Winter: I Made Myself Think of Reasons to Love It!

Writing this post is my attempt at an attitude adjustment. ...more

Short Fiction: The Missing Thrill of Victory.

I wrote a little fiction for today... ...more

Caramel Apple Cookie Recipe

Yesterday, I showed you a photo of some ingredients.  I mysteriously told you that I had invented a recipe using them, but it would not be posted until today. Some of this baking was to used as a gift, and I wanted to deliver it before I published the photos!  ...more

When There Is Ripe Fruit: Time to Bake!

The spotted brown bananas on the counter, and the last of my neighbor's apples in the fridge could be ignored no longer.  Yesterday I tried out two new recipes I found on other blogs, and came up with a pretty yummy invention of my own....more

Brittany Maynard Didn't Want to Die


5 Ways to Love Being a Stay-at-Home Parent

I wrote this article a while back, and it might be helpful to some parents, so I'm sharing it here today....more
This is perfect! I really love the part about your house not staying perfect because that is ...more

There Are Some Good Things For Free!

 It just amazes me what is available for free on the Internet!  Why some companies offer their services without any charge is really beyond my comprehension. But, I am certainly glad that they do!...more

If You Don't Like Our Weather, Just Wait a Minute

It has been said that the state motto of Montana could be, "If you don't like the weather, wait a minute." I took some photos which show just how variable our weather can be - even on a mild fall day....more

Has the Fun Gone Out of Halloween?