How To Throw A Wonderful Wedding (full of faux pas)

Chris and I went to our last wedding of the summer a few weeks ago and I'm really bummed about it. I love wedding season and always hate to see it come to a close. Like most people our age, we attended a lot of weddings this summer ....more

These Boots

*This is sponsored post by BeachMint Ricki Boots Found at ShoeMint. All of the sudden this week is turning out to be a little crazier than I originally thought it would be. Like I mentioned in my previous post, I'm had to head back to Nebraska a little sooner than planned because I picked up a last minute stand-up show and because I have to go back and mail about 300...more

Staying On Course

It's roughly 1:00 a.m., I'm leaving for Nebraska in about four hours and I am yet to sleep.It's because it's Monday night (well now technically Tuesday morning) and I had my show at Second City a mere few hours ago. I've learned by now that I can't ever sleep after a show, so most times I don't even try. I've also figured out why so many comedians and performers drink so much every night, it's because you have to if you want any chance of going to bed ....more

The Birthday Diva

And the award for the biggest birthday diva goes to Harlow. This past weekend he had more sass and energy than ever before. And he wanted to make damn sure everyone knew it was birthday....more

Blogging With Intel- Part 2

About a month ago I mentioned how I recently got the chance to try out the new Surface Pro Intel 2 in 1. The reason I immediately said yes is because I had heard the Surface Pro is said to be the "tablet that can replace a lap top" so I was excited to see if it was true. After more than one month of using the Intel 2 in 1, I can confirm that it is absolutely true.My favorite thing about the Surface Pro is how easy it is to take with me ....more

The Saturday Takeover

Introducing Ashlen from A Diamond With Sapphires....more

Harlow's Birthday Video

Saturday is Harlow's bday. I'm sure it won't surprise anyone that Chris and I treat this day with a lot of importance. We always doing something silly and dog related that we know will make Har happy ....more

The Work-Out

I've never posted workout-esque photos before because I feel like an idiot and I typically judge those who do. I'm sorry but I'm just being truthful. But then today happened and I wanted to write about some workouts I've been doing this week so I thought what the hell, I'm going to jump out of my comfort zone and post some ....more

13 Types Of People You'll Find On Instagram

1. The hashtagger.Did this person post a photo or just hashtags? It's hard to tell because she's got 86 lines of hashtags ....more

It's Been 10 Years Since High School, Here's What I'd Like To Go Back And Tell Myself

All of the Chicago teens have gone back to school. I know because the park Harlow and I like to frequent is filled with cigarette butts and regret once again. I can't believe teenagers still smoke ....more