'The Giver': A Gift to the Reader (and hopefully the movie goer as well!)

A little like the cover of the book displayed here, 'The Giver' is a muted yet deeply powerful book.A small story, with a big message for society, and our constant drive towards 'sameness' and conformity....more

'The Cuckoo's Calling': J K Rowling is Criminally Good!

For a creative person, being typecast in a role must be incredibly frustrating. To be forever seen as James Bond, when you secretly yearn to play Shakespeare is a common enough issue among actors, but perhaps this is a  frustration also shared by authors? Enter, the pseudonym. ...more

'Prince of Thorns': Bloodthirsty, Epic, Anti-Hero Fun!

When I introduced 'The Book Circle' in my last post, I promised only 'Killer' reads would come from the hallowed minds of the circle... for my first 'Book Circle' review, I have decided to go one better with a truly Killer series. ...more

Millionaire: No. 2 in a LMK series; 'Books and Money'.

You have to admit, 'Millionaire', is quite a catchy title for a book on Real Estate investment; as is the promise that it contains '170 Incredible Investment Insights guaranteed to boost your property profits'. ...more

Fixing your financial attitude! No. 1 in a 'LMK' series: 'Books and Money'.

It may be true that money can't buy love or happiness, but 'lack of' money can sure be a bummer.Given that in my 'real life' I work in the finance industry, I decided I should have a good look at books about money. I wanted to answer a few questions for myself, with the most prominent one being;Can reading a book really improve your financial situation?...more

Fifty Shades of 'GRRRRRR"

Hi all! Just a quick rant really today, primarily because as is my way, I can't keep my mouth shut on this topic anymore! What has got me fired up? Well in a phrase, Mummy Porn (and no, I am not referring to the erotic Egyption, bandage wearing undead!). Rather the explosion of saucy 'literature' aimed squarely at the e -reading female populace of the world. Since these books somehow move me beyond the ability to speak I have drawn the following informative diagram explaining the source of my angst. ...more

'The Bloodletter's Daughter': Real history can enthrall too!

For Game of Thrones addicts like myself, it is sometimes easy to forget that 'actual' history can be as bloody, magical and lascivious as the imagined. The truth is, Game of Thrones has all but ruined me for reading about our real world. I have been avoiding historical fiction thinking it would be flat and boring when compared with the world created by Mr Martin. As usual, when I pre judge books (and in this case whole genres) I was wrong (I have been wrong a lot in this blog). ...more

Extinction Point: A chilling Post Apocalyptic View

What if the end of mankind's dominance on earth was as swift, brutal and unstoppable as our own world rule? What if you were left to observe the end of the world, alone and surrounded by new and frightening creatures that spawn and mature seemingly in the slow blink of an earth day? Such is plight of Emily Baxter, she has survived act one; the red rain that took the lives of everyone she knew (and seemingly the lives of every other living creature). Question is, will she survive the aftermath?...more