Need a Yummy (Easy) Dessert for Cinco de Mayo?

It is almost Cinco de Mayo, so today I am sharing a dessert recipe that is one of my favorite endings to a Mexican meal. If you make my Sopapilla Cheesecake Squares, this recipe will probably become a favorite of yours too! ...more

St Patrick's Day Emergency: You Forgot to Wear Green!

All those of Irish decent (and many other people) wear the color green on St Patrick's Day. But do you know why?  Today I'm sharing a little history about this tradition. And a suggestion for a quick and easy way to keep yourself from getting pinched if you forget to wear green on St. Patrick's Day. ...more

Tech Suits Rip, Goggles Break: A Life Lesson From My Daughter

“I'll get the next one.” This sentence is a quote from a paragraph my daughter wrote last weekend on an Instagram post. Just typing it caused my eyes to fill with tears, as it summarizes who my daughter is - and how we should all strive to live life....more

Martin Luther King Day is Not Just An Excuse for a Day Off

A Long Weekend!Do you have plans for the long weekend coming up? A three-day weekend is always a treat. I have some good memories of family ski weekends, relaxing getaways, and travels to swim meets during these short breaks from school.  ...more

Rules for Life

How to Live LifeThroughout the ages, pearls of wisdom have been passed down from generation to generation in the form of clever and memorable sayings.   This week my spotlight shines upon ......more

My Word for 2015

Word of the Year 2015I have found it fascinating that some people choose a "word of the year." Most bloggers seem to use their chosen word as an inspiration, and to provide a focus for their lives and their blogging.  I have been curious as to how the particular word is decided upon, and the role that it plays. ...more

It is Still Christmas at My House. Here's Why.

Our family waits longer than anyone else we know to turn off our Christmas lights, and put away the holiday decorations.  I think I have figured out why. ...more

When We Say "Happy New Year"? Do We Wish Happiness - or Health?

"Healthy New Year!" - Is this perhaps a better salutation than "Happy New Year"?...more