Our Powder Room (Then and Now)

“You changed the picture,” she said as she walked out of our powder room. “It’s a great of you two, I just loved the old one.” “Did you noticed what else changed?” I asked. “We moved out the magazine rack (with periodicals to browse, mostly from late 2007/early 2008).” Awhile back a good friend pointed out that one of her favorite things about using our first floor bathroom was feeling like she was in a time warp, as we never seemed to update our reading materials or the picture on the wall ....more

Perspective at Seven

I was walking up the stairs to check on them, when I overheard Abby tell her friend (who was over for their first playdate, at our home) that she wanted to talk about her sister in Heaven. I paused on the stairs and quietly listened to the conversation that followed. Abby explained that her sister Molly had died soon after she was born, that she lived about 15 minutes, and this happened before Abby was born ....more

Today You Are Thirteen

You. Are. A. Teenager ....more

Who I Am (Then and Now)

Two years ago we walked in honor and memory of our loved ones who died by suicide. Two years ago I was new to being a coach. Two years ago I was learning to navigate life with moderate generalized anxiety disorder ....more

Today You Are Seven

Last night, when I tucked you into bed for the last time as a six-year-old, you asked me if it was okay for you to read a book to help you get sleepy. That is one of the biggest changes this year… You can read! And you really enjoy it! ...more

How I Feel (Then and Now)

I love before and after pics!...more

Who Me? (Then and Now)

12 1/2 years between these two pictures… ⌛️ Sean was almost 6 months old and I had just turned 29. In some ways it seems like so long ago and yet I can also remember a lot about what 29 year old me felt like. ♥️ I was adjusting to life as a new mom, still nursing, and sleep deprived ....more

Eating on Vacation (Then and Now)

What stories do your family pictures tell? Do they remind you of special times you spent together? ...more

My Family and Me (Then and Now)

Then (2003): I had just taken my first BFP (positive pregnancy test)! Now (2016): I am mom to three awesome and unique children (a son in 7th grade, a daughter in Heaven since she was born and died in April 2008, and a daughter in 1st grade)! Then (2003): I had an expensive private gym membership that I rarely used, and wasn’t a very healthy eater, though I did take prenatal vitamins, just in case (as we’d been trying for 8 months to start our family) ....more

The Unimaginable

Every now and then I find a song that touches my heart and soul so deeply that I cannot stop listening to it. Even less often I find a story or a soundtrack, in this case both, that has the same effect on me. This is...more