Time is ticking today because I've got a plane to catch in a few hours for a girls weekend in the Ozarks. Sara's getting married next month so we're going to spend all weekend boat-drinking because of it. Expect lots of slow-mo snanps of us dancing to Miley and Beyonce.Anyway, I got to thinking, what would be a quick fun post to write so my blurry, sweaty party pics from my last post aren't left up as the main page of my blog for too many days.. ....more

Reception Party Pics

And now for some good old fashioned party pics.Some are blurry. And some are really blurry. Enjoy! ...more

The Reception

From day one, the one thing I knew I really really wanted was a tent.When I think of dream weddings two movies coming to mind. Father of the Bride. And My Best Friend's Wedding ....more

A Bride Walks Into a Wedding Ceremony - Part II

July 23rd, 2016. Lake Catamount, Steamboat, Colorado.That time Chris and I got married.So a bride walks into a wedding ceremony. And yes, that was the first line of my vows.. ....more

Living and Loving in T-Shirt Town -Tailgating Shirts Edition

So I feel like we were just getting to the good part of the wedding posts and then a T-Shirt Tornado blew through my house. About 100 boxes of my new designs were delivered yesterday and ...more

The Day of the Wedding & First Look

Buckle up, everyone. These next few posts are about to get real photo heavy. Hope you love it.As mentioned, I woke up the day of our wedding and had never been so tired in my life ....more

White Dresses for Brides-To-Be

Ten years ago when I first got engaged I didn't think I was going to do the whole "I have to wear white to every wedding related event" thing.But then I found one white dress for a shower and it was all downhill (or uphill?) from there. I suddenly loved finding white dresses/outfits and became a little obsessed.All of this hard (shopping) work has to show for something, right? Yes, thus I present to a recap of my favorite white outfits I wore for everything wedding ....more

The Honeymooners

And now for some fan fiction about that the "It Couple" on our honeymoon resort.*names have been changed to protect the identities of people who annoy me. then again, maybe they haven't....more

The Rehearsal Dinner AFTER PARTY

Excuse my tardiness. I'm a little behind on account of the fact I saw my friends' show last night and stayed out too late at Second City's new "1959" bar reminiscing about the good old days of the conservatreee. *I also learned that the bar isn't new, I've just been out of the comedy loop for far too long.And at this point I'm going to tell all of my Chicago friends to go see Jake and Michelle's show at Second City next Thursday because it is awesome ....more

The Rehearsal

It wasn't until the Friday morning before the wedding when I woke up with the scaries. You can tell by the look on Chris's face he had the scaries, as well. *so did Lola apparently.Not the scaries about getting married (Chris and I were common law married like 100 years ago so there was none of that.) I more so woke up with anxiety about everything I still had to do (but should have done days ago.) This included but certainly wasn't limited to:*wrapping gifts...more