Your DIY Blog: How to Choose a Web Host & Install WordPress

Welcome to Your DIY Blog – a collection of information I’ll be posting over the next few weeks about blogging....more

Pretty AND Practical: How to Decorate with Kids in Mind

When you have one or two or more children running through your home on a daily basis, it’s important to think of them when you’re decorating your home. I believe that you can create a beautiful space that’s both pretty and practical. Here are some ideas and tips on...more

Make an Easy & Inexpensive Fairy Garden

My girls and I have been LOVING the gorgeous spring weather we’ve been having here lately! It’s been so therapeutic to be out in the sunshine, work on our yard, and do a bit of gardening. One of our recent projects was a fairy garden for our front steps ....more

Motivational Monday #50: Craft, DIY & Home Decor Link Party

Happy, happy Sunday, friends!...more

Video: Sew Soft Baby Slippers

One of the very first tutorials and...more

A Vintage Cane Chair Pair Makeover in Grey Velvet

Once upon a time – well, almost exactly one year ago – an avid Vintage Treasures Hunter spotted a pair of mid-century cane chairs on Kijiji. “Dear husband,” she said as she peered up at her Main Squeeze, “would you mind driving an hour both ways to pick up these amazing-I’ll-never-find-a-deal-like-this-ever-again-totally-vintage-tufted-i-love-them chairs with your truck?” The treasure hunter’s husband nodded his head, rolled his eyes, and picked up the vintage chair pair for his wife whose love language he knew was Antique Shopping. It took a full year and the help of the Vintage Treasure Hunter’s talented mom to fully reinvent the darling Vintage Chair Pair, but...more

Your DIY Blog: How to Choose a Blog Topic and a Blog Name

Welcome to Your DIY Blog – a collection of information I’ll be posting over the next few weeks about blogging....more

Sew Baby Crawler Jeans with Leather Knee Patches

I’ve been telling my friends lately that I used to feel so proud of myself a couple of months ago when I thought I had mothering three kids all figured out. Things have changed. Baby B is now crawling very, very quickly in every direction AND she’s pulling up and balancing and wiggling and rocking and… and… and… It’s exciting to watch and it’s absolutely exhausting! ...more

Easy Mommy Snack Ideas

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. As always, all of the opinions here are solely my own. Mommies need snacks too! ...more