4 Ways to Fight Lung Cancer Today With the Purple Toes Campaign

The Purple Toes campaign, created to support my friend Valerie, and featured on BlogHer this past December, continues to raise awareness and funding to fight lung cancer. We’ve exceeded our initial goal to raise $10,000 for the Lung Cancer Foundation with over $12,000 to date. We’ve also received a lot of “purple toes” pictures. Each and every one makes Valerie smile. ...more
Hello, Valerie! I'm George's sister and babysat you when you were a newborn babe! I hear your ...more

Fighting Lung Cancer One Purple Pedicure at a Time

How many of you know someone who’s had or has lung cancer? My good friend Valerie was diagnosed in August with stage 4 lung cancer.  The first question people ask when I tell them about Valerie is always, “Does she smoke?” The answer is no. ...more
@End_Lung_Cancer NaThomson susanwoolf Thank you for the wonderful feedback. I'm so glad to be ...more