Help Bethany Get Access to Medical Marijuana, Please!!

  Our daughter Bethany has spent most of her life suffering. In fact, she has endured so much more suffering than any human being should ever have to endure....more

9 Ways to Advocate for the Disabled And Resources

I'll be brutally honest right up front here.I am ashamed to say that before I had a daughter with disabilities, I was totally unaware of just how insensitive, uncaring, and even cruel our world can be toward people who have special needs.I had absolutely no idea how unprepared our world is to accommodate those with special needs so that they can easily be included in all aspects of society....more

What I Want the World to Know About Autism

As I was searching for facts and information about autism, I became painfully aware of how dismal and depressing of a portrait most well known autism websites paint of what life is supposedly like for families affected by autism....more

5 Things This Special Needs Mom Will Never Say

 This illness has been a blessing in disguise - It is my opinion that no parent should ever say this about their child’s illness, at least not in their child’s presence anyway.There are absolutely no blessing in my daughter, Bethany, having had a brain tumor nor are there any blessings in the disabilities she has acquired from complications during the surgery required to remove it....more

Top 5 States With the Best Services for the Disabled.

Having a daughter with multiple disabilities, I am always interested in seeing how my state ranks in services for the disabled compared to others.It's easy to find this information thanks to the United Cerebral Palsy Organization who researches and compiles a list ranking each state for how good its services for the disabled are. ...more

A White Conservative Christian Woman Who Believes in Equal Rights

It may come as a surprise that a white conservative Christian woman such as myself would support gay marriage.  But I can't deny it. I do.It was through fighting against the discrimination of the disabled and advocating for equal rights for my own daughter who lives with multple disabilites that I came to care about discrimination against and the rights of other oppressed people groups as well, including those in the LGBTQ community....more
Naomi Sky I'm sorry it has taken me so long to see this comment. I'm not very active here on ...more

My Daughter, a Brain Cancer Survivor is My Hero

November Marks Fourteen Years That My Sixteen year Old Daughter has Been Brain Cancer FreeFourteen years ago on November 2, 2000 my daughter underwent surgery to remove a very large tumor from her teeny tiny two year old brain.Today we are rejoicing and thanking God that she has been free from cancer ever since that day so very long ago....more

The Reluctant Night Owl: A Special Needs Poem

I can't sleepI desperately want to be able to sleepI am not a night owlI can't get comfyIf I lie on my right side I get a kink like a charlie horse in my right hipIf I lie on my left side my left shoulder hurts...more

Five Things You Should Never Say to the Mother of a Child With Disabilites or a Life Threatening Brain Tumor

Ever since my daughter, Bethany was diagnosed with a very large brain tumor I have been the recipient of much unwanted "medical" and "spiritual" advice and even though Bethany has been cancer free for fourteen years, because her life threatening illness left her with several permanent disabilities, people still often feel compelled to offer me their witty yet still unwanted advice or versions thereof that I first heard so many years ago....more
nomorenicegirl So very true!more