You Are Not Wonder Woman, And Neither Am I.

There is so much going on in my head these days, I don’t even know where to begin.I am usually a little better at being in control of things, but right now I feel like I am slowly being swallowed up by lists.  Lists and lists and lists of things to get done.WonderWoman never had this problem. ...more

Gwyneth Paltrow’s All-Star Gift Guide for the Nobility

 No, we are not nobility. I kind of love Gwyneth Paltrow....more
Hilarious! Love this.more

Correspondence With Costa Rica: Letters From Anna – With The Wind Under My Wings

Writers’ gonna write.Tamarah,...more

Women: The Most Amazing Multitaskers…of Emotions

There are a lot of living creatures in my house.5 kids, 1 husband, 2 cats, 2 dogs, 7 chickens....more

Making A Big Life: Going Through The Door

 9 years ago we only had 2 little kids.9 years ago I was still in my mid-20s....more

The Magic of Pompeii: Crushing The Chains You Invent

  This is a dog frozen in time.This dog was on a chain and completely unable to run away when Pompeii erupted.He was stuck.  Stucker than stuck: he was freaking doomed. ...more

I Am Losing My Ever-loving Mind With These Freaking Bugs.

 This beautiful moth you see before you is called a grain moth.This creature that God made so beautifully is also called a pantry moth.And my pantry is infested with them. ...more

Top 10 Halloween Candy Drinks: Pairing Your Stash With Snazz

credit  Halloween Cometh ...more

Daydreaming Notes: What If I Owned A Food Truck?

Man, I guarantee you this: my food truck would be AWESOME. So, I watched Chef the other night, and it was a good movie.  Like, no one blew up, no one reached this epic pit of rock bottom…it was just a good story with a great cast.  I didn’t feel dirty or weird when it was over…I felt like I needed to get myself a food truck! ...more

It Feels Like A Horse Sized Duck Today

  I can handle this.  I’m not really worried about things, entirely.The jump is just a little farther, and I am hoping it will land well.I know we are fine.But jumping will always throw your stomach for a loop, no matter how far you go.  ...more