What I'm Watching

What I'm Watching The summer television season will be ending soon.  And the fall series will begin in a few weeks.  So what have I been watching, and what am I looking forward to?...more

Motivate Me Mondays Week 4 (Final Week)

This is the place where you can seek some motivation throughout the week.  Last week, my goal was to complete a media kit for my blog.  I am happy to report that it is complete.  There are some tweaks I will eventually make, but I am glad that it is done. Thanks to those who motivated me. ...more

Orange Lovers Recipes

Many people love citrus.  Some like to eat fresh citrus fruits for breakfast and as a snack.  Some like citrus flavor in their foods. I was searching for some new and interesting citrus flavor recipes on Pinterest.  We all know that everything can be found on Pinterest.  And I came across some very delicious looking items. Sunburst Smoothie...more

My ShoeDazzle Wish List #2

My Shoedazzle Wish List #2 For the past few weeks, I've been avoiding looking at my ShoeDazzle showroom and the new shoe arrivals.  I just knew I would see too many shoes that I want, but can't afford to buy right now.  But I hesitantly took a peek and fell in love.  Here is a look at the styles on my new wish list. Ransa...more

Motivate Me Mondays Week 3

Welcome back to the second week of Motivate Me Mondays!!This is the place where you can seek some motivation throughout the week.  Last week, my goal was to find a children's story that I wrote years ago.  Unfortunately, it wasn't where I thought I had stored it away.  But I think I know another place to look. But I still thank those who motivated me. ...more

The Great Piñata Chase

Months ago I decided I wanted to give my godson a birthday party.  Because he loves Spiderman, I knew that would be the theme.  So, I was happy to know that a little shop near his school was selling a Spiderman piñata, a very cool one. Spidey hanging upside down!!...more

5 Back To School Concerns For Parents

Well, summer has come and gone.  And many students are in their final weeks of preparation to return to school.  Some may be bored out of their minds and ready to go back, while others are wanting to have more time away.  Usually the parents are very excited to send their children back to school.As parents, you send your children to school to receive a good education.  And there are several ways that you as a parent can ensure that the goal is met.  All it takes is being an involved parent....more

Don't Exploit Your Child!

I do not have children.  I do not want to have children.  I have a godson that I have helped raise as if he were my own.  But I am very passionate about the well being of children....more

Being Single ≠ Being Broken

This past weekend, I attended our church conference's Annual Camp Meeting.  This is a time during the year when church members from churches all over our conference (TX, AR, OK, LA, NM)  gather together in Athens, TX for worship.  You get to see people you haven't seen since the previous year, and meet new faces as well....more

Refreshing Summer Drinks

Well, summer is here!!  And the warmer weather has arrived also.  So everyone is in search of a tasty way to quench their thirst during the summer months.  I have been looking for some new and refreshing summer drinks to try.  I may have found what I'm looking for on Food Network.Here is a look at just a few of the drinks that are of interest to me:1.  Looking for a twist on iced tea?  Try this Peach Ginger Tea.  ...more