Bamz Does Beauty: Trader Joe's Antioxidant Facial Serum

In my efforts to age like Halle Barry and achieve skin worthy of praise I have been investigating the benefits of skin serums....more

The Beauty of Height, Style, and Entrepreneurship With Marge Founder & CEO Kaersten Cooper

This past July Marge clothing launched their F/W '15 collection giving us "Talls" another strong expressive platform in a clothing industry that commonly tends to leave out "above average" woman. Growing up taller than most of my female peers, it was hard to find clothing that fit my body let alone stylish....more

10 Basic Tips to Solange Style

Weather she's enjoying an off the grid underground festival, serving it up on the red carpet, or slaying our Instagram feeds posed elegantly somewhere in the Bayou, Solange has become a staple in the world of Fashion....more

How to get Festival Ready Skin!

That’s right, music festival season is upon us and next up is COACHELLA-ELLA – ELLA (sorry Rihanna takes over at times)!  Anyway, before maxing our credit cards at the mall and liquor stores, let’s not forget a very important layer – OUR SKIN! As if liquor isn’t enough to dehydrate you, imagine being in the desert with hundreds of partygoers. Dehydration is a HUGE problem at Coachella!...more

10 Reasons why Tall Women Rock!

9 Great Cyber Monday Steals !!!

Sorry Kim.. I'm Going with Biotin

Simply Stylist NYC Fashion And Beauty Conference

Get your tickets and mark your calendars Beauty and Style bloggers! Simply Stylist Fashion & Beauty conference is going be the networking and informative catalyst of the season with 11 Panelist and 5 break out sessions in one fun filled Saturday! Hosted by Catt Sadler of E!...more

How to Safely Cleanse Your Perm Rods (DIY)

   We  think about cleaning our makeup brushes and hair brushes but what about your rollers?! You'd be surprised how much build up if left on your perm rods.Here are a few easy steps you can follow to safely cleanse your rollers....more

Tall Rebellion (TTYA X LongTallSally Review )

It's an amazing day to be a style loving amazon! One of my favorite shops Long Tall Sally catering to the taller woman frame has released their collaboration collection with TTYA (Taller Than Your Average) and it is simply... AMAZING ....more