunch of helping hands ....more

27,000 Subscribers in 2 Years: How to Grow Your YouTube Channel

27,000 YouTube subscribers. I don’t know if that sounds like a lot or a little to you, but for me it’s a very exciting number considering I didn’t know if I had “what it takes” to be on YouTube in January 2015. Since I started my YouTube channel, my subscriber count and video view count has risen steadily every month ....more

2017 Home Decor Trends: How You Can Make Them Family-Friendly & Affordable

I really enjoy checking out new home decor trends in magazines and online – especially at the beginning of the new year! It’s fun to see what the media and design professionals think is hot...more

Hygge: Finding Joy & Magic in the Ordinary (My 2017 Word of the Year)

Happy 2017! I hope you all had a wonderful and relaxing Christmas break. We are technically still on holidays as the kids are home from school for one more week, but both the Hubby and I are ever-so-slowly getting back into our work this week ....more

Merry Christmas to You & Our Cozy Holiday Plans

More than ever, I’m looking forward to our Christmas break this year. 2016 was full of amazing opportunities and precious memories, but I’m admittedly...more

Family Friendly New Years Party Ideas

New Year’s Day is an extra special day for our family. Not only do we celebrate the dawn of a fresh, new year, but January 1st is also the day that my oldest daughter was born. In fact, she was born shortly after the clock struck midnight – 12:22 am! ...more

Free New Year’s Eve Party Kid’s Questionnaire and Artwork Printables

It’s almost the end of the year! I can hardly believe it. I thought it would be fun to ask my kids what they thought about their year, and write all of their answers down to save and read later ....more