On Being Unfaithful

This isn't an easy topic to bring up, but since I try to keep things pretty honest on here I know it must be addressed.I don't think that cheating ever "just happens." I think it's a choice that someone makes before they actually act upon it. I know people have their own thoughts on this and that's fine, I'm just telling you mine.I'm telling you my thoughts right now because recently (yesterday) I got caught red handed.I told Harlow I was going to the store but I actually went to an animal shelter to see other dogs. There, I said it ....more

Are You An Anthro Girl?

I went soul searching yesterday and I found a better version of myself.I found her at Anthropologie. I don't go in that store very often because I can't afford to pay $175 for an apron covered in owls wearing oxfords, but just for the hell of it I wandered in yesterday to see what might happen.And I liked what I saw. After just a few moments of meandering around the store I became relaxed and calm ....more

The Best Black Bean Soup You'll Ever Taste

Here's a fun fact about me: I am obsessed with beans. I always have been, even back in elementary school when it was totally uncool to love beans. I would get made fun of when I always asked for seconds from the lunch ladies on baked bean day ....more

Tips On Being Organized

I've got a friend sharing some tips today for all of you lucky students and grad students approaching spring exams! Tips on Being Organized for Exam Time...more

Let's Save The Dogs

It always just starts with one article.I'll see a post on Facebook or Twitter with a pic of a sad pup or a terrible sounding headline and even though I know I shouldn't click on it, I do. I always do. And then I find another article ....more

How To Handle Taxes

It's that of year again when 1099s come knocking on the door. If you're like me and make money off of your blog, or from a "small business" you still consider a hobby but the government considers a business because you did technically make money, well then this time of year can be a bit stressful and confusing. It's full of questions like what do I have to turn in? ...more

The Thing About Vacations

Vacations, man. They mess with my head. I get so excited to go on them ....more

Saturday Takeover- Sensibly Sharp

Introducing Cynthia from Sensibly Sharp....more

12 Things To Know About Cabo Before You Go There

Corona is easier to come by than water. Embrace it.I should also note it's completely safe to drink the water. Just know that you're probably going to have terrible digestive problems regardless ....more

Checking In..

Right now I am ... in Cabo!But right right now I'm attempting to do something very unlike me and that's write a few posts ahead of time. If you're a blogger do you this? ...more