10 Tips For California Imports

There is a large exodus from California to the Pacific Northwest right now, and we are in the middle of it.Some people are moving because the economy in California is atrocious, some are moving because of the culture and government, some are moving because it is more affordable up here…We had a pretty simple reason, and we moved because of employment.  Pretty straightforward and uncomplicated....more

Time To Read: Top 5 Books On My Reading List

Time To Read: Top 5 Books On My Reading List ...more

The Importance of Defining Water

Today has been full of first-world misadventures.The mop I bought, to replace previous stolen mop, apparently is held together with a zip tie.  And I broke the zip tie.#brutestrengthmoppingThe lightbulb in the laundry room burnt out, and I have been doing laundry in the dark for 2 days.#deathmetallaundryYesterday, I got a call from ADT saying someone broke into the house.  Again.#PANIC...more

Epic Broccoli Salad

 I Know I Am Really Pushing Some Culinary Boundaries By Introducing A Broccoli Recipe.But I Like Living On The Edge. ...more

Come With Me, Paul. Come See The Joy In The World.

Ah, April Fool’s Day.It used to be one of my favorite holidays.The world kind of steps back for a moment, lets itself laugh for a day, and everyone smiles together.How can you not love that? Except in their old age, I have found a lot of people lost their humor in the glovebox of their first car, and who knows where it is now. No more laughing at silly things, no more glitter bombs, no more sleight-of-hand-misdirection.  Just a lot of grumps....more

Let Me Tell You About The Time When I Tried To Visit My Neighbors And Got Lost In The Forest…

I know.The title is long.However.The title isn’t nearly as long as my trip through the forest this weekend.It all began with a dream.The dream of an official housewarming party.A week ago, I ordered lovely purple invitations with matching thank you cards and stylish envelopes and purple address stickers.Oh yes, my friends. I stepped it up for this event....more

Signs of Your Strength: When A Challenge Is Change

 I ran across this quote the other day, and I really liked it.  The clothes definitely don't make the woman.  The woman will always make the clothes.  In the same way, the situation will not make the woman...but the woman will most definitely make the situation. ...more

Let's Get Lost

During the odyssey of moving, things will, invariably, get lost.This is a fact that is just bound to happen.  You just can’t pack a life into little boxes and expect your life to stay the way you remember....more

20 Shades of Quinoa

With 50 Shades of Gray coming up this weekend, I thought I’d add my $.02 in on torture:...more

Things Only Stressed Out Women Dream Of: Last Night, I Dreamt of Godzilla.

Indeed, I did dream of Godzilla last night....more