50 Spring Date Ideas

Don’t even try to tell me you’re staying in for the night. There are plenty of inexpensive and fun dates to be had in the spring. The weather is warming up, so get out there ....more

Talking Compassion & Racism on ‘The SisterWives’

“Racism is a huge problem, and it won’t be solved overnight. I’m not asking you to form a picket line, or pass out pamphlets. What I’m asking from you, and what I was asking for back then, is compassion ....more

Ten Things of Thankful #3

in case you missed any of my previous announcements, we’re moving at the end of the month into a nice little apartment. homemade pancakes - On Sunday morning, I got an assist from Aunt Jemimi on some homemade pancakes. I was at home when I mixed up the batter ....more

Recently Read

The Alchemist (Paulo Coelho) – “Now I’m beginning what I could have started ten years ago. But I’m happy at least that I didn’t wait twenty years.” The Alchemist has a familiar, but important message: the importance of pursuing a dream. While I don’t believe that you have just one purpose in life, or that […] The post Recently Read appeared first on Suheiry ....more

We’re Moving!

We got the apartment! If you’ve been following my Facebook updates, you know that I was antsy all last week, because we were waiting to hear back about an apartment we had applied for. I really wanted that apartment ....more

Ten Things of Thankful #2

I wanted to have this ready to post on Saturday morning, but my heart wasn’t in it. Usually, thinking of things I’m thankful for cheers me right up, but my heart was aching and my mind was blank. I tried again on Saturday evening, but the words were lost in a jumble of worries, anxiety, […] The post Ten Things of Thankful #2 appeared first on Suheiry ....more

This Week’s Flowers

I busted my ass yesterday. We had ice all over our walkway from the previous evening’s freezing rain. As I stepped off the last step outside our house and onto the walkway, I slipped and fell ....more

Spring Fashion Wish List

17 more days, y’all! I’m counting down the days until spring. As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I’m so done with winter ....more

5 Things to Try in March

Spring is almost here! I know it’s actually 18 days away (I’m counting them down.),...more

Ten Things of Thankful #1

I’m writing this at midnight, so it’s already Friday, but since I haven’t been to bed it’s still Thursday — at least for the purpose of this post. Today was a good day. I got some housework done in anticipation of our apartment being shown to prospective tenants this weekend ....more