20 Shades of Quinoa

With 50 Shades of Gray coming up this weekend, I thought I’d add my $.02 in on torture:...more

Things Only Stressed Out Women Dream Of: Last Night, I Dreamt of Godzilla.

Indeed, I did dream of Godzilla last night....more

No! Not The Rocking Chair!!

 This is my beautiful rocking chair.This was the first thing I brought into my nest when I first became pregnant, over 11 years ago....more

Friday Round-Up: Who Are You?? – From Superheros to Theme Songs

Hey All!We are preparing for a rainy weekend coming up…hopefully.  The last time the media freaked out about a “monster storm,” it was so warm we left the windows open and enjoyed some light rain for a day.That’s California weather for you.I am gearing up to pack 2 rooms today, and I need some superhero motivation to get me through this.How about we finish off this week with some superhero quizzes?? ...more

Relationships – Thinking Outside The Box

 This is the box filled with collapsed boxes with which I shall begin to pack my house....more

Goodbye, Bruce Lee.

Goodbye, Bruce Lee.Yesterday was the last day of Martial Arts for the kids.The kids have been going to Martial Arts class two times a week for two years, which means I have been going to Martial Arts class two times a week for two years.I have loved it in ways I didn’t know I could love a sport....more

Correspondence With Costa Rica: Letters From Anna – Crocodiles??….!!

Hey Folks!We have a letter from Anna reminding us of how warm and magical Costa Rica is in the winter!Thanks Anna.Honestly, it does look like a magical place with magical people living on magical beaches.  Birds, tropical flowers, howler monkeys, amazing spearfishing adventures, beautiful sunsets and crocodiles!!  I completely love hearing from Anna and all the adventures she finds  :)...more

Teaching Holocaust Memorial Day

#HolocaustMemorialDay No doubt, it is critical to teach our children about history; but it is so hard to teach them about the realities of history.  As a teacher, it is difficult to find the lessons that will build the stories and voices who have been silenced; as a mother, it is difficult to teach the lessons without holding my children with my arms, close to me as I read the words. ...more

Preparing For The Blizzard ... in California

The Snowpocalypse is upon our nation....more

What My New, Programmable Coffee Pot Taught Me About My Entitled, Jerk Self

Yesterday I had 2 errands to take care of.GIS: “running errands,” and got “Hillary Duff Running Errands.”I totally look like this when I run errands.  I can hold my purse with one hand.  Skinny jeans.  Unstained white shirt. BOOTS.  We’re basically the same person....more