To My Friends Asking Questions About The March

photo found on twitter. On Saturday morning the sun was shining and it was 50 degrees by 9:00 a.m. Our morning walk led us to the 606 trail, a former train line that runs through the west side of Chicago.On this walk I saw an elderly couple wearing matching "FEMINIST" t-shirts. They were smiling and carrying signs under their arms ....more

The Workout That Changed My Thoughts On Working Out

Here we go. My first attempt at a workout post. I posed by a wall at my pilates studio so at this point it has to happen.Let me start by saying that I spent the first 18 years of my life playing every sport possible ....more

Six Makeup Products I Use Every Day

And now to mix it up with a post called, "6 Makeup Products I Use Every Day."*I use the term "every day" lightly here, as some days I'm lazy and don't put on anything at all. But when I do, it's always one of these items.1. bareMinerals powder foundation.Why oh why did it take me so long to discover how wonderful a good powder foundation can be? It goes on easier, blends better, and looks so much more natural than liquid (for me.) *Because I was terrible at putting on liquid correctly ....more

7 Signs of "Minor" Social Anxiety

Let me start by saying that I don't dislike our neighbors. Truthfully, I don't know them that well, but from what I can tell they are kind people.However, if I'm headed out the door and I happen to hear them in hallway I freeze. I will actually wait by my door and listen until I don't hear them anymore ....more

My Dog's Life Is The Best Life

All too frequently I wake up in the morning and wish that I was Harlow.As I dig into my workload for the day he's usually sprawled out in bed, typically with all four pillows, with a look of laziness on his face that I can't help but envy.His one job in life is to be a dog-blogger and pose for photos and yet he rarely does that even. If he sees me get my phone out he will actually turn away. So in order to get a good shot I have to sneak it.Or, I have to lay a cozy blanket on the floor where the sunlight is hitting ....more

Things That Scare Me Part II - Sleep Paralysis

Given that today is Friday the 13th it only felt right to sit down and write a post about things that scare me. But then I remembered I already wrote that post in May of last year.But alas I'm still craving "scary talk" so let's discuss something else. Like perhaps sleep paralysis ....more

The Most Interesting Dog In The World

Plastic bags blowing in the wind simply stop when he gets near.His mother nursed from him.He gives treats to store keepers.He doesn't ask other dogs if he can pet their owner, he simply does.His poop comes out already bagged.Cats bark in his presence.He can make a squeaker fall out of a toy just by looking at it.Humans stop to sniff his backside.He has several world records, one of which includes jumping on a pogo stick for 72 days.When he leaves the house he puts his owner in a crate.When he pees on a brick wall it immediately turns into Banksy street art.Squirrels name their children after him.He sits in a chair to eat dinner.He wears roller skates when he walks, usually while pulling his owner on a leash.He can speak seven languages but simply chooses not to.When he drools it's actually champagne.His breath smells like chocolate, yet he's never had a piece.He sits on furniture that humans aren't allowed to.His urine makes grass greener.When it's time to leave the park he calls his owner's name.His collar simply reads, "dog."He is the most interesting dog in the world ....more

How To Be a REAL Writer

Excuse the poor lighting here, the sun hasn't come out since 2016 so I'm doing my best...And now on to my post.Like most things in life; I've got this very romanticized, dreamy idea of what it means to be a writer.I imagine myself living all seasons in chunky cardigans, wearing black square frame glasses, having sharp bangs that top my even sharper bob cut, all while I work from my beachside cottage surrounded by dogs and ocean waves. I think I'm somewhere on the East coast, but I haven't decided for sure. Monterey seems like it could also suit my fantasy.So basically I'd like to be Nancy Meyers.Notice that in my little cute little dream I don't ever see the actual work of a writer that goes on.. ....more

How To Set Goals and Make a Million Dollars

Goals are fun.You're filled with excitement and energy as you think about them and write them down. You imagine them coming true and your mind allows your body to feel the joy of this little day dream for a moment as if it's already happened.And then a week later it starts to dawn on you that this is going to take a lot of work. And what if you can't do it? ...more

Home Tour Part I

It's Friday morning in Chicago and the temperature says "2." And so I am doing everything in my power to keep Harlow asleep on my lap so he doesn't wake up and give me that look.That look that says, "we go to park now?"No Harlow, we don't go to park. Not today. Because today the air hurts ....more