The grass is NOT greener: My trial run as a working mom

Hats off to the working moms! It's a lot harder than I expected. I thought that I wanted toreturn to my career after a two-year maternity break, but I'm learning more each day that I'm not quite ready....more

Happiness happens in ordinary moments

What does happiness mean to you? My husband always says that happiness is a choice- to be satisfied with what you have, to be kind, to love and let others love you. I think in this instance, (which doesn't happen very often!) he is right!...more

I'm a stay-at-home mom, but sometimes I want more

I'm a stay-at-home mom, but sometimes I want more. Does that make me a bad person? I've been thinking about myself a lot lately, and what I truly want out of life as far as personal success and fulfillment. Yes, being a mother is the biggest blessing that I have ever had, and it's the single most important thing that I will ever do in my life. For some, that is enough, but for me, I would still like to achieve more success career-wise....more

Early Potty Teaching Twins

Corbin and Lynley are undergoing so many changes these days that I can barely keep up. They've both hit major growth spurts, and along with that growth are some major developments, like: clearer speech, picky eating, using eating utensils, tantrums, wanting to be in my lap 24/7 and showing interest in bathroom business. We have many teaching areas that we need to tackle, but it can't all be done at once! One that we'd like to begin now is potty teaching....more

Being a Parent Scares the S*** Out of Me

Am I the only one who gets a little bit of anxiety over everything? I know that it's just part of being a mom, but sometimes I feel like I'm going crazy. I don't want to be that overprotected mom who won't let her children grow up, but life is just too scary, and I have no idea how I am going to be able to let go a little as Corbin and Lynley get older....more
aoi I completely commiserate! It's hard to let them do anything on their own. Best wishes to you ...more

Tell her she is pretty

I recently wrote a blog post about letting my son like the color pink and letting him play with girl toys. He's 1.5 years old, so I tell the naysayers to GET OVER IT! I'm also telling the so-called "parenting experts" the same when it comes to telling my daughter that she is pretty....more

Why I let my son like pink and play with "girl toys"

Dear strangers, I'm tired of the stares. I can see you secretly judging me. My son likes pink. He's 1.5; get over it. But, even if he is five and still carrying around 'Pink Monkey,' get over it! If it were my daughter dressed like a boy, holding a football, I bet that'd be okay with you. {Click to tweet}...more

When babies are sick

Everything goes out the window! Our routines have been completely a mess this past week due to Lynley teething her molars, and after three days of fever, I took her in to see the doctor- ear infection....more
spitandsparkles I hear you. I hope he's feeling better really soon.more