I Got Hacked: Why You Should Heed Password Change Warnings

The weekend of the Ottawa Race was a big one at my house for a couple of reasons. First and foremost, we had a house full of runners and walkers participating in the half marathon. Secondly, I got hacked. Now I don't mean hacked in the small Twitter spoofing I-was-an-idiot-and-clicked-a-dm-link kind of way. I mean, account credentials stolen and credit card used to make a purchase kind of way. Here's how it happened. ...more
thinkitcreative Indeed!more

Is the Medium Impacting The Message? (Thoughts on Kate Hartman's TED Talk: The Art of Wearable Communication)

Kate Hartman has been developing prototypes of various clothing items to improve communication. Like a hat that helps you hear yourself better. Or a funnel that lets you fight with another person by letting them hear your angry tone without feeling the sting of your words. (That one is pretty powerful) Or how about a suit that lets you hug (and listen to) a glacier, thereby better understanding the natural world around you. ...more

Science Can Help You Keep Your New Year's Resolutions

I declared on Twitter that my New Year's resolution would be 1920x1200. Clever as I thought my nerd humour was, it would appear that this was a bit of a recurring joke among nerd tweeps and just proved once again that there is no original thought. ...more
I tried flossing one tooth last night. I messed up big time and flossed all my teeth.more

Apple Maps: Epic Fail or Stunning Tribute to Salvadore Dali?

When the iPhone 5 launched on Friday, Apple supplied its own proprietary maps instead of using something existing (and right) like Google Maps. It turns out that this custom map app contains some artifacts not found in other map apps, and even excludes some found in the real world. iThing users quickly took to the Interwebs to start posting some of the more "unusual" sightings in Apple maps and I couldn't help but notice an uncanny likeness to some of my favourite paintings....more
Driving would be a lot more exciting! Commute time would be just like a ride on your favorite ...more

Harvard Stores Data in DNA, Next Hollywood Thriller Writes Itself

Harvard scientists have figured out how to use DNA as a storage device, putting 5.5 petabits of data into one gram of DNA. I had to read a handful of articles before one finally answered the burning question: HOW DOES IT WORK? How do you take bits and put them into human genetic material? It's such an abstract concept I just couldn't wrap my head around it. ...more
So CAN the data  be implanted into humans? If so, how does that work? It's just stored in us and ...more

Are Your Kids Chatting with Brands or Real Kids?

I was at a conference a couple of weeks ago and one of the companies presenting was a kid-targeted social network. Apparently this particular social network has over 11Million global members (remember, these are kids) and they spend on average 65 minutes PER DAY using the site. ON AVERAGE. Lost in Thought by johnb2008 via Flickr...more
I guess I feel like this is a tad over-dramatic. Yes, they're KIDS. Yes, they still need ...more

Protecting Yourself During the Robopocalypse (video)

Say that 3 times fast: Robopocalypse Robopocalypse Robopocalypse. (I can barely type it.)...more
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Google Launches Drive (As in Hard Drive, Not Cars)

You might have caught wind of the announcement yesterday: Google launched Drive, its new cloud-based file storage service.In a nutshell: you create and work on files, store them on Drive and access them seamlessly from any device. You can use up to 5Gb for free and after that there are multiple storage plans up to16 Terabytes (if you want to shell out $800/month). It even integrates with Google Docs (although these don't account for the storage usage in Drive)....more

How To: Understand Google's New Privacy Policy and Protect Your Data

So you might be aware the Google launched a new privacy policy earlier this month. In fact, you might have bookmarked it for later reading, and then though "screw it" when it popped up in your face and clicked "I accept". Hmm. What did you just accept? Should you be worried? I read it. Accepted it. And then I took some measures to protect myself....more

Tweeting For Charity Needs to Change: Here's How

I recently made the following statement on Twitter: "Pet peeve: people holding charity donations hostage for RTs and Likes. People won't get help if you don't get followers? #unkewl...more