Kindergarten and Not Quite the Truth

There was a little girl who looked forward to the first day of kindergarten. All summer she heard about what fun school was and all the wonderful things she would learn and do. Then the big day was here. First day of school…ever. ...more

Jumping Jacks

There was a little girl who liked to play jacks. Playing jacks was the best. She could play by herself and have fun, or she could play with a friend or several friends. There were different variations of the game, continue reading ...more

It, Is A Bad Word

There was a little girl who didn’t like “it”.Seemed to her that when “it” was an answer“it” was not what she wanted to hear.  continue reading ...more

The Little Girl and Wyatt Earp

There was a little girl who loved hombres.She wanted to live in the old Westand know hombres  continue reading...more

My Guy

There was a little girl who had a very special friend, My Guy.She met him the day she was born.Her grandfather, Pa, brought him to the hospital to meet her.It was love from the beginning. continue reading ...more

Little Girl Flying

 There was a little girl whocould fly.She could fly free and high wherever she wanted.She didn’t fly like Superman.She would be upright, standing straight and tall.Well, not all that tall she was a little girl after all. continue reading...more

Elevaters and Escalators and A Little Girl

There was a little girl wholoved to go downtown with her Gramma.They would take the bus from Gramma’s  apartmentto the transit station and get on a train.The train would take them to the center of the city.They would have a fine time shopping and having lunch.The only thing was continue reading...more

Dancing in the Chorus Line

There was a little girl whowanted to be a dancer, a gypsy dancer on Broadway....more

Chickens in the Backyard

There was a little girl whodid not like chickens.Her daddy kept chickens in the backyard,not for long, her mommy saw to that....more

It's Broken

There was a little girl whosometimes misbehaved.When she was very bad she would get a swat on her butt  with a wooden spoon....more