BLT Pizza with Egg

I don’t usually think of pizza as typical breakfast food. Anytime we have leftover pizza from the night before, Jim is happy to eat it cold in the morning. Me? ...more

Buffalo Chicken Chili

Did you ever think about how hard it must be to learn the English language? Words spelled the same way are pronounced differently and have different meanings. For example, “desert” means to abandon, or it can refer to a dry, sandy environment ....more

Spinach Salad with Candied Walnuts and Golden Beets

I vividly remember sitting in my freshman comp class many years ago on a cool October day. Professor Kemp began the class by assigning a 300-word essay on any topic to be completed by the end of class. Never being a quick thinker, I wasted the first fifteen minutes of class trying to think of an interesting topic for my essay ....more

Red Lentil Soup with Collards

I admit that I’m a carnivore from way back. I’ve been a serious meat eater for most of my life, and I’ve always justified my meat-loving ways by thinking that my body requires animal protein. However, I’m turning over a new leaf in 2015, and rethinking the types of protein that I consume ....more

Rosemary Asiago Potato Stacks

Our good friends, Jim and Cheryl Hagy, are in town this week, and we’re hosting them for dinner on Saturday night. The Hagys own and operate Chef’s Market, an award-winning restaurant and catering business in the Nashville area. Readers of the Nashville Scene voted Chef’s Market “Nashville’s Best Caterer” for the past three years ....more

Celery Caesar Salad

I’ve always thought of celery as a background ingredient, chopped and sauteed with onion and bell peppers before ending up in a soup or stew. I have, however, been known to snack on raw celery dipped in peanut butter or hummus. I thought today’s post should move celery out of the shadows into the spotlight, so I’ve created a Celery Caesar Salad ....more

Chicken Spaghetti

I grew up in an era of church socials and covered dish dinners. Whenever there was such an event, all the church ladies prepared their best dishes, casseroles, and desserts, filling the tables to capacity. Without fail, there was enough food to feed an army ....more

Tortelloni Soup with Chicken and Spinach

After weeks of engorging on calorie-laden holiday food, I’m always craving a return to something lighter and healthier. As I’ve said before, I believe life is about indulging periodically and balancing the indulgences with healthy eating. I find that soups are a great way to come back to that balance ....more

Steak Oscar

Sometimes a steak needs a little crabmeat, asparagus, and Béarnaise sauce to dress it up for Christmas. Christmas dinner deserves to be special, and this dish is just the ticket. I’ve eaten a lot of steaks in my day, and I don’t think there’s anything better than a filet ....more

Peanut Blossom Cookies

It’s just not Christmas without some Peanut Blossom Cookies. I’ll say right off the bat that I have no claim to this recipe other than the fact that I’ve eaten my weight in them over the years. Any combination of chocolate and peanut butter in the form of a cookie makes this southern boy very happy, and these cookies are at the top of the list ....more