Ahh – meat. *Mother Fucking God Dammed Whore-Faced Git and Go Fuck Yourself You Son of a Bitch* Apparently I am the Universe’s bitch.  And I just found out it’s into bondage ....more

Monday Blues

Some days are made to remind you that ice picks have a long and infamous history of extra uses. I’ve got a husband who stumbled home today at noon with extreme dizzy-ness with an improvised barf-can taken from work where he actually vomited up all his coffee and water.  Much speculation has ensued as to the cause while he has remained supine and intentionally blind ....more

The Fetishization of Motherhood

Motherhood isn’t a religion ....more

A Note of Gratitude and Deep Respect to Charles Ramsey

The internet is flooded with video snippets of your extraordinary story and the inimitable way in which you tell it.  People are laughing.  People are gaping.  People are surprised out of their usual stupor as much by your heroic actions as they are by your unscripted news interviews.  You are an original.  Honest and real ....more

These are Those Times


Agapanthus is the Devil

This is 1/2 of our front yard.  The other half is essentially the same.  Small, square, dirt full of pea gravel, and filled with vigorous agapanthus and an unknown sprawling shrub that collects spiders.  I want vegetables and flowers like calendula, coreopsis, bl ...more

Cajun Spiced Potato Empanadas

I created this empanada in hopes of Max liking them.  He loves cajun spiced fries.  He loved fried potatoes.  He needs to eat less fried foods (as in: frozen tater tots and fries).  So I thought some cajun spiced empanadas would be just the ticket.  Flavors he likes all neatly packaged up in dough ....more

Empanada Dough Recipe

This week was the first time I have made empanadas.  I was hoping that I could get Max to eat them because I thought empanadas would be the perfect little packages of food.  He liked the package aspect and the flavor of this dough.  He did not go for the filling.  But we did.  That recipe will follow ....more