Staying Together Without Childless Nights

I don't know about you, but I'm always seeing blog posts, articles, and pins about the importance of date nights, how to have them, ideas on the cheap, and ideas for nights at home. For me, it can be annoying to see all these articles because quite frankly Hun and I don't have childless date nights....more

How a Non-Spanish Makes Recaito

There's an disagreement in our house over what this actually is. Hun insists on calling it sofrito, while I insist on calling it by it's name - recaito or recao. He's the one with Spanish heritage, Puerto Rican to be exact. And, while I have other heritages in my blood, Spanish is not one of them. Although I tend not to push very hard when it comes to some things, when I know I'm right, I dig my heels in. As his heart-wife and the chef in our family, I strive to learn and make some Spanish foods. So, inevitably, I have to look things up in order to learn how to make it....more

Traveling My Past Led Me to My Voice

I didn't grow up in the worst of situations, but there are definitely scars and negative learned behaviors I still contend with today. Some of these things really scare me. Now that I'm a parent, some scare me even more. But others I know so well it's like they don't exist. Everything or nothing can trigger any of these behaviors, thought patterns, beliefs, yet I have learned how to spot and address them more quickly than not....more

Video and Me - Fears & A Microphone

There's no doubt you've noticed the upswing in video production on every major social media channel there is. And, if you've followed along with my journey and our family adventures for any length of time, you've also noticed I have yet to get on the video bandwagon. Truthfully, I'm afraid....more

Easy, Stress-Free Meal Planning Method

One of the top ways to save money or stick within a budget is to meal plan. Everyone knows that, right? And the resources available for meal planning can be found everywhere. Most people I've seen who talk about meal planning also talk about doing freezer meals or bulk cooking. While there's definitely value in either of those methods, they're just not for me. Personally, I think the whole finding a recipe, and buying ingredients to fit those recipes for the week is daunting. There are meal planning services out there that you can use to do just that. Again, that's too much for me....more

How to Indulge While Caring for Home and Family

It's no secret that motherhood is hard. Being a stay-at-home Mom is hard hard work. I mean, if I don't schedule and protect some time alone to indulge in whatever I want, then I really lose my mind.But, even when I schedule time in just for me, inevitably it's just not enough. You know the days, right?...more

Vulnerability, Invincibility, and Driving by Cemeteries

Driving by cemeteries hurts.I've always noticed them. I recognize them as sacred places and believe they deserve reverence. Yet, they never really affected me. Or at least no anything like they do now.It's not just that I feel cemeteries' sacred-ness and level of reverence. No, it's physical. I can physically feel cemeteries now.The physical reaction I have alone can bring me to tears. I (almost) always hold them back. But the sensation can last upwards of 15 minutes....more

Making Progress & Moving Forward {September 2016 Goals}

These last few months of writing down my goals, sharing them with all of you, and then tracking my progress has been awesome!  I really wasn't lying when I said last month that I get a sense of freedom with this goal setting stuff.  Even when I don't achieve all of my goals, I feel better.  Plus, the tracking I do in my planner/journal really gives me an additional clue to the progress I'm making.  Not to mention, this visual representation helps my Momma self see that I am doing things each day.  I don't know about you, but it's so hard for me to see all that I rea...more
Writing my goals out has been so helpful for me as well!  I enjoyed finding your blog and will ...more

Violin, Waterfalls, Blogging, & Coffee - August 2016

The Seeing, Hearing, Doing, and Reading series was created as a way to share some of the great things I've found on the web and in life over the last few weeks. I post this series at or near the end of every month. I hope you find some things in here to spark your thinking, bring some inspiration, or even introduce you to something new and wonderful or exciting....more

Life Skills with Toddlers: Kitchen Tasks & Cooking

It's been quite some time, about a year in fact, since I last talked about the life skills we're harnessing in Monkey Boy. If you're fairly new around here, check out the link to my previous posts on the subject....more