Breaking Dawn Review of Headlamp that Doesn't Suck: Energizer Ultimate Lithium Headlight, Blue/Silver Design

I've always been crazy. Ask anyone that's known me for any length of time and they'll be happy to tell you how crazy sick I am... only they may not say it in a nice way. I admit it. Crazy is my middle name. Ask my mother. She filled out my birth certificate, "Stephanie Crazy-Sick-Expert-In-Her-Own-Mind". It was hell in kindergarten. ...more

‘What I Talk About When I Talk About Running': A Review & Update On the Dog Butt Grooming Market

Dear Person who can read and wants to read what I write, ...more

2Toms Blister Shield Powder Review: An Ultra Toe Sausage Test

When people call you 'one of those crazy ultra runners' do you consider it one of your most favorite compliments?  Do you have a smell wafting from the insoles of your shoes similar to that of old shortening?  Do you buy a trunk full of baby powder and enormously large vats of Vaseline at Costco because you cannot fathom living your entire life without the convenience of white powder to shake at your disposal and 48 mini buckets of petroleum jelly shrink wrapped together?  Or are you still chafing in your own sweat and obsessively, compulsively trying anything to halt the toe ...more

"My name is Stephanie, and I am a Hoka Cutter."

Yes, I admit it.And I know cutting is deemed unacceptable in mainstream society where it is considered a freakish, vile and disgusting mental illness.  But I just ask for judgment to be left aside for a few minutes so I can explain why I am okay with acting out in this manner....more

50K-100 Mile Ultra Training & Being Hated On by Random Motorists & Citizens Disapproving of Sports Bras Worn in Public

Inspecting hydration pack hot spots before doing the sports bra shimmy-off, which is the closest this mother runner gets to doing a seductive dance these days....more

Best Neighborhood/Trails to Run and Watch Weird People In & Around DC

This time of year in Florida is so miserably hot and humid, I can't even tell you. No really. Before you're allowed to move away, the Florida Board of Tourism makes you swear on space shuttle Atlantis' grave not to tell how hot and humid it is there. You're also not supposed to tell anyone there is really no such thing as winter, spring or fall, so you didn't hear it from me. I don't want the tourism Mafia blowing up my Rav 4. ...more
I'm happy to inspire a visit or two to some of these locales around DC for running, biking, ...more

How To Break In New Running Kicks (OCD style)

Occasionally I write as a public service. It makes me feel all PBS inside. I really like to geek out with my beak out Big Bird style all the while knowing the world is a better place because I told it what to do.via imgur.comJust found out the truth about Bert and Ernie....more

Dreadmill Mom Discovers iPad Mini ‘Virtual Runner’ App Made Possible by Mad Drunken Midget Friend

I had a cool new iPad Air once upon a time a few days ago.  Then my mean drunken midget friend aka toddler dropped it on the hardwood floor on Mother's Day. iPad Air via"iBreak it."...more