Top 10 Halloween Candy Drinks: Pairing Your Stash With Snazz

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Daydreaming Notes: What If I Owned A Food Truck?

Man, I guarantee you this: my food truck would be AWESOME. So, I watched Chef the other night, and it was a good movie.  Like, no one blew up, no one reached this epic pit of rock bottom…it was just a good story with a great cast.  I didn’t feel dirty or weird when it was over…I felt like I needed to get myself a food truck! ...more

It Feels Like A Horse Sized Duck Today

  I can handle this.  I’m not really worried about things, entirely.The jump is just a little farther, and I am hoping it will land well.I know we are fine.But jumping will always throw your stomach for a loop, no matter how far you go.  ...more

Finding Sanctuary

We are completely beach people....more

Old School Memes. Represent.

It is always fun to learn a downfall of another person, so I’ll admit something for you guys: I didn’t actually know what “meme” meant. Maybe I did know at some point, but when I thought about it…I realized I couldn’t describe exactly what it was.  I think I have always used the term to describe an icon or an avatar, honestly.  Like a kind of visual metaphor: it describes something....more

Our Trip To The Astronomy Dept. For The Solar Eclipse

Yesterday was a partial solar eclipse.We have done the pinprick in paper before, which worked out amazingly well, but I thought we’d amp up the intensity: find an astronomer and get them to let us play with their telescopes!  How hard can that be?You’d be surprised how easy that was :)...more

The Night I Didn't Meet Cary Elwes

Tonight was to be the night.I was going to meet Mr. Cary Elwes. That’s it, girls. Right in the feels.If, for some reason, you don’t recognize that name…I guarantee you will recognize his face....more

Orange You Glad I'm Not A Banana?

Tuesday, October 21, 2014Orange is a colour that people either hate or love: tell us how you feel about it. We are a pretty funny family, but we suck at telling jokes.The delivery is always off and the punchline is followed by a 5 minute dialogue on the history of the punchline, and how it was very relevant to the beginning of the Industrial Revolution era in England, and while I am at it, here is the synopsis of “Wuthering Heights,” which also has a close bearing to the story....more

SAHMs Need Not Apply? Oh, Please.

“This is NOT a good job for a stay-at-home mom looking to fill a few hours between yoga and picking up the kids. It requires full concentration, the schedule can be erratic, and our clients are past the Gummy bear stage.” Hi. I am a SAHM.  I ran across this job posting looking for an Office Manager in a Mom’s forum, and….you just can’t pass this up without commenting.  You just can’t. ...more

I Have The Power To Stop Time: Somehow, It is 5pm

It has been mildly overcast all day, so the sun hasn’t shone any brighter than it did this morning.Which means it has looked like 10am all day.  And it has felt like 10am all day. So how is it 5pm already?  ...more