Labor Day is Not the End of Summer

Labor Day Weekend is celebrated in the United States and Canada (spelled Labour Day there!) on the first Monday of September. It typically symbolizes the end of summer for most of us. My calendar, however, says the last day of summer is actually September 22nd. Many schools are back in session before Labor Day Weekend, and September can be a warm month with summer-like weather.  So why does Labor Day weekend seem to mark the end of summer?...more

Fiction, Facts and Photos - Traveling Germany

Adventures in Germany - Fiction and Fact.  Words for Wednesday Word ChallengeWords for Wednesday is a word prompt challenge I have been participating in for the past few months. Up until this week, all of the fiction I have created using these prompts has been published on this blog. ...more

School Days - The First Day of Every Year

The first day of the school year is always an important milestone.Excitement and some fear are common emotions (for students and their parents!) on the first day of preschool - kindergarten - first grade - middle school - high school - and college.  The first day of every other grade is significant as well.  It is an opportunity for a fresh start after a summer of growth, with all new classes, new teachers, and possibly even new friends as well....more

And the Winner is ... (The Emmy Awards - beyond TV)

The 66th Emmy Awards ceremony is now complete.  But why should people of television have all the fun?  Shouldn't we all be presenting and receiving awards on a regular basis?  By the end of this post, I think you will agree!...more

Who Needs a Lawn Mower, Anyway? Does Anyone Speak Deer?

One day last week I looked out my front window. In my immediate field of vision was a deer.  It was lying down and pulling up mouthful after mouthful of grass, chewing purposefully in-between each bite.  This sibling of Bambi looked so content, munching as it lay on the soft green grass of our yard, in the shade of our house.  ...more

Lap after Lap after Lap

A Blogher14 Video Showed Me the Power of a Reflection

There's been a lot of posts written recently by bloggers who attended the BlogHer '14 blogging conference. Although I was not fortunate enough to go, I have enjoyed reading the accounts of the event....more

Banana-Butterscotch Brownie Recipe - Our Float Trip Favorite!

 Image: Pan of brownies ready to be packed for a canoe trip!It is fascinating how a recipe can become a family favorite. The first time I made these brownies, originally just called "Banana Brownies," it was because I had an abundance of overripe bananas....more

The Papalo Cure, Part 7: Redefining Rocky Relationships

A few weeks ago I began using the Words for Wednesday Challenge from Delores at Under the Porch Light to create a story, The Papalo Cure. Readers commented, requesting to know what happened to Grandpa after Maria got on the bus to South Dakota. I didn't know!...more