When I don't feel good enough

Being a mother is a very hard job and sometimes I feel like I'm not doing it right....more

Surgery For Jaron This Year


No More Public School Tax for Homeschoolers

We just got our mid year County Tax estimate and I am not staying quiet anymore. Even though we have lived in this house for 12 years and I knew we paid the school tax, I never questioned it. Our children did attend public school once but it was only 3 years. Now that I am homeschooling our 4 boys. Why should we have to pay this $700 every year?! Imagine how many other things we could do with that money, for the children....more
Anna Attard " The 2013–14 state budget includes $40 billion in General Fund resources for ...more

My Children are Teaching Me!

Well I've been a mother for 11 years now and I've changed a lot. I feel like my children have taught me a lot. Some things are more important than others. Little talks about their day are more important than watching TV together. Family game time is more important than dishes and laundry. Making train tracks and playing race cars or legos is more important than blogging, Facebook or reading emails. My boys need my attention and when I decided "THE MESS CAN WAIT" it made a huge difference. When Jacob was a baby I constantly picked up after him. ...more

Kids say the funniest things...

I was getting the boys out of the bath the other day and Jaron put both his hands of my face as I was drying him off and said "I love your face". Again tonight in the van I leaned my seat back to reach the boys and Jaron said "I love your beautiful face". If he only knew how much I love his face....more

Sometimes I wonder....

...why people don't put the trash in the can?...if Jaron will ever learn to eat better....if it's wrong to take prenatal vitamins with a coke?...will I ever feel this baby moving inside me?...how crazy driving a car was before they invented carseats....why is listerine called an "Antiseptic". Are mouths septic?...if water and soap get us clean then why do the baths and showers ever get dirty?...what it would have been like to live in Bible days and eat all natural food...more

You might be the mom of many small boys if.....

... several times a day you catch yourself saying "get your hands out of your underwear, it's NOT a toy!"...you have ever said "DON'T CLIMB UP THE FRIDGE!"...you superglue motorcycles together...you can quote Cars Movie word for word...you know all the words the Thomas the Tank Engine Songs...refer to your children as small, medium and large...you have a car, dinosaur and a skateboard in your purse at your doctor without any kids...more

When Things get in the WAY...

....of serving God.We are still alive I have just been so busy. And every time I sit down to blog my mind is filled all the things I want to say but not sure where to start....more

Oh to be needed....

Once upon a time, I had time for myself.  Now, my toe nails need some love.  My hair is neglected.  I can’t take a shower without an audience. Proof that somebody needs me....more

Why do I go to church?

I go to church to worship God, learn more about Him and how I am supposed to be living, and to be around like-minded people. I like singing songs about Heaven and Jesus and what He's done for me. And I like to praise the Lord for all His blessings He has given us.There are many reasons......more