Pit Bull Ban In Montreal

Let's keep this short today because there's work to be done and I'd rather you all go and sign a petition to reverse the pit bull ban in Montreal rather than read a blog post.In case you haven't heard, on Tuesday of this week Montreal passed a ban on all pit bulls. So any dog with a "blocky head" or "with pit like features" that is currently in a shelter located in Montreal will be euthanized on October 3rd. Apparently the law is so vague as to what is considered a pit it's laughable.Except it's not laughable, because so many dogs lives are stake because of it.Anyone who owns a dog "that looks like a pit bull" in Montreal will have to register it and pay $150, or risk it getting taken away at any moment.I don't know if signing petitions will help, but I know that doing nothing at all for sure won't help ....more

Favorites of Fall

Isn't it weird how we all lose our shit for fall? I'm as guilty as the next (well maybe not quite as guilty, but I did eat Pumpkin Cheerios for breakfast.) However, I'll never drink a Pumpkin Spice Latte because they taste like a cup of pumpkin sugary syrup mixed with a little bit coffee- to me. I feel like we have this brief window of time where it's fun to transition from tank tops to thick sweaters and then BOOM it's winter ....more

House Hunting in Chicago - Part II

We went to an open house last weekend where there was a line about thirty people deep before it had even started.The house was tiny so we had to wait before we could even walk inside because there wasn't room to move around. By the end of the day it had three offers. Luckily, Chris and I didn't love it so we were happy to walk away.A few weekends ago we saw a gorgeous brownstone (the second floor of it anyway) and I really liked it ....more

How To Tackle Monday

I had a really good plan for today.I was going to take my parents to the airport at 5 a.m. and then come home and GET RIGHT TO WORK.Emails, T-shirts, blog posts, I was going to do it all and tackle this day hard to make up for a weekend of having a little too much fun and not doing a stitch of work.Instead, when my alarm went off at 5 a.m. I stumbled into the guest room and told my parents, "I'm calling you an Uber." So for the 28th year in a row, I don't think I'm going to be winning "Daughter of the Year."I went back to bed, but only until 7 a.m., at which point I moved out to the couch. While I was waiting for my coffee I decided it would be a great time for some Monday meditation. I like to start my mornings by pretending to meditate, when in fact I'm just falling back to sleep ....more

The Politics of Communal Laundry

And now a post about the politics of sharing a laundry room with people you don't know. Perhaps some of you can relate to it, or perhaps you will have no idea what I'm talking about if you've never lived in a city, or are just lucky enough to be independently wealthy.Whatever the case, it must be discussed.Let me set the scene for you. It's Monday morning and I have two loads of wash to do; towels and sheets for the guest room because my parents are coming to stay ....more

House Hunters

I have a very long mental list of stuff to do "once things calm down." One of which is getting back to blogging every single day. I hate not being able to write regularly.But then I remember that I've been waiting for this magical "calm time" for awhile now and perhaps it's never coming. Maybe it's just called life ....more

Wedding Details I Don't Want To Forget

Well friends, here we are. It's Friday September, 16th and I might be writing my last wedding post. I'm not ready for it to end either...Today's post will be about small details I don't want to ever forget/things I'm so happy we did ....more

Dogs and Avocados

It all started with an Instagram video of me giving Harlow a little piece of avocado at his birthday dinner last night, which was obviously followed with an entire hotdog from Weiner Circle right after.I started getting messages via Insta from people concerned I was giving Har avocados. Be careful, those are poisonous to dogs, several warned....more

Harlow's Best Day Ever

I recently read an article that was circulating on Facebook about how "dogs can understand words a lot better than we thought." I read the headline to Harlow and we both laughed and rolled our eyes."Are people really just figuring this out?" I asked him.Apparently, he replied. Not with words, but with his eyes, and his ears, and the overall tilt of his face when he dips his chin down and sighs.Harlow and I have been having in-depth conversations for years. He gets my words and I get every single look or movement that flashes across his face ....more

Honeymoon in British Virgin Islands

The second half of our honeymoon was spent in the British Virgin Islands. We stayed in Tortola, but also visited Virgin Gorda and Jost Van Dyke.We loved Antiuga, but we really loved BVI. The beauty of this place was unreal ....more