Currently I Am...

Currently I am ....running around like a crazy person. After a bit of a dress fiasco on Saturday we left Chicago a little later planned. And by fiasco I simply mean when I went to pick it up it did not fit right and I panicked simply because it had fit like a glove literally every other fitting ....more

Anchored to Sunshine

Chris and I are currently on part one of our journey to Steamboat, so today I have a friend taking over this space to tell you a little more about herself and her blog.Introducing Amanda from Anchored to Sunshine. 1. Why did you decide to start blogging?About five years ago I started to follow a few blogs. I had no idea what "blogging" was, let alone they made money off of it ....more


This was taken on the eve of my 21st birthday. I thought Chris was still in Spain but he surprised me at The Bar The Bar at midnight. After living away from each other for six months it was a really awesome surprise.But more importantly, check those French Tip acrylics I've got going on ....more

63 Things Every Bride MUST DO The Week Before Her Wedding

Guys, I'm checked out.I'm so checked out. I'm in vacation mode and it's like pulling teeth for me to concentrate on anything. Bloody and painful and me screaming halfway through I NEED MORE GAS!!!I have one last shipment of t-shirts coming in today that I have to knock out and then I'm turning my baby, I mean business, over to my assistant for the next three weeks.*My assistant is not a dog this time around so I'm a little nervous ....more

The Honeymoon Pack List

In the beginning we thought about a European honeymoon. Chris wanted to road trip down the coast of France and Spain. I wanted to see Cinque Terre and the Amalfi Coast ....more

Harlow's Morning Routine

Harlow is an odd duck. I'm quite certain he has more rituals and routines than the average human. For example every night he goes into his cozy cave, aka his bed before the bed, around 9 p.m. He sleeps in the very back of it, until around 10:30 p.m. when he comes to the front, all sleepy eyed and groggy and looks to Chris and I to see if it's "real bedtime" yet.If we're still watching TV I'll say, "you can go to bed Har," and then he'll get up and walk to the bedroom ....more

Going on Hiatus

Last night I applied for our marriage license via Steamboat's online service. It was just step one and we'll still have to go get it in person next week at the Steamboat courthouse, but still. It was step one of this huge thing that is all going to start falling into place one week from today.*Also, just for the record Chris and I aren't getting married on an actual "Steam Boat." I understand how that could be misleading if you're not familiar with small mountain towns in Colorado, but Steamboat Springs is an actual location ....more

12 Misconceptions About Brides-To-Be

1. We'll be deeply offended if you wear white to any wedding related event.Please feel free to wear whatever the hell you want. Unless it's a wedding gown, but honestly that would make for good conversation so if that's your fancy, why not.2. We all care A LOT about etiquette.We do not ....more

The Final Dress Fitting

I had my final dress fitting yesterday.Technically it was last Thursday, but I accidentally forgot and missed it. Instead I went in Tuesday after a long weekend of beer drinking and hotdog eating. So that was fun.The conversations I overhear at the bridal boutique are always quite amusing to me, yesterday particularly so ....more

Fourth of July Favorites

Lordy, lordy, America is almost 240!*I wanted to put that on a t-shirt but Chris told me it wouldn't sell. I'm thinking he was wrong. Like most people, I live for this weekend ....more