It's Time

I started this blog almost five years ago. I had moved with my husband and my dog back to the town I grew up in. I had three years living at the beach, a new MBA, and a new job under my belt ....more

Life motto.

Life motto ....more

Hey pretty momma! Hope you are finding some time to breathe amongst what seems a chaotic (but oh so cuddly and cute) season. I'm T-14 days til D(elivery)-Day and I'm in the process of packing my hospital bag. Do you have any recs as to what I should inclu

Taking a break from my not-self-imposed blog hiatus to answer this question. I just hope I’m not too late and your little bambina is still cozy in your tummy. As for packing the hospital bag, oy ....more

I have a lot to say here

but not a lot of time. Life got cray-cray in an unexpected way the past few weeks. I don’t even know where to begin but I know I need to take some time to catch my breath before I can tell you everything I’ve been thinking ....more



Today's Beauty Lesson

I received a few samples of these Dr. Dennis Gross tan towelettes in the Clarisonic Summer Essentials package (c/o) available exclusively at Nordstrom and I am obsessed with them. They exfoliate while at the same time providing the most even and natural looking color this fair skinned, freckle faced/armed/legged girl has EVER had ....more

fit and fabulous: Week 3 and stats update

Hooray! I’ve finished up the first month on this fit and fab journey. Well, technically, since I didn’t start until June 10, I only had three weeks of June devoted toward my fitness goals ....more

Vacation All I Ever Wanted

This past week, we got outta dodge and headed as far east as we could. On the agenda was some beach-laying, lighthouse-seeing, boat-watching, watermelon-eating, family time fun with Jason and his family. Not on the agenda was sleeping in ....more

Beach time with my best girl.

Beach time with my best girl ....more

FIt and Fabulous: Week 2

This week was another good one for the fit and fab journey. I’m looking forward (mostly) to updating you on my stats next week when June will be behind me. Here’s the weekly roundup, and I’ve got a special treat for this week’s inspiration as I asked my sister to share her tips for getting in shape after having a baby. I’m still a Tracy devotee who won’t lift more than 3 pound weights, but her tips show that there ...more