3 Musketeers Popcorn Treat

When I was in elementary school, we loved movie day.  The day when they would wheel in the television cart and play a movie.  We really didn't care what movie it was as long as we didn't have to do work.On one particular movie day, my teacher brought in a treat for all the students.  She laid out napkins on each of our desks and gave us popcorn.  Then she passed out a 3 Musketeers candy bar to each student.  She told us that the two tasted great together. ...more

Stovetop Chili Mac

 do not like zucchini.  I really don't like it.  But there is only one way that I will truly eat it.  And that's in one of my favorite vegetarian meals.  ...more

3 Things To Do Before Drinking From That Can

Many people consume soft drinks and other beverages daily.  Some people purchase them in glass or plastic bottles.  And some drinks are purchased in cans.  Consumers even purchase 6-packs of canned sodas, juices and alcoholic beverages (if that's your thing)....more

Things To Do When First Report Card Comes Home

School has been in session for a while now.  And it's about that time for students to receive their first progress reports or report cards.  Parents and students alike are wishing for the best.  But what should be done when the report card is received?  ...more

One Year Blogiversary Giveaway

I cannot believe it's been a year already!!  I've been blogging for a year, but it seems like much longer.  I had no idea the experience it would be to start a blog.  The long nights writing blog posts, the learning curves, the design headaches and the social media frenzy were all worth the wonderful bloggers and readers that I have connected with.   I feel like a have a voice.  And people are actually listening!...more

Pumpkin Roundup #3: Appetizers

Fall is officially here.  Have you gotten your pumpkin fix yet?  Are you maxed out on pumpkin?  No?!  Well, there is enough to go around.  If you enjoyed the breakfast recipes, you will enjoy these appetizers as well.  Prepare some for your next NFL watch party....more

What I'm Watching

What I'm Watching The summer television season will be ending soon.  And the fall series will begin in a few weeks.  So what have I been watching, and what am I looking forward to?...more

Motivate Me Mondays Week 4 (Final Week)

This is the place where you can seek some motivation throughout the week.  Last week, my goal was to complete a media kit for my blog.  I am happy to report that it is complete.  There are some tweaks I will eventually make, but I am glad that it is done. Thanks to those who motivated me. ...more

Orange Lovers Recipes

Many people love citrus.  Some like to eat fresh citrus fruits for breakfast and as a snack.  Some like citrus flavor in their foods. I was searching for some new and interesting citrus flavor recipes on Pinterest.  We all know that everything can be found on Pinterest.  And I came across some very delicious looking items. Sunburst Smoothie...more

My ShoeDazzle Wish List #2

My Shoedazzle Wish List #2 For the past few weeks, I've been avoiding looking at my ShoeDazzle showroom and the new shoe arrivals.  I just knew I would see too many shoes that I want, but can't afford to buy right now.  But I hesitantly took a peek and fell in love.  Here is a look at the styles on my new wish list. Ransa...more