8 Tips (and some recipes) for Hosting a Perfect Party

Last Thursday, we hosted a sit-down dinner party for my husband's colleagues and their spouses.  There were 14 of us in all. And it was one of the easiest and stress-free parties we have ever had!It certainly helped that the weather was absolutely perfect for our outdoor gathering, but everything went really smoothly. Most of this is pretty common sense, but since it all went like clockwork, I'm sharing some hosting tips with you today. (Besides, if I write them down, I can refer to this post for reminders, the next time we entertain!)...more

A BIg Show of Support: MT 2014 NAMIWalk

Regular readers of this blog have probably gathered by now that I am quite fond of Montana, the state in which I live. There is a lot I love about Montana - but not the high incidence of suicide here....more

Thirty Days Have September, ...

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Do You Deliberate or Procrastinate?

A month or two ago I read a quote that I have been thinking quite a bit about....more
Thanks for your comment MariaInCrimea! I really like that Russian saying, and I will keep it in ...more

They Played Rock, Paper, Scissors

Unforgettable Escargot

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Apple Crisp in a Jar: The Perfect Gift

A Perfect Event

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Why Write? The Article That Led Me to Blogging

Before I became a blogger, I first had to convince myself that I am a  writer. Then, I had some trouble thinking of myself as  a real blogger.   Now, after six months of hard work, 166 posts published on the most - - of every moment, and several featured posts - I finally believe that I have earned both titles....more

The Man in the Moon Looks Down From the Sky

The moon looked even closer whe...more