Spring Fashion Wish List

17 more days, y’all! I’m counting down the days until spring. As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I’m so done with winter ....more

5 Things to Try in March

Spring is almost here! I know it’s actually 18 days away (I’m counting them down.),...more

Ten Things of Thankful #1

I’m writing this at midnight, so it’s already Friday, but since I haven’t been to bed it’s still Thursday — at least for the purpose of this post. Today was a good day. I got some housework done in anticipation of our apartment being shown to prospective tenants this weekend ....more

Life Lately

I can’t believe February is almost over! I know I always say that at the end of the month, but seriously, where did it go? On the other hand, I’m pretty excited ....more

DIY Washi Tape Border

I love being able to change the look of something without too much effort. That’s why I’m so excited about this washi tape DIY....more

Loving Yourself

Holy, shit, you’re fat. You seriously need to work out. When was the last time your writing was published? ...more

This Week’s Flowers

This week’s flowers were a Valentine’s Day gift from my sweet husband. Aren’t they gorgeous? I love the mix of pink roses, carnations, lilies, and wax flowers ....more

Valentine's Day Gift Guide: Treat Yo' Self

Girl, you don’t need a date to get you a Valentine’s Day gift. Treat yo’ self with one of these fabulous gifts. You deserve it.  Head to my blog for the rest of this Valentine's Day Gift Guide. Have a happy Valentine's Day!...more

5 Things to Try in February

Every month, I put together a list of new things to try. Here are 5 things to try in February....more

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide: For Him

I was having a hard time coming up with a list of gift ideas for guys. What a woman likes for her man may differ from what he wants for himself. So I ran this list by JP ....more