There's Still Time to Win Today!

Today's post is about gifts.  First, a story about a special gift I once received. Then, I have something I am really excited to give away! ...more

Photo Ornaments Are Easy to Make!

Personalized and Inexpensive, These Delightful Tree Ornaments Are Easy to Make! A Christmas tree photo-ornament can be a treasured gift for a group of friends or that special person on your list. Today I'm providing directions to easily create a photo ornament.  ...more

Dear Santa, It's Been Years Since I Sent You a Letter.

Hi Santa,...more

Oh No! Am I a Blogging Fraud?

This is not the post I planned to publish today.  That one still needs to be written. Yesterday, I spent almost the entire day outside.  We were putting up our Christmas lights.  Or more specifically, that is what we set out to do.  We did get most of them up - but it became a little more involved than we expected....more

Homemade Goodness: Turkey Soup


Hang your Christmas Lights - the Easy Way!


Winter: I Made Myself Think of Reasons to Love It!

Writing this post is my attempt at an attitude adjustment. ...more

Short Fiction: The Missing Thrill of Victory.

I wrote a little fiction for today... ...more