Reader Questions September 2015

Boy, our readers sure are a curious bunch! We value all of you and we are very happy to report you’ve asked a ton of important condom questions this month. Rock on! Got one we didn’t answer yet? Use our confidential Ask a Safer Sexpert submission form to find out more!...more

10 Reasons Why We Love Lube!

Sex is awesome. Lube is super sweet. Put ‘em together and you’ve got sex lube. What’s not to like about that? As an homage to our undying love of lube, here are the top 10 ten reasons why we unabashedly adore personal lubricants!...more

Top 10 Most Comfortable Condoms for Uncircumcised Men

Whether you prefer your condoms to be textured, smooth, latex or non-latex, uncut guys don’t have to get the short end of the option stick when it comes to picking out a perfectly suited and super comfortable prophylactic....more

Anal Sex Article Hub

 Butts. No matter who you are or what you’re into, everybody’s got one. Yet, many questions remain: Is anal play as sexy in real life as it is in adult films? Are special PrEP-erations needed? What are the risks involved and what can you do to stay safer? And, which condoms, sex toys and lubricants are most suited for this penetrating act?...more

Best Water-Based Lubes

 Ancy to take an iRide with dihydrogen monoxide? All aboard the sex lube submarine! Join me as I head through deep and uncharted waters, hoping to find the very best water-based lubricants and unlock the screaming moist from within....more

How-To: Safer Sex in the Shower (or Underwater)

Are you living in the Age of Aquari-lust? Want to know how-to safely wet your whistle?It’s all about the right silicone-based personal lubricant, silicone-lubricated condoms, waterproof adult toys, sex positions and integrating our safer-sex-in-the-shower pro tips....more

Lube Review: K-Y Warming Liquid

This week at the Spicy Gear Blog, I tackled the new K-Y Warming Liquid lube. Did I finally warm up to K-Y brand personal lubricants? Hmm… nope. Feeling as chilly as a glass dildo straight from the fridge....more

Lube Review: K-Y Warming Jelly

Are you a lube connoisseur who runs cold, has no problem with candida, and you’re looking hottest ticket around? Turn up the thermostat to soaring temperatures by steeping in this hot-as-the-Serengeti and sugary-as-soda K-Y Warming Jelly lubricant! ...more

How-To: Sensory Deprivation Play

Why deprive the senses during sexy times? Well, when one or more senses are unable to perform their designated function(s), the ones left active are greatly enhanced. This leaves the person experiencing sensory deprivation play attuned to new, exciting and unique sensations....more

Lube Review: WET Silk

Without a high-quality, hybrid lube on hand, do you dry up like a plum under a heat lamp during hot dates? Don’t reluctantly morph into a prude just ‘cause you’re a little pruney in places. Follow my lead and hella-hydrate with the newest and most luxurious hybrid lube on the market, WET Silk!...more