Taking It Easy With Old School Blogging.

This post had a runner up title – it was to be called, “Summer Breeze, Makes Me Feel Fine.” And somehow, this Eagles song came into my head. And you know? I don’t like The Eagles at all ....more

Sometimes I Don’t Give Myself Enough Credit.

I photographed my first wedding on Saturday. That was huge. I can’t even discuss the nerves I had beforehand. ....more

Scarlet Is In The Hotseat!

Today is a very fun day with two of my close blogging friends. I have no doubt that if Jen, Eli and I were all neighbors, we would finagle some sort of food shoot through our houses, in which we could send each other burgers and fresh-baked cookies. And that’s only if we didn’t want to see each other for a drink or a snack, out on my TARDIS patio ....more

You’re Not Screwed.

I have a feeling here, a lightbulb, and I want to stay with it for awhile. Maybe forever. It’s about anxiety ....more

Breathing Room.

You know how if you put a little kid (or even a reluctant man) in a tie, he’ll clutch at it like it’s choking him? That’s me. Not that I’m a little kid or a man, but I don’t like tight things around my neck ....more

I Don’t Think We’re In Jersey Anymore!

Every now and then, you meet someone a dozen different ways. I have an in-person friend, Tara, who is like that. I met her husband at Starbucks, only to meet the whole family a day later at a barbecue, only to meet her at my Beyond Birth group because we had babies around the same time, only to also meet her at MotherWoman – a group we were both on the Board of Directors for, only to also find out she had partied with my husband in Boston over a decade earlier ....more


This is my love letter to you. Scarlet went to summer camp for four weeks this summer. It was a pilot program through her preschool and there were only four weeks offered, so we gobbled up all four and nearly begged for more ....more

A Pumpkin Stew Recipe To Blow Your Mind.

Can we talk about pumpkin everything yet? Or does that make you want to hurl fresh, summer tomatoes at me? Trust me, I am NOT one to rush summer ....more

A Double Photographer Interview.

Wow. What a week. What a world ....more

Almost Completely Wordless Wednesday: Zoo Oddities.

Feast your eyes and prepare to be amazed, confused, or gassy. Or all of the above! Come one, come all, to my odd photos ....more