Make a Floral Felt Tic-Tac-Toe Game #12MonthsofDIY (Video)

We’re planning on a couple of road trips this summer, and I’m trying to come up with some interesting things to bring along to keep my girls...more

A Lazy Girl’s Guide to Making the Bed + Our New Mattress Set

If you lived nearby and wanted to come over to our home for a visit, I’d ask you to please give me a 24 hour warning. Why? I’m a terrible housekeeper ....more

How To Cover A Duvet – Tip Tuesday

Have you ever seen the rolling duvet cover trick? It’s extra handy if you have a massive, awkward king-sized bed like we do and have to stuff your duvet into its cover alone. I love using this method when I don’t have my hubby around to help me make our bed! ...more

2016 Summer Garden Tour (Video)

It’s been an absolutely perfect summer so far for gardening in Alberta. Last year was so very dry, and this year we’re getting a generous amount of rain and sunshine. Let me give you a tour of our little flower and fruit bed in front of our house ....more

Our Guest Cottage Living Room: Neutral Mix-and-Match Style

I never thought there’d come a day when I would say that I was in love with a room devoid of any colour, but the time has come. I’ve totally fallen for this newly redecorated living room in our guest cottage and there’s not a bright nor a pastel colour to be seen. Heck, I’ve fallen for all the spaces we’ve finished in our guest cottage so far, and all of them are in black, white and grey!...more

How to Make Perfect Chalkboard Art – Tip Tuesday

Do you ever wonder how to get perfect looking chalkboard lettering every time? Well, I have a secret for you! I still love how chalkboard art looks, and it’s fun to change up a chalkboard to suit a new season or a special occasion ....more

Make a No-Sew Fabric Covered Black Out Blind (Video)

One of my most favourite DIYs ever is covering black out shades / blinds with fabric! It’s such an easy way to make a practical window covering look so much prettier. Now that it’s summertime, kids (and adults!) need their rooms darker to sleep, so here’s a fabulous DIY solution ....more

Our Guest Cottage Bedroom: A Small Space on a Budget in Black & White

Theres something just so classic and beautiful about using...more