The Truth About Waxing!

So you've decided to brave the waxing experience. For whatever the reason, be it a hot date or a tropical vacation, you've made the decision to endure the pain of having your hair ripped from the follicles of your skin. Sounds horrible does it? Well, it's not so bad. I've been waxing ladies and gents for the last 6 years and found that it is easy to make the experience less terrifying and more satisfying! Don't think it's possible? Well here are some tips and advice for making your visit somewhat enjoyable. ...more
Umm.. this is a great post. But after i wax my underlip. It started to grown after 1 or 2 day. I ...more

How to pass your carry on of toiletries with flying colors!

After 3 weeks of brutal illness and work travel, I am back! I am now writing from my parents home in Longview, WA, capital of bad chinese food, meth addicts and paper mill polluted skies. Happy Thanksgiving everyone! ...more

I just joined BlogHer, and yours is the first blog I read! I must secretly need a massage or ...more

Spice up your skin and body this fall with scents of Pumpkin and Ginger

Nothing beats the spicy aromas of pumpkin and ginger in the fall. It's probably one of the reasons I love this time of year much! If you're considering a fall spa treatment or products to tantalize your senses, rest assured knowing that there are healthy benefits of Pumpkin and Ginger extracts. ...more

Salon brands vs. Drugstore brands: Are you really getting more bang for your buck?

Last summer, after receiving a hair cut at one of San Francisco's high end salons, I reluctantly purchased a $30 Kerastase hair masque for my dry, brittle, broken ends. After using this masque every week, I did notice that it softened my hair, but it really wasn't worth the high price. I noticed that Kerastase was, in fact, a L'Oreal product, so I headed to the nearest Walgreens to find a L'Oreal conditioner that was comparable. Sure enough I found that L'Oreal's drugstore brand called Smooth Intense had a masque for $4.99 with the same ingredients! ...more

Oh man, now you have walked into my territory :) In pharmaceuticals, the list of ingredients ...more

Home Liposuction Kits and Other Quests for Perfection

Last weekend, I spent my Sunday lounging in front of the T.V., unable to switch the channel from Dr. 90210, a reality show about reputable and infamous plastic surgeons of Beverly Hills. I was amazed to see so many women with beautiful faces and bodies and their "heartbreaking" stories of what brought them to their decision opt for plastic surgery. ...more

A solution to boring Betties!

Just when you thought you'd seen it all. The beauty tricks like Preparation H to dab around swollen eyes and rubbing coffee grounds into your thighs and wrapping them in plastic wrap as tight as a rubber band around the finger to diminish cellulite. ...more

I really am way too old.

The Blog: Red Nose
The ...more

The price we pay for beauty and trends: How far will you go?

An interesting topic showed up in one of my beauty discussion groups the other day about a discontinued Chanel nail polish that normally retailed for $18, actually went for $80 on Ebay.Nail polish! Now most of us here probably think this is ridiculous, but for some, it's a necessity and the price they will pay to follow celebrity trends. ...more

I myself spend a sickening amount of cash on a single hairstyling appointment. As with Jenna ...more

Tipping Etiquette: The Art of Gratuity

Everyday we find ourselves tossing a few dollars towards a service gratuity whether it be a drink, lunch, morning coffee, valet or spa service. Many times after I've finished up skin care treatment, my client will ask me what I expect for a tip or what the proper tipping etiquette is. ...more

Thanks for the tipping advice. That link is quite an exhaustive and helpful list. Here are more ...more

The Panty Poll: Comfort is Sexy

I thought this would be the appropriate time to bring up the underwear subject after noticing my sacred drawer of holey-ness, it's become necessary to update my unders! I have to admit that part of my decision making in panty shopping rely a bit on my boyfriend's likings. After all, he lives with me and I'd rather that the period of time where I prance around pantsless after work isn't a complete turn off to him. I was overjoyed to hear him say that he found boyshorts or hipsters to be very sexy. Quite honestly, thongs have worn out their welcome with me. I'd rather go commando when nervous about those panty lines. After a number of serious wedgies, it's time to bury the thongs and say my sweet goodbyes! ...more

carefree in the UK does one in black that can be either regular shape, or has little folds that ...more

The Myth about Underarm Deodorants

For years I've been listening to all the hype about underarm deodorants being highly toxic. The first thing I did was run to my nearest hippie pharmacy and bought me some all natural deodorant so I could free my underarm toxins. ...more

Had to weigh in on the deodorant/antiperspirant issue. Natural or not, I had the worst reaction ...more