How to Wear Skinny Jeans (Even if You're Not a Skinny Girl)

I'm a big fan of skinny jeans, but not because I am particularly skinny; I'm pear shaped, with a flat chest and very small waist and less-small hips and thighs. But I love the slim line of skinny jeans, and their cousin, the Audrey Pants; the look is sleek and classic and grown up. But I'm always hearing from women who say, "I wish I could wear skinny jeans, but I'm too curvy -- I look like an idiot." Anyone can make skinny jeans work, I promise. The key is fit and proportion. ...more
Eddie Bower makes a "straight" jean that fits me way better in the calves and still provides the ...more

Could You Go On a "Style Diet?" Take the 15:30 Challenge

Here are two things I'm willing to bet are true about most of you: 1. You wear the same things over and over. 2. You do not wear everything in your closet. Oh, sure, this doesn't apply to everyone, but I suspect that the majority of you are nodding in agreement. I also suspect that at least some of you (dare I say, again, a majority?) feel a little guilty about this, especially about that last part, the part where you don't wear some portion of your wardrobe. Maybe it's time you did something about that. ...more

Oh, how well do you kwon me.


Madonna's "Material Girl" Line Launches, Makes Me Feel Old

Madonna and Macy's have teamed up to bring us the "Material Girl" line -- and it's making me feel old. It's not hard to see why: this is a line that squarely targets tweens and teens, not their mothers....more

This Madonna look has been done over and over again. SO OVER IT! Save it for the dress up ...more

BlogHer 2010: What to Wear

Because I cannot leave well enough alone, let's talk about what to wear to BlogHer '10. That will be fun, don't you think? Yes. Yes it will. ...more

Now i have the urge to go get a cute scarf
Nice thing about silky (not actual silk:) cocktail ...more

Did Apple Solve AlI Its iPhone 4 Problems Today?

What exactly are the problems with the iPhone 4? Two things, specifically: that the new wraparound antenna is easily blocked by the user's hand, and that software in the phone incorrectly reports signal strength. In a press conference this afternoon, Steve Jobs addressed both of these issues and offered fixes for both. But here's the thing: I don't think Apple's real problem with the iPhone 4 isn't a technical glitch at all. ...more

and have had zero problems. it is as good at reception and handling calls as the 3gs was. it ...more

(VIDEO) Putting it All Together: Ree, Rhoda and Sabrina Share Bed & Bath Ideas

In the last installment of BlogHer's Putting it All Together video series, Rhoda from Southern Hospitality and Sabrina of Slice of Lemon sit down with Ree to talk about decorating the bed and bath. Their photos of the Lodge at Ree's ranch are stunning, of course. Take a peek, at their pictures and the video. ...more

We just redid our bathroom. Nothing incredibly in-depth--just changed the shower curtain, floor ...more

(VIDEO) Putting it All Together: What Makes a Real Man?

My kids are on a big kick these days of drawing superhero comics; mostly, the stories are about people falling, because falling is fun to draw! But I like that they're thinking about heroes. ...more

I totally, totally agree!


Oklahoma City Flooding Strands Drivers, Stuns City

Torrential rains fell in the metro Oklahoma City area this morning, causing flash floods that stranded motorists across the city. One young woman had to be rescued from a tree, where she took shelter from the rushing water; the first attempt to get her to safety ended with three would-be rescuers joining her in the trees when their boat took on water and sank. All four were rescued by a second crew in a second boat. ...more

Putting It All Together: How I Came to Love My Children's Rooms

Is your house a sanctuary? A place of rest and respite? Or does it need help? If you said yes to that last one, we're here for you! The next installment of BlogHer's "Putting it All Together" series will peek inside your homes -- specifically, the bed and bath rooms -- to see how you're making yourselves comfortable. Or not, as the case may be. Rhoda from Southern Hospitality will be hosting this episode, with special guest Sabrina from Slice of Lemon. And of course, they'll be hanging out at the Most Fabulous House Ever, The Pioneer Woman's lodge, with PW herself, Ree Drummond. ...more

Love the mettalic comic strip signs!

check out my article on kids ...more

(VIDEO) Putting it All Together: Do You Name Your Shoes?

Kelly of Mocha Momma and Ree, The Pioneer Woman, talk about why we love them, what we name them (Kiki? Xena?), and the truth about toe cleavage in the latest video in BlogHer's Putting It All Together series. ...more

I have never named my shoes, but my husband used to names his ties.

Lanita ...more