Do you know what you are made for?

Sep 17, 2014...more

I Left Home 10 Years Ago....

      Ten years ago, I left my hometown in Missouri to start a life on my own.  I left family, friends, college, and the only place I ever really knew....more

When Logic meets Feelings


Why I Won't Stop Blogging

In late 2011, I was realizing that I needed a small space in the world just for myself.  I was in a wonderful relationship and had a secure job.  On the surface, everything seemed perfect.  But, inside me, I wanted to do something for me.  I ...more

What Happens when a NORMAL BLOGGER Goes to #BlogHer14

      While many bloggers love the anonymity of living behind a computer, personally, I love being around people. ...more
LindaCSmith Yay for normal bloggers!  :)  It's so nice to know that there are so many of us out ...more

Before #BlogHer14, I'm going on vacation ALONE

In anticipation of the assumed chaos that will be #BlogHer14, I flew across the country a couple of days early to be alone.  And to write.  And to think.  And to be alone.   And to write more.  Plus, I knew that it would be crazy to fly 3000 miles just to sit in conference rooms for three days.So, today is my first day completely alone.  This is the first time in my life that I’ve ever done something like this.  Usually, someone is waiting for me on the other end of my trip or I plan to meet quickly....more
travelswithtam Thanks for reading!  I've always liked myself and hardly ever feel lonely, but ...more

To Unplug? Or not to unplug?

I got caught in a freak downpour yesterday and my phone – which was safely hidden in my purse – got wet and died.  She had a nice rice spa before I officially gave up on her and returned her to Best Buy to cash in on my Geek Squad protection.Overall, I did not have a phone from 5pm last night until 12pm this afternoon.  I’m practically Laura Ingles Wilder.  I have learned one lesson from all of this: I DO NOT WANT TO UNPLUG!!! ...more

Living on the Slow Train

Do you know where I live?  On the slow train!  SA-LOWWW TRAAA-IN!And, no, I’m not happy about this. Whenever I want something, I want it NOW.  And, usually, I get exactly what I want.  (Yay for all of that training as the baby of the family.  Yay for being an adult and the ability to control your environment.)  When I don’t get what I want, I become very confused.  And mad.  And pouty.  It’s not pretty. ...more


Do you know why CLIMBing OUT OF THE CUBICLE is so important? It’s very simple.  And, no, it’s not a secret. Life is not about the words on your business cards.  It’s not about the crap stuffed into your over-priced apartment. Life is about experiences. If you aren’t experiencing anything…if you aren’t actually living in the world…then none of this is worth it. Your job isn’t worth it. Your paycheck isn’t worth it....more

Do I have a "Default Future?"

I recently met Mallie, the genius behind The Off-Road Millennial.  She has such a cool story, and to top it off, she produces a podcasts, which entertains me on my daily commute.In one of her recent episode, she talks about the “default future” – the future that will fall upon you if you remain stagnant. The “default future” scares me.  A lot! ...more