So How's Wedding Planning Going?

You guys.Everyone asks me this, "so how's wedding planning going?" And I know how they want me to respond, with a smile and a gush and "oh my gosh, there's just so much to do. But it's like so fun, you know? But boy, it's a lot ....more

Chicago Food That You Have To Eat

It's nearly 1:00 a.m. and I really have no business being awake right now, yet here I am.Since the darkness is upon us I have one thing on my mind right now and one thing only: nachos. I am a fan of the homemade nacho. Such a big fan ....more

Reasons I Know I'm A Crazy Dog Lady

Today is National Dog Day. But if you ask me every day is National Dog Day. Isn't that such a parent thing to say? ...more

That Back To School Itch

The hardest thing about being an adult is resisting the back to school aisle at Target.It's very much there and begging me to stop by and just take a gander... Just a little browsing can't hurt, right? Everything is so fun and inviting ....more

Tay: a 339 Month Update

I turned 339 months a few days ago and I thought I should give you guys an update.I just watched Straight Outta Compton this past weekend. Loved it. I might be going back into a serious old school rap phase for a bit ....more

The 16 Types of Husker Fans You'll Meet At The First Game

The "Wouldn't It Be Crazy If We Went Undefeated This Year?" Fan:They say it at the start of every season. You can't blame them for hoping. (also this is me.)The Nervous Wreck Fan:They can't eat, they can't sleep, their palms are sweaty and there's butterflies in their stomach ....more

The Best Things I Found This Week

Last night Harlow and I worked on wedding stuff. We worked hard as you can tell. Nothing got accomplished ....more

A Letter To Bloglovin

Dear Bloglovin,Your site tells me that it's time for the 2015 Bloglovin' Awards again. How exciting.Much to my disappointment, I didn't make the cut for nominees. This makes nine years in a row now ....more

Pulling Back the Curtain on Instagram

Can we all just take a minute and appreciate how incredibly bloggy the above photo is?The stripes, the rings, the laptop, the white blanket, did I nail it or did I NAIL IT? I know said photo probably caused some of you to eye roll and wonder "why is this happening?" and I understand that, but at the same time when I manage to pull off a pretty stupid photo that is "trendyish" and all over Instagram, I can't help but stand back and be a little proud. Like look at me, maybe people will think I'm a real blogger today.I like to think this photo says, look how cute and cozy I'm being right now ....more

My Time In A Sorority

I tried to keep the nostalgia at bay. But last night it crept up on me while I was browsing Instagram and I saw a post about the college kids heading to campus. More specifically, I saw a post about all of the sorority girls getting ready for recruitment.Once upon a time, I was in a sorority.And I loved it ....more