A Week in the Life of a Blogger

I've been blogging for over 6 years now, 3 1/2 years as a healthy living blogger with Food and Fitness 4 Real and 3 years before that as a mommy/family blogger. Over that time my blogging style, level of commitment, frequency of posting and voice has changed quite a bit. But one thing has remained the same - blogging keeps me busy!...more
First of all, I must tell you and I loved your blog post!!! Just Excellent! Reading it, reminded ...more

Zelda Williams, I Lost My Dad to Suicide, Too

“I love you. I miss you. I’ll try to keep looking up.” Sitting at my desk at work, I read the words on my computer from Zelda, Robin Williams’ daughter,  who tweeted about his death. For some reason I decided to look at the clock, I wanted to know what time it was... 8:38 AM. I lasted a little over 12 hours after hearing the news before it finally hit me. The night before, Trey had given me a hug and asked if I was okay. I said yes, which was true at the time but now it was different. Now I was not okay. “I love you. I miss you. I’ll try to keep looking up.” ...more
Thank you for writing and sharing this post.  Undiagnosed mental health problems plague families ...more

My Not-So Shiny Happy Week

As a blogger, I have the creative license to decide how much I share about the details of my life on my blog. I usually tend to stick to the surface, writing about the shiny, happy moments of life... like race recaps, recipes and restaurant reviews. Often I avoid digging deeper, choosing to keep the struggles, trials and daily frustrations I experience off my blog....more

Spinach, Bacon and Swiss Quiche with Almond Flour Crust

Up until about two weeks ago, I had never attempted to make a quiche. I always believed that making a quiche was complicated, and I did not want to go to the extra trouble to make my own crust. Big mistake....more

My First BlogHer (Food) Conference Experience

For years I have read the recap posts, poured over the pictures and scanned all the tweets about BlogHer conferences.  I was envious of all the other bloggers who attended but I was too nervous? scared?...more

Salted Caramel Chocolate Donuts

Are you looking for something sinfully delicious to make for your Valentine this year?  These homemade donuts satisfy...more
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The End of My Journey to Motherhood

This post was originally published on my family blog, Suiresphere, in May 2011.  It is one of my favorite posts about the struggles that all mothers have when it comes to deciding to have more children... Our church had baby dedication on Mother’s Day this year, making the day a little “extra” special for those new moms who proudly held their squirming infants and toddlers in front of the congregation....more
This post is outstanding, fabulous, beautiful! I am 55-years old; I have three grown children, ...more

Diary of a Delivery

Birth Stories always make me cry.  Even when I go back and read the story about my second child being born almost three years ago, I get tears in my eyes.  I am a Mom and here is my story... (Note: this post was originally published on my personal blog in June 2009). Sunday, May 24, 20095:00 AM – I can’t sleep and I am tired of lying awake in bed so I head downstairs and find something to eat. I turn on the TV but nothing keeps my interest....more

Letting Go of The Crib

I was making my usual Mickey Mouse pancakes on a Sunday morning when it happened. I guess I was too distracted by the breakfast commotion to realize what was taking place upstairs. While I was busy attending to the specific requests of each child (milk in a pink princess cup to go with the pink plate for S and orange juice in a Lightening McQueen cup to go with the blue plate for T), my husband was already disassembling the crib in T’s room....more

Maple Cinnamon Donuts with Maple Glaze

Stephanie @ Food and Fitness 4 Real When I was a little girl, my sister and I would go to church every Wednesday night with my grandparents, then spend the night at their house afterwards.  On the way home from church, my grandparents would stop at the local donut shop and let my sister and me pick out a dozen donuts to bring home.  Looking back, I realize this was probably some form of bribery to get us to 1) attend church service and 2) behave during the service.  I don't know if we actually behaved dur...more