On Being Bethany's Mom

It’s been both an incredible honor and an amazing privilege being Bethany’s mom!I have been obliged to hang on tight and go along for the worst, best, and certainly, the wildest ride of my lifetime!...more

Independence Day Anxiety

This year  Independence Day felt just like any other day!We didn’t do anything special. We didn’t have a barbecue, have any visitors, or eat any special holiday foods.It was chilly a 62 degrees and cloudy. It was just a ho hum, hum drum, ordinary and kind of depressing day.But we were looking forward to taking Bethany to see the fireworks!...more
Vic_kies Sylvia Phillips That's too bad. I know the anxiety that causes you. I hope somehow we ...more

Transgender Children

Is there really such a thing as transgender children? Someone who is transgender is a person who does not identify themselves as being the sex they were born as.Lots of little children want to be and act like their opposite sex. Sometimes this kind of behavior is just a phase and they quickly grow out of it and begin to like and want to be the sex they were born as, but that is not always the case.Sometimes the phase doesn’t end and identifying as their opposite sex persists and becomes more intense over time....more

Help Bethany Get Access to Medical Marijuana, Please!!

  Our daughter Bethany has spent most of her life suffering. In fact, she has endured so much more suffering than any human being should ever have to endure....more

9 Ways to Advocate for the Disabled And Resources

I'll be brutally honest right up front here.I am ashamed to say that before I had a daughter with disabilities, I was totally unaware of just how insensitive, uncaring, and even cruel our world can be toward people who have special needs.I had absolutely no idea how unprepared our world is to accommodate those with special needs so that they can easily be included in all aspects of society....more

What I Want the World to Know About Autism

As I was searching for facts and information about autism, I became painfully aware of how dismal and depressing of a portrait most well known autism websites paint of what life is supposedly like for families affected by autism....more

5 Things This Special Needs Mom Will Never Say

 This illness has been a blessing in disguise - It is my opinion that no parent should ever say this about their child’s illness, at least not in their child’s presence anyway.There are absolutely no blessing in my daughter, Bethany, having had a brain tumor nor are there any blessings in the disabilities she has acquired from complications during the surgery required to remove it....more

Top 5 States With the Best Services for the Disabled.

Having a daughter with multiple disabilities, I am always interested in seeing how my state ranks in services for the disabled compared to others.It's easy to find this information thanks to the United Cerebral Palsy Organization who researches and compiles a list ranking each state for how good its services for the disabled are. ...more