On The Front Porch: Getting to Know Me

Recently, Porch.com “sat down with me” (in a virtual sort of way) and asked me some fun questions about myself and my blog and I was happy to share my answers!You can read the first 8 questions + answers over at Porch.com, and here are the rest: If your life were a song, what would it be? The Sound of Music? There’s never a quiet moment in our house ....more

The Final Western Canada’s Next Home Stylist Challenge: A Rustic Modern Condo Design

Dear Friends: I need your help one more time this summer! I would be so grateful for your votes in the final challenge of the Western Canada’s Next Home Stylist competition. (Here’s the link!)...more

Motivational Monday #57: Craft, DIY & Home Decor Link Party

Happy, happy Sunday, friends!...more

Make a Drapey Kimono Vest from a Scarf (Video)

21 days. That’s how long I’ve been without the internet at our home. We’ve been going NUTS and we are waiting eagerly for our internet provider – the only one out here in the country that can offer us the speeds we want – to fix our internet and get us online again ....more

Make Whole Grain Spaghetti Chicken Casserole

One of the times I treasure the most in our often busy, hectic days is suppertime with my little family. We are so blessed to be able to eat together on most days, and it’s just so special! This is when magical moments happen – Little A will crack a hilarious joke ....more

My 5 Favourite Nursery Essentials

It’s amazing how differently I feel about “nursery essentials” now with baby number 3 compared to when I had my first baby. There are some things that a new mama thinks she absolutely needs in baby’s nursery the first time around, and by the time baby 2 and baby 3 come around you realize that there are only a few things that a baby truly needs in their bedroom to feel comfy. Today I wanted to share with you my 5 most favourite nursery essentials that I’ve loved having for all of my baby girls ....more

Make Outdoor Drop Cloth Drapes & A Porch Warming Party Idea

I’m so excited that I can finally post about this project here – our internet has been down for almost a full week, and the hubs and I are just going nuts! ALL of our entertainment, accounting for our businesses and research for projects is online (we ditched satellite TV a couple of years ago), so it was a really tricky week. Thankfully, we were able to use our cell phone networks here and there (with the spotty country reception we have – ha!) and the available free WiFi when we were out ....more

How to Make Beautiful Chalkboard Art (Video)

Happy Monday! I wanted to make some fun chalkboard art for a project I’m working on, so I thought I’d share the video of me making it with you today. There are a couple of great tricks that anyone can use to make beautiful and professional looking chalkboard art ....more