The Vital Facts about Cytomegalovirus

 Cytomegalovirus, or CMV, is an asymptomatic virus in the human herpes virus family....more

Smaller Penis Sex Techniques for Valentine's Day

 Just because you or your partner isn’t hung like a horse, this is no excuse to have a mundane or unsatisfactory roll in the hay on Valentine’s Day....more

Conquer Vaginal Dryness this Valentine’s Day

 On special holidays people tend to drink more alcohol than usual. This can lead to frivolity, hearty laughter, uninhibited dance moves and extraordinary holiday sex. But did you know alcohol can cause vaginal dryness? ...more

Reader Questions February 2016

This month we herald in Valentine’s Day with a HEART-y dose of condom Q and A from you, our valued readers and customers....more

Condom Depot Sampler Review: Valentine's Box of Love

 If you ♥ feeling their warm legs wrapped around you and your latex-wrapped willie, but you hate wrapping gifts as much as I do (don’t even get me started on the wastefulness and futility of tissue paper)– this sounds like a job for the Valentine’s Box of Love! No wrapping required!...more

Reader Questions January 2016 Part Deux

 Like our staff’s sweet smiles and random raging hard-ons during puberty, your slew of safer sex ed inquiries just never stop popping up....more

Product Review: Maximum Impact Liquid Latex

As mentioned in ‘Five Ways to Dress Up Vaginas and Vulvas,’ decorating the body is a really fun, creative and exciting way to express your sexuality. I’m certainly no stranger to the world of body paint, but I’d never tried this particular brand before last night, when I finally gave these brightly coloredMaximum Impact Liquid Latex body cosmetics a whirl. Check out how I fared!...more

Review: Trojan NaturaLamb Condoms

Trojan calls these NaturaLambs their “luxury condoms,” and now I know why! They’re comfortable, durable, offer a bareback feeling and have the best heat transfer I’ve ever experienced. In fact, I kept checking to make sure it was securely in place because I couldn’t feel it at all....more

Lube Review: WET Naturals Silky Supreme

Lube Review: WET Naturals Silky SupremeWhat’s so supreme about WET Naturals Silky Supreme? As it turns out, nearly everything. Join me to find out why!...more

The Best Ways to Use a Dental Dam

Dental dams are a tool designed to make oral sex safer and they have increased in popularity in recent years....more
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