My Figure Skating Dreams

I've never really been much of a sports fan.  When I was younger, I would watch some wrestling.  I mean, who didn't like the Von Erich brothers?!  And I would tune into the Olympics.  But I really enjoyed watching figure skating....more

Reason To Avoid Black Friday Sales

On Thanksgiving Day, we celebrate with family and friends.  We give thanks for all that we have been blessed with.  But the next day, Black Friday, we forget what we have and seek out more.We get trapped into a retail whirlwind, to purchase items, most that we don't even need.  We camp out in front of stores overnight, sometimes for days.  We brave the cold and long lines for material things....more

Thanksgiving Leftover Recipes

Thanksgiving has come and gone.  You ate well and enjoyed time with family and friends.  But what are you going to do with all those leftovers?!  Here are a couple of recipe ideas to ensure that none of the food goes to waste....more

Ball Gown Decisions

It's that time of year again.  Time to decide on an evening dress for the December Ball.  Last year, I was fortunate to find a beautiful gown with weeks to spare.  I found it on Amazon for only $40!  And it arrived in the mail just in time for the event....more

The Backlash of Having High Expectations

The Backlash of Having High Expectations As individuals, we all have certain expectations of people and things.  We may patronize a new restaurant with expectations of enjoying our meal.  We may go to the theater to see a new movie in anticipation that it will be exciting.  We may go on a first date expecting to have a good time and meet a new friend....more

Pumpkin Roundup #5: Pumpkin Bread

This roundup features my favorite way to eat pumpkin:  pumpkin bread.  I do not like it in a pie.  I do not like it with a fly.  But I do love it in a bread, while laying snugly in my bed.  That's how I like to eat pumpkin.  I prefer a classic pumpkin bread, but I may just have to try some of these interesting recipes. Pumpkin Snickerdoodle Bread...more

Who's Wearing What Wednesdays--Now A Linky Party!

We're having a party!!  A linky party!!   The Who's Wearing What Wednesdays feature is now a linky party.  I will still continue to highlight my favorite fashion pick each week.  And now, you'll have the opportunity to link up your style post....more

What Is Love? Blog Series--Submit Your Definition to Be Featured

What is love?A few months back, one of my Facebook friends asked what it feels like to be in love?  I thought it was a very interesting question.  And he received some interesting and heartfelt responses, even some from me.  It got me to wondering how people actually define love....more

3 Musketeers Popcorn Treat

When I was in elementary school, we loved movie day.  The day when they would wheel in the television cart and play a movie.  We really didn't care what movie it was as long as we didn't have to do work.On one particular movie day, my teacher brought in a treat for all the students.  She laid out napkins on each of our desks and gave us popcorn.  Then she passed out a 3 Musketeers candy bar to each student.  She told us that the two tasted great together. ...more

Stovetop Chili Mac

 do not like zucchini.  I really don't like it.  But there is only one way that I will truly eat it.  And that's in one of my favorite vegetarian meals.  ...more