2015 Music City Food + Wine – DAY 1

Food and Wine festivals across the nation are becoming more and more popular. Music City is no exception to that trend, and I’m thrilled about it. This year, Nashville was home to one of the tastiest, booziest, party-like festivals to top all festivals– 2015 Music City Food + Wine ....more

Sriracha Baked Avocado Fries

Fries are my favorite food group. Something about that crispy shell with the light, fluffy center. Handheld comfort at it’s best ....more

Grilled Poblano Turkey Sliders

The end of summer means two things around here in the South– 1) Finally a bit of relief from that ridiculous heat, & 2) Football. People around here are dedicated to their team. Growing up in Kentucky, the first thing you would be asked when meeting someone was, “Louisville or Kentucky?” ....more

Blackberry Goat Cheese Focaccia

I’ve been in a bread-making mood for quite some time now. Something about homemade bread just screams comfort to me. Once you get the basics of bread making down, you can venture into just about anything– savory or sweet ....more

Rice Krispies Treat Macarons

Instant flashback. You know you love a good Rice Krispies Treat (or ten). One of those classic...more

Pluot Meringue Tart

With summer creeping towards fall, it’s the perfect chance to grab your favorite fruits for a last hoo-rah in the kitchen. What better way to do that than with some crazy science-experiment hybrid fruit that happens to taste like heaven itself?? I’m obviously referring to the pluot ....more

Perfect Pickled Red Onions

I’ve always been weary of pickling anything myself at home. That all ended when I came home with a ridiculously large bag of loot...more

Rockets, Brats, & Brews in Huntsville, AL

This past weekend, I traveled (if it even counts as much) to our neighbor to the south, Huntsville, in good ol’ ‘Bama. I think this is where I’m suppose to say some grunting chant about...more

Blog Birthdays and Facelifts

Cake, cake, cake, cake! — This little thing I call Southern FATTY is an entire year old! Ok… It’s more like a year and a half plus a month or two, but whatever ....more

Cherry Reduction Sauce

When life gives you cherries….. you make everything that you possibly can out of them! ...more