By The Time You're Reading This...

By the time you’re reading this my Memorial weekend has hopefully already started.I’ve already made the painful 7 hour drive back to Nebraska with Chris driving, and 70 pound Harlow sitting on my lap the entire way- breathing heavily and farting at his leisure. Same goes for Harlow. Just kidding (although I think we all know I’m not.)We’ve already had our pre road trip bickers ....more


Last night I watched the documentary FED UP on Netflix. And now I'm terrified to eat anything.We all know child obesity is a problem, but I don't think a lot of realize just how big of a problem it is. And we're pointing our fingers in the wrong direction, or at least I was.Prior to watching this documentary I was kind of an asshole in regards to the idea of our country's children getting so large ....more

We Have A Date- a wedding update

We finally set a date!June 24, 2015 at 9 a.m. That's the big day. I've gone back and forth about this a lot because it makes me nervous, but the skin tag under Harlow's arm pit has to be removed, so on June 24th it's coming off.I'm an asshole... I know ....more

9 Things I Started Doing Because Of Him

A photo of Chris and I back in the 70s when we first started dating. It's black and white because we didn't have color back then. I started eating chicken wings....more

Great American Road Trip

Every summer I get this itch to go on a Great American Road Trip. I'm not even sure what that means exactly, but I get the itch to figure it out.Last summer we almost did it. ...more

The Day After

It's hard to do Monday after a really great weekend.And this past weekend was really really good. From start to finish, it definitely ranks up there with my best birthdays. Of course nothing will ever top my 9th birthday when we got a trampoline, but that's just a fact of life I've come to accept.It started Friday evening when we went to The Book of Mormon ....more

Sweat, Cycle & Soul

Today's Saturday Takeover post is for all of my friends in and around the Omaha area. I'm going to introduce you to an awesome fitness boutique studio you must try out if you haven't already, Sweat Cycle and Soul, located in West Omaha at 180 & Q. 1. What is your most popular class? ...more

My Favorite Workout App

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of The North Face for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine. Somewhere in the past month I found my running legs ....more

336 Months - a birthday update

Here's the thing you guys, my friends are always giving me updates about their babies every month via cute little posters they make, so I figured I should return the favor and give everyone an update on me and my progress.-Beside the head injury I suffered a few weeks ago which set me back a bit, I'm doing good. I still haven't mastered walking quite yet and I trip almost once a day on the steps into our apartment causing Chris to say, "walk much?" But I'll get it!-My hand eye coordination is improving too. I almost always catch the house keys when they're thrown at my face.-I'm still working on getting myself ready in the morning ....more

How To Get Your Boyfriend To Propose

I recently saw an article circulating from a very popular website about how to get your boyfriend to propose.My initial thought was, wow what a great article for a modern woman to have! And my second thought was, why wasn't it written years ago when I was just sitting at my sewing machine praying for the day my boyfriend would propose? Am I right ladies, or am I right?I'm right ....more