Letting The Helicopter Go

Remember when you were a kid, and you would go outside at 9AM, play at the creek, collect crawdads, dig holes, ride your bike to the furthest park in your neighborhood — without a helmet — run into your friend’s house for a quick bite for lunch, roll down a few hills, play tag, stomp through mud and make a little grave for the dead bird you found — only to return home at 5PM just in time for dinner, smelling like dirt, sunshine and creek water?Remember that? Or something like it?...more

Note To Self: My Husband Is Not The Patriarchy

I'm angry. Right now.This isn't just any run-of-the-mill anger. It's the kind of seething anger that pops up every now and then without notice.It's anger without a reason.This might sound crazy, but I'll be perfectly happy one minute -- and then ten minutes later I'm fuming. It literally comes from no where. There's typically nothing that predicates it. It just happens.I try to get rid of it -- try to step away for a moment and breathe. The anger doesn't happen all the time. But it happens enough. And I become bitter and resentful for an entire evening....more
Shortly after our son was born, I started to feel this sense of angry injustice towards my ex. ...more

What Do You Think of Pantene's New "Feminist" Ad?

So I came across Pantene’s new commercial for the Philippines. On the surface, it comes off as a powerful statement — one that shows how powerful men are revered in the business world versus how powerful women are looked at as “pushy,” and “bossy.”Watch it for yourself:...more

I Let a Third Grade Snob Get to Me

My nine year old daughter, Kiera, frequently comes home with a host of tales about a particular girl in her class. I’ll call her Claire. Claire is, like, uber fashionable. “So in style,” gushes Kiera. Kiera was enamored with her at first. Claire is new to the school and just exudes coolness. Apparently. "She’s already soooo popular, mom,” says Kiera. To make things even more interesting, Claire gives Kiera all kinds of fashion and style tips. ...more
Your daughter is adorable.more

In Their Own Words: Victims of Verbal Abuse Speak

The following are the words of women who have responded to my posts about verbal abuse. You can read the posts here and here. Some of these responses were comments in my blog posts and some of them were sent via emails. The desperation, helplessness, and self-blame are quite evident in these women’s responses. ...more
I recently left my verbally abusive marriage.  I stayed for 7 years.  The day my 5 year old ...more

Let's Play Uterus!

Beckett LOVES it when we play uterus. It’s like his new thing....more

Flylady Helps Me Clean and Vomit Simultaneously

As Thanksgiving approaches, I can’t help but obsess about a clean house.I don’t care about the food. Food is easy.But cleanliness is always an issue in my house. We have three kids and a dog — plus I’m pregnant and have no energy right now. So yes, my house is in constant disaster mode. We keep on top of it the best we can, but some things just have to slide while I’m pregnant. It’s frustrating, but I just have to deal....more

The Other Taboo of Miscarriage: I Was Grateful

About a year and a half ago, I had a miscarriage. ...more
"But you know what? It was MY miscarriage -- MY experience. And what I feel about it is MINE. ...more

Love By A Different Name

I really believe that the first born child has it harder than the rest. I guess that doesn’t sound fair to the middle children or the babies — but it’s true....more

The Christmas Present Pile-Up: How Do You Avoid Buying Too Much?

I have always been of the idea that Christmas should be an over-indulgent, gaudy, extravagant holiday. What can I say? I love to give. ...more
I think what is much more important than gifts are the traditions you create as a family to give ...more