Correspondence With Costa Rica: Letters From Anna

Okay, so I am super excited about this: An extremely good friend of mine and her husband (also an extremely good friend) are moving to Costa Rica!  ...more

Blogging With Kids

Most of the time when I am writing, it looks like this. But I get interrupted often....more

Coloring Inside The Lines

This morning I was just about to start mopping, for obvious reasons, when I found a square out of place:...more

Do Not Poke The Bear

Exploring Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder

 Jeff Foxworthy kind of hit the nail on the head when he said his wife was a hypochondriac:“My wife and I, we love watching, like, Dateline, 20/20, those shows. But you know how every week they will feature a disease. And I swear to you, every week, no matter what the disease is, my wife has it.There could be three people on the planet that have this disease, my wife is one of them. She just watches it going “I’ve got it.”...more

RIP, Lauren Bacall: Why She Was My Girl

We learned today that actress Lauren Bacall has died at the age of 89. Image: © Glasshouse/ The first time I saw her was in How To Marry A Millionaire, which my Dad had given to me on VHS. ...more
French Robin Designs I completely agree.  Katherine was one hell of a woman.  I can even hear ...more

“Poetry. Beauty. Romance. Love. These are what we stay alive for.”

 Last night I went to see “Guardians of the Galaxy,” and got caught up in the whole first 5 minutes of the film.If you haven’t seen it, his mom dies.  You’re welcome....more

Easy Saturday Science Project: Walking Water

I saw this on Pinterest, and it was just a quick science project we could have going during the day, so we gave it a shot!Walking Water!It’s pretty (ridiculously) easy:  You need 3 cups, 2 paper towels and some food coloring.  The goal is to watch the water “walk” up the paper towels and transfer into the middle cup.caveat: This projects takes forever.  For. Ev. Er.  So, it’s not only a lesson in physics, but also one in patience....more

Featured Blog:, with Chef Hollie!

I heard about from a fellow blogger at BlogHer14, and I was blown away by the site.A well constructed site?  About food?  For kids?  And it doesn’t look cheesy, it is actually informative and interesting??  This is too good to be true.  I texted the site to people before I left the conference, demanding that they check it out.  I was that impressed by it.Bonus: all the recipes are gluten free....more

They Aren't Your Buddies. Keep Reviews Professional, And Get Paid.

If we ever go out for drinks, I will get the tab.I'm not rolling in money or anything, I just love giving someone the experience of a free drink.  It is a 'highlight of the night' kind of thing.That being said, now that I am in the process of doing paid reviews on my site, I have to remember: these aren't your drinking buddies.This is a professional relationship, and it is your responsibility to make it professional.  Tell them how much you  want for the review.  In the amount of dollars, not in the number of martinis....more