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A Mother's Day Letter for Special Needs Moms

This Mother's Day, there will be thousands of Moms who don't receive handmade notes, or home-crafted, crayon colored cards. These moms mother for a smile or a tender touch; they mother because that is simply what you do as a Mom. This letter is for the Special Needs Mom, whose child is unable to write or say the words this Mom may long to hear....more
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Tomorrow I Will Be Present, With Myself.

Presence. With my children, I am present. ...more
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Simplicity, Living In The Moment

I used to run right by it, before I was a Mom. Simplicity, the beauty of the simple things in the moment.My standard pace was more of an easy run than a walk, easy to achieve with long legs that allow for leaping steps. And sometimes when my husband and I are out alone ( a sitter at home with the kids, the clock ticking) I return to this habit, when it is just he and I ."  Slow down " he tells me. " We aren't in a hurry"  he reminds me....more
No way. Small world. It is very fun and a cool way to see what my teen girl is thankful for. ...more

Use Your Words. Don't Let Your Blog Hold You Back : Break Out A Theme For NaBloPoMo, (It's Not Too Late! )

I am a fool for good writing and reading , and apparently I am not alone. November is here, and there are hundreds of us like minded bloggers committing to the crazy of posting every single day in November. Such awesomeness means hundreds of great blogs to read, and it also means rising above the pressure to post  compelling fresh content. ...more
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Day 2: Delight. Celebrating The 5 Gifts of Gratitiude For NaBloPoMo

Beautiful made my heart smile. The ups and downs of life, and the "delight" in the ...more

How To Find Your Family Halloween Fun

Just days before Halloween, when my daughter Zoe was almost 4, we found ourselves inpatient (… again) at our local hospital. Fall had just arrived in Arizona, and though the days were bright and sunny, the weather in the desert was finally, deliciously cooling....more

5 Things Your High School Freshman Wants You to Know

A few weeks ago, on our last summer afternoon, my girls and I escaped the heat by heading to our local movie theater. As we stood waiting in line at the snack counter, my soon-to-be freshman took hold of her younger sister’s wheelchair, took the movie tickets from my hand, and called over her shoulder, “I got Zoe, Mom, we’ll go grab our seats.” ...more
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