The 1billion dollar Trump vacation to the White House

There was some breaking news from Iowa today:“Donald Trump is willing to fork over a billion bucks if that’s what it takes to win the White House… Trump answered: “I would do that, yeah, if I had to.”He added: “I make $400 million a year so what difference does it make?”Ugh. The chutzpah on this guy, I swear.I can’t get any of this out of my head. It’s like brain-tar…it just sticks onto your brain and rots it into a toxic goo just thinking about it....more

Unwelcome Distractions

linkThese are welcome distractions....more

Featured Blog Post: Chobani Kids Yogurt

So, recently I got an email from Chobani asking to do a blog spot for Chobani Kids Yogurt. We usually don’t do formal snacks, so they were a little more than extremely thrilled for this event.   ...more

This Is Only Another Opportunity

The pleasure of writing includes the freedom to write about very certain and particular topics.This means there is a process of editing and filtering of my life involved.  Otherwise my writing would be a diary, instead of a blog....more

Parenting Online: Taking The Internet By The Horns

Last year I had this grand vision…which I know is a big surprise.  I have huge ideas about a lot of things, and most of the time I just make a list and sit on it.  I don’t really have the supplies to complete the groovy and hip cross stitch quotes I have logged away on a Sticky note on my laptop, or the time to devote to learning how to can properly.  Some ideas I have are just too time intensive, and I never get around to carving out chunks of our day to accomplish them. Some ideas I just have to let go, but most I just forget about while I finish the laundry....more

DIY: Crazy Paper Making Parties

I had this crazy idea of having a paper making party…to make our own paper for Mother’s Day cards with glitter and flowers and whatever else we can find.  ...more

I Require For Myself A Proper Sitting Room

A project I am slowly plotting to begin is the construction of my proper Sitting Room.I believe if every woman needs A Room of One’s Own, then my room should be a Sitting Room, in which I shall fervently read on a big squishy chair in the afternoon sunlight, and consequently in which to also fall asleep in said chair, with said book.However, the construction of the perfect Sitting Room requires a thorough understanding of its purpose, and some forethought into the planning. ...more

Ch-ch-ch-ch-chili Cornbread C-C-C-C-C-Combo

I have made this a few times, and I FINALLY remembered to take some pictures for a post!  This is a pretty amazing lunch dish, so I would highly recommend it.Super easy comfort food.5/5 kids agree.And 1 husband. Here We Go!IngredientsCornbread-...more

Just Be Cool. It’s Only Shoes. Just Be Cool.

I packed my heels 3 months ago, and I still can’t find them.I am sure they are somewhere, in some box.  But I haven’t found the box, and I haven’t worn my heels in far too long....more

10 Tips For California Imports

There is a large exodus from California to the Pacific Northwest right now, and we are in the middle of it.Some people are moving because the economy in California is atrocious, some are moving because of the culture and government, some are moving because it is more affordable up here…We had a pretty simple reason, and we moved because of employment.  Pretty straightforward and uncomplicated....more