Video Tutorial: Make Fancy Iced Cupcakes in 4 Seconds or Less

There’s something about a beautifully iced cupcake that’s so elegant and fun. I LOVE making fancy iced cupcakes for many occasions – swirly iced cupcakes are great for parties or special occasions like Valentine’s Day. You may have read my post on my secret to fancy rose icing from last year, but I thought it would be fun to share a video on how I ice cupcakes this year! ...more

Wanderer Tunic Pattern Review + An Easy DIY Boho Headband

Last week, I had the opportunity to test out an adorable kid’s tunic pattern by Striped Swallow Designs. Meet the “Wanderer Tunic“. It’s a sweet, boho styled children’s top that features an adorably curved yoke, lace (or trim) details, a buttoned back closure, and puffy sleeves ....more

Mood Board: A Vintage Farmhouse Laundry Room in Cherry Red and Aqua

Do you get the home organization and renovation bug like I do in mid-winter? I’m just itching to get over this darn flu we’ve had for a week (so far – ugh!) and get to work on more home organization and finishing. There are still a LOT of projects left to finish up in Our DIY House – one of them being our laundry room ....more

Motivational Monday #33: Craft, DIY & Home Decor Link Party

Happy, happy Sunday, friends!...more

Valentine’s Day Play Dough Mat Printable (+ Cleaning Our White Table!)

What’s your philosophy when it comes to kids getting messy? I’m pretty relaxed about it. I think it’s fun to squish and smush and sprinkle, so we do A LOT of that at our house ....more

Our Neutral Valentine’s Day Mantel Decor

Like I mentioned before, I never thought I’d take the time to decorate a mantel for Valentine’s Day, but here we are. Honestly? I think it’s pretty and Little C was just ecstatic when she saw we were putting lots of hearts up on our mantel to celebrate her favourite holiday! ...more

Make a Counter Top Phone Charging Station & Tablet Holder from a Picture Frame

I have to say that being “forced” to be extra thrifty over the past year or two because of a transition to double-self-employment has been a blessing in disguise. If you and/or your hubby are self employed and just starting out, you might know what I mean. You have to work A LOT, and the cash flow is pretty… ....more

Motivational Monday #32: Craft, DIY & Home Decor Link Party

Happy, happy Sunday, friends!...more

A Zero Dollar Spice Storage Solution

I’m following along this great declutting challenge from Home Storage Solutions 101 the best I can. It’s great! I love how the decluttering sessions are limited to around 15 minutes per day – now THAT I can do! ...more

Video Tutorial: Make a Book Page Heart Wreath

Hearts, hearts, hearts. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I love ‘em. My daughters do too, but it’s one of those chicken & egg things – I’m not sure if they naturally like them or if I’ve influenced them to like them ....more