How to Attain and Maintain a Clutter-Free Home

I wish someone had told me this years ago, instead of pointing me toward The Container Store, or the magazine Real Simple, or suggesting that closet systems and storage bins were the answer to my problem. ...more
Great post!  It is funny that there are so many suggestions with how to organize when what most ...more

My Children Have All They Need, Plus Me

All they need is my connection, and my support, and they do everything else happily on their own. This post is part of BlogHer's My "I'm a Mom Moment" editorial series made possible by 7th Generation. ...more

My mothering moment

The other night I put my daughter to sleep like I do every evening ....more

How to transition to a Montessori Floor Bed

A few months ago I was contacted by the lovely Jeanne-Marie Paynel of Voila Montessori in San Diego. She is a former Montessori teacher, and now a Montessori consultant, and she wanted to know if she could help me make more home more child-centered ....more

Sleep the RIE way — six months later

My daughter is almost six months old already! ...more

How to survive a trip to your child’s dentist

Yesterday I took my kids to the dentist for the first time. (They’re a little older than the general recommendations for that, and there are a lot of reasons for it. Don’t yell at me.) Everyone who saw them there, from the receptionist, to the hygienist, to the dentist, to me, were all impressed at how well they did ....more

Why It's Important to Show Your Kids Boredom

Love is a strong emotion. It’s earth-shattering. It’s overwhelming. It’s an emotion that sweeps us off our feet and turns our world upside down. Like many of the emotions associated with parenthood, it doesn’t convey stability, safety, security, and confidence — even though we think the sheer strength of our love should do this. So what can we give our children every day to cultivate stability, safety, security, and confidence? ...more
That was your only response when I was bored!more

See the magic of independent play

One of the joys of having a new baby is observing her and her brothers. Every day brings something new in her development, and her relationship with her brothers. A couple days ago the boys discovered she could move. In this video, they learn she can wiggle off the bed and reach the toys they once thought were “safe” ....more

The simplest gift for baby

I wish I’d known what a simple gift I could give my child by standing back and observing — when my first and second babies were this young, I thought I gave them gifts by actually handing them things. This takes more patience, but the reward is greater for both of us ....more