You’re All The Things I’ve Got To Remember.

The emotions I felt on my sister’s wedding day were actually surprising. Sometimes I don’t feel the way people tell me I’m supposed to feel. When they say I should be deliriously happy, I’m deliriously unhappy ....more

My Other Ex.

Friendship fascinates me in all forms. It’s the way we come together. It’s the way we drift apart ....more

Your Friendly Neighborhood Ask Away Friday.

Now for my next Ask Away Friday Act, I’m swapping with someone I know in REAL LIFE. Like, before blogging. I met NJ from A Cookie Before Dinner at a baby group in our local hospital when Scarlet was only three-weeks-old ....more

Raindrops on Roses.

I have diagnosed myself with the post-wedding, pre-winter blues. Officially. Certainly, it’s nice to be home in my own bed and getting back to work, and the reunion with Athena was sweeter than sweet ....more

I Have Happy Tears.

This post was inspired by my dear friend, Lisa, and everyone else who witnessed my matron-of-honor speech at my sister’s wedding. I have decided to publish my speech here. As I said to my sister and her now-husband, and their 150 wedding guests, I wrote this speech out to read aloud as a piece of writing, because my writing “voice” is very different from my speaking “voice” and I wanted to do my sister the honor of seeing what my writing voice would come up with ....more

A Bit of a Once Upon a Time Ask Away Friday.

I’ve noticed a pretty cool pattern with Echo of Domain of the Mad Mommy. Whenever I have gotten a weird Ask Away Friday idea and pitched it to the crowd, she has volunteered to partner with me. You have to love her tenacity ....more

A Bit of a Once Upon a Time Story.

This is a bit of a once upon a time story.. Once upon a time, in a trailer park in Alabama, a basenji met a husky and they had the most adorable, but nearly ill-fated puppies. Ever ....more

Flu Shot Superheroes.

When I was in high school, I locked the keys in my car with the engine running in the school parking lot. Not only that, but I had parked terribly that day, and my little Toyota Tercel (Helga the Magic Lesbian – long story) was sprawled out across two or even three parking spots. With the keys in the ignition, the engine running, and the doors locked ....more

Are You With Me, Doctor Who?

I think we can all agree that “taking it easy” has a wide range of meanings for people. For me with blogging, it still means posting two or three times a week, and it still means reading all of your beautiful posts, but it just means that I’m not burning the midnight oil on my posts. Maybe less words and more photos ....more

Nearly Wordless Wednesday – Heart Explosions.

I think I had a dream last night about heart explosions. I mean that in the good way. Those feelings of love and light so powerful that your heart feels like it could beat right out of your chest and lift you up ....more