'Down the Rabbit Hole'.... Dive in if you dare as Holly Madison tells all!

If expectations fit like clothing, then this book would be a glove, albeit a glove picked up from the floor of a porn set....icky, sticky and unsavory. But what else would you expect from a book detailing life in the Playboy Mansion?What you might not expect is for the book to also be sad and maddening, written as it is, from the perspective of a woman who is escaping from her own personal 'Stockholm Syndrome' past....more

Staying Lost in Fantasy Land......

Recently I have been quiet on the Book Review front, though I confess, I have read some really great books.I have even read some really really great series and yet I have not shared any of page turning discoveries. ...more

'Wild' By Cheryl Strayed: Be Prepared for inspiration.

Some books inspire you to cuddle up under and blanket and just read, other books have you itching to get outside and discover life; and wonderfully, some books do both! ...more

An Open Letter to George R R Martin

Dear Mr Martin, Please accept my sincere congratulations on what is possibly the best Fantasy fiction Series in the known universe! (I refer of course to the magnificent work that is Game of Thrones.)...more

Big Little Lies, A Book 'Wolf' in Sheep's clothing!

Wow, this is one cunning book! Luring readers in with 'the funny' before delivering a plot line that will alternatively break hearts, raise hackles and devastate. First with the 'Funny'...... The beginning of 'Big Little Lies' had me laughing in recognition as Moriaty introduces us to the Parents of Pirrawee Public School. Much like the children, these parents quickly separate themselves into cliques and alliances. ...more

'The Giver': A Gift to the Reader (and hopefully the movie goer as well!)

A little like the cover of the book displayed here, 'The Giver' is a muted yet deeply powerful book.A small story, with a big message for society, and our constant drive towards 'sameness' and conformity....more

'The Cuckoo's Calling': J K Rowling is Criminally Good!

For a creative person, being typecast in a role must be incredibly frustrating. To be forever seen as James Bond, when you secretly yearn to play Shakespeare is a common enough issue among actors, but perhaps this is a  frustration also shared by authors? Enter, the pseudonym. ...more

'Prince of Thorns': Bloodthirsty, Epic, Anti-Hero Fun!

When I introduced 'The Book Circle' in my last post, I promised only 'Killer' reads would come from the hallowed minds of the circle... for my first 'Book Circle' review, I have decided to go one better with a truly Killer series. ...more

Millionaire: No. 2 in a LMK series; 'Books and Money'.

You have to admit, 'Millionaire', is quite a catchy title for a book on Real Estate investment; as is the promise that it contains '170 Incredible Investment Insights guaranteed to boost your property profits'. ...more