Chicken Noodle Soup

Spring has arrived in Atlanta! Buds are popping out everywhere and in the next week or so the trees will burst into that vivid green that I love so much. The ornamental cherry trees are like washes of snow and the redbuds contrast the white with the most spectacular purple ....more

Slow Cooker Carnitas

Whenever I write a recipe, I always start by doing a little research on the history of the dish and looking at 10 or more recipes. I decided to make carnitas for this post, and after a little digging, I was a little surprised to find the authentic Mexican version is made by slowly braising pork in lard or oil over 3 or 4 hours. Most of the recipes I reviewed were not truly authentic and called for braising the pork in liquid, with many of them including citrus juice ....more

Roasted Roma Tomatoes

We had a pizza dinner party last week for our friends, Bruce and Felix, and Felix’s daughter, Sierra. When I’m making pizza, I go a little crazy with toppings. It’s an obsession ....more

Fried Chicken Tacos with Collard Slaw & Chipotle Ranch Dressing

Now that’s a long title for a taco, right? I love every element of this recipe, so I really wanted to put them all in the title to entice you to take a closer look. Fried chicken is the star of the show, but it’s not complete without the collard green slaw, and of course, the chipotle ranch dressing is icing on the cake ....more

Tomato Aspic with Crème Fraîche and Chives

How many of you remember Tomato Aspic? It was the “fancy” congealed tomato salad that all the ladies in town made for their garden club years ago. I’m sure it made regular appearances at church potluck dinners as well ....more

Mac and Cheese with Collards

I grew up in the age of instant everything. Convenience ruled the day, especially when it came to food prep. With the arrival of processed food, the likes of Hamburger Helper, Instant Breakfast, and Potato Buds filled supermarket shelves ....more

Flank Steak with Romesco Sauce

You know how one really cool article of clothing can make an otherwise boring outfit extraordinary? You can put on a plain pair of jeans and a nondescript shirt with a chic jacket, and you’re ready for a night on the town. That special hat gives you a look that catches peoples’ eye ....more

Shrimp & Corn Chowder

Punxsutawney Phil seems to have gotten it right this year. He saw his shadow on Groundhog Day, and an early spring is nowhere to be seen in my neck of the woods. In Atlanta, February can bring the occasional spring day in the 60s or 70s ....more

Hong Kong-Style Sea Bass

Hong Kong is one of the most vibrant cities I’ve ever visited. A couple of years ago, we took an Asian cruise beginning in Singapore and culminating with a 3-day stay in Hong Kong. The bustling metropolis combines East and West in a fascinating way ....more

Chicken Chole

Years ago, I spent a month in Nepal trekking in the Himalayas around Mt. Everest National Park. After all this time, I still marvel at the staggering beauty of those mountains ....more