Some Days Are For Rest

I woke up the other day with a scratchy throat. The kind that signals some sort of germ has invaded your system. I ignored it. Meaning, I rationalized that nothing could be wrong, so I didn't do anything about it. Within a few hours, my nose started dripping. Like out of the blue dripping, for no reason. It wasn't cold (hello summer here!) and I definitely wasn't using or around any chemicals. In fact, I was just typing away somewhere on the Internet....more

From New to 3 + Planner Pages {Giveaway}

It's not easy turning 3. It takes learning and practice, patience and dedication, a healthy dose of time and energy, and quite a generous dose of support and commitment. It's often confusing and overwhelming, stressful and joyful, and rarely do you get a chance to do exactly what you want....more

On Hiking and Legacy

This is a post I wrote a month after my Dad died and I was trying to figure out what normal was and how to get there. It took me many more weeks and a couple months to be ready to blog again, as I am today. Sometimes things in life really throw me for a loop. My Dad's death is one of those things. I still get thrown for a loop at times. Like the piece of mail I got this week. I've gotten decent at swallowing a bit, at least in the moment - sometimes. The trick is to not keep it swallowed and pushed away....more

You Never Know

You all, I have a confession to make. It may not be all that surprising once I give you the scenario. Maybe you've even done something similar at some point.I'd like to think none of you believe yourselves to be perfect or somehow far superior than others when it comes to parenting. Or anything really, for that matter. But if any of you do find yourselves being incredibly judgmental, unforgiving, and lacking grace towards others, maybe this confession will show you something. Or maybe it won't. In that case, I'm sorry you now find me to be an awful and un-perfect parent....more

What I'm Seeing, Hearing, Doing, & Reading

This series is designed to share some of the great things I've found on the web over the last few weeks. I'll be posting this series every month on the last Wednesday. I hope you find some things in here to spark your thinking, bring some inspiration, or even introduce you to something new and wonderful or exciting....more

Quick Garlic, Onion, & Spinach Queso Dip

You know that cheese dip you can get at restaurants? That beautiful bowl of white cheese with spinach that just tastes oh so divine and can be gobbled up in mere minutes, leaving you to wait for your meal with nothing to do?We love that dip and I'm guessing you do too!  Today, we're not talking about the other one, we're talking about this spinach cheese dip....more

Setting My July 2016 Goals

Last month, I began the practice of actually writing out my goals for the month. There's always so much I want to do, yet I often get sidetracked. I blame that on my various interests, curiosity, and desire to be and do so much when it comes to Hun and the boys. But, it's also because of all this sidetracking, I sometimes don't know or remember what direction I want to go and I also get so much going, that projects aren't completed. This seems to be more difficult for me now, but I really want to get a handle on it....more

Week Planning + FREE Printables

If you're anything like me, then a week may seem relatively far off. Yet, any mother knows that a week can go by more quickly than a bullet train if you're not prepared. And, this week won't be any different.Let's look at the few things that are normal which need checked off: grocery shopping, meal planning, meal preparation and cooking, sweeping, washing clothes, cleaning bathrooms, tidying the house, and hanging with the boys. A short, yet oh so repetitive list!...more

Talking & Playing Instead of Work

Last week, instead of sticking to my schedule, I spent time with my guys. We had a nice day playing at the park after handling a bit of business. Then a few errands happened. And next thing you know, we ended up driving for the sake of driving. We drove all night, quite literally.I know we didn't intend to drive so long and so far. Yet, we also didn't intend not to....more

5 Great Tips for Summer Photos

I don't know about all of you, but I'm definitely taking photos of Monkey Boy and Turtle Boy all the time. I try to get them doing things that are cute or funny, but also I love a good photo of them just being themselves. Apparently, Monkey Boy loves it too, because he often will say "Can I take a picture?" or "Momma, can you take of picture of me/us?". More often than not, I'll take the picture (or 12, ha!). And although I understand some very basic things when it comes to photography, I'm also trying to learn so much more....more