A White Conservative Christian Woman Who Believes in Equal Rights

It may come as a surprise that a white conservative Christian woman such as myself would support gay marriage.  But I can't deny it. I do.It was through fighting against the discrimination of the disabled and advocating for equal rights for my own daughter who lives with multple disabilites that I came to care about discrimination against and the rights of other oppressed people groups as well, including those in the LGBTQ community....more
As I reread my comment above, I can see where someone else may seem to point out my ...more

My Daughter, a Brain Cancer Survivor is My Hero

November Marks Fourteen Years That My Sixteen year Old Daughter has Been Brain Cancer FreeFourteen years ago on November 2, 2000 my daughter underwent surgery to remove a very large tumor from her teeny tiny two year old brain.Today we are rejoicing and thanking God that she has been free from cancer ever since that day so very long ago....more

The Reluctant Night Owl: A Special Needs Poem

I can't sleepI desperately want to be able to sleepI am not a night owlI can't get comfyIf I lie on my right side I get a kink like a charlie horse in my right hipIf I lie on my left side my left shoulder hurts...more

Five Things You Should Never Say to the Mother of a Child With Disabilites or a Life Threatening Brain Tumor

Ever since my daughter, Bethany was diagnosed with a very large brain tumor I have been the recipient of much unwanted "medical" and "spiritual" advice and even though Bethany has been cancer free for fourteen years, because her life threatening illness left her with several permanent disabilities, people still often feel compelled to offer me their witty yet still unwanted advice or versions thereof that I first heard so many years ago....more
Listening and empathy can be our truest gift of compassion.more

Boobs are for Babies

I really don't understand what the big freakin' deal is with this controversy of mothers breast feeding their babies in public.What in the world is so offensive about using our boobs for the purpose that they were created for?...more

Special Needs, Anxiety, and Socialization

Ever since my daughter was diagnosed with brain cancer in 2000 I have made it my mission to make her as happy and comfortable as I possibly can.In my mind's eye, I've always imagined that she must feel lonely, isolated, and depressed because her illness and the disabilities it left her with have been so confining....more

Disability, Sexuality, and Faith

It has become quite obvious that my fifteen year old special needs daughter and a boy in her social club have a little romance going on!  I doubt if they've ever even uttered one word to each other but when they are together he gets right up in her face and takes her hands in his.  Then they dance and run around together, hand in hand!  It's just so incredibly  adorable! ...more
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No Spanking Please!

The number of Christian parents who discipline their children using humiliation, shaming, domination, and even violence is alarming!  As a Christian mom, I am horrified by  deaths of several children who were murdered by their own parents all in the name of (so-called) Biblical discipline....more
While perhaps my title was not well thought out, It was not mean to be intentionally deceptive. ...more

Institutionalization: "Isn't there some place you could put her?"

Without a doubt, the worst thing anyone has ever said to me concerning my special needs daughter is, "Isn't there some place you could put her so you can have a better, more normal life?"Isn't that just what every mother of a child with disabilities wants to hear?...more
nomorenicegirlc Yes!  I agree.  Each of our journeys will not look the same, but will be the ...more