16 Swimsuits for Full Busts

Swimsuit season is just around the corner! Have you begun shopping for this summer's swimsuit? Are you in tears yet? Shopping for a swimsuit is hardly pleasant when you don't have a "normal" body type. As a petite, busty woman myself, I can tell you firsthand it sucks. There have been too many shopping trips that ended in slammed car doors and tears.  Well, don't despair just yet. Here are 16 super cute swimsuits for full busts. Girl, I got you! ...more

10 Mother's Day Gifts Under $50

Yikes, Mother's Day is just a month away—on May 11! Here are 10 gift ideas for less than $50....more

What's (Actually) In My Bag

I'm convinced these types of posts tend to be popular, because we're all a bit nosy by nature. We're fascinated by these sneak peeks into the personal lives of celebrities and bloggers. I know I love to click on these posts. I want to know!Usually, it's a celebrity or fashion blogger, and her bag is filled with high end makeup, designer sunglasses, keys to a Mercedes (in the case of celebrities), and other fancy things. The bag itself will also be designer, costing several hundred dollars....more

Old San Juan, Puerto Rico: Tour of El Morro

This gloomy weather has me looking back to our vacation to Old San Juan, Puerto Rico, a couple of years ago. We had a blast. It was hot and sunny for most of our stay. We explored the city, ate delicious food and visited several historical landmarks....more

27 Little White Dresses For Every Wedding Event

Around this time last year, I was looking for Little White Dresses (LWDs). My wedding was just around the corner, and I was looking for any opportunity to wear all white—the bridal shower, the rehearsal dinner, the reception, etc. I put together posts where I curated LWDs that could be worn for any of these events. Recently, I noticed that those posts are receiving an increase in traffic. I felt kind of bad because being a year old, the dresses in those posts are no longer available. ...more
Court Blanche  I stopped by your blog. I love it!more

Pink & Turquoise Wedding Mood Board

When I was planning my wedding last June, I would spend hours looking for pink and turquoise weddings. My favorite color is pink, and I decided to go bold with fuchsia pink and turquoise. The men wore gray suits with cobalt blue accents. It was a lovely combination and perfect for a summer wedding.  I've put together a mood board using photos from our wedding. This is for the bride who is planning her own pink and turquoise wedding. I hope this comes in handy on your search for inspiration....more

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Wednesday Wisdom #9

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