Target and I Broke Up…and I Don’t Miss it.

I loved Target. I darkened their door several times a week when I lived equidistant between two of their stores. Where else could you buy a leotard for your preschooler’s dance class, an appropriately priced present for an impending birthday party, and a package of blueberries for $3.99 all in the same place?(Okay, a couple of places now that I think about it…but that isn’t my point!)...more
Love your unique and funny point of view. I'll never look at Target the same ever again!more

The Day Mommy Decided Not To Clean

 It's like the Bizarro Pottery Barn catalog!What would happen if one day mommy decided not to clean? This past Saturday, I discovered the answer....more

How I Spent My Summer Vacation


Moving On

By Terri Lively ...more


For those of you who don’t know, I just turned 40 in June. If you know my kids, however, don’t tell them. I tell them I am 29 and they aren’t good enough at math to figure out how old I really am yet....more

Birds and the Beez

 Critical parenting moments always happen when you least expect them. Not when you planned on them. Not when you are prepared. They happen when you are still stuffing the change back in your wallet after exiting the Target Snack Stand area while struggling to get the baby’s legs into the holes at the front of the basket in the cart....more

5 REALLY Important Things I Just Filled Out on a Form for Day Camp

I just spent 40 minutes filling out forms for my kids to go to Day Camp. There are forms at school, at the doctor, at the dentist, at soccer, at gymnastics, and anywhere else you go. I find it hard to believe in today’s day and age that I still have to fill out forms for my children with paper and pen. Each time I am faced with this task a voice inside my head says, “Isn’t there an App for this?” Nope. And so here we are 40 minutes later... ...more
plogan721 You know what's hilarious. Some app creator contacted me because they do exactly that! ...more

Alone Time Can Be Good for Your Work

By Terri LivelyThere is no question that being alone is a part of being a writer. But I would argue that alone time can be good for your work, no matter what you do for a living.John Irving said that he knew he needed to be a writer because he wanted to be alone: ...more

PTSD: Post Traumatic Summer Disorder

It is with a generous amount of certainty that I predict I will suffer from PTSD, or Post Traumatic Summer Disorder, at the end of next month. I had no idea how difficult it would be to go from two kids in school five days a week to two kids in no school for five days a week. Now, I am acutely aware of how difficult that is....more
I struggle with the board games dilemma too. One help is to develop "house rules" that minimize ...more

The Adventures of Abbey Dog Part 2: Spayed

Shortly after bringing Abbey home, we made an appointment to have her spayed. The procedure was free based on an agreement from the shelter where we adopted Abbey, but the anesthesia was not.Nice. Like I am going to send her in for surgery without pain killers. This was the first of many Veterinarian’s shenanigans that ended with me parting with more hard-earned cash than I had intended....more