DIY All Purpose Cleaner Recipe

I recently ran out of my regular Method all purpose cleaner and decided rather than buying more, I would make my own diy all purpose cleaner with ingredients I already had on hand....more

Easy Homemade Pita Pizza Recipe

Ever wondered what to do with that tiny bit of leftover spaghetti sauce?...more

Cheap and Natural Drain Cleaner

Baking soda and vinegar - nature's natural, non-toxic cleaners. I am still amazed by how well these two things together clean and deodorize....more
Great tip!more

DIY Natural Coffee Kitchen Soap

Craft your own natural kitchen soap made with real coffee beans to neutralize odors! ...more

Fresh Shrimp Salad Recipe

I recently purchased an amazing pot of lettuce and field greens from Walter's Greenhouse on the Roanoke City Market. ...more

Scott's Simple Homemade Chili Recipe

During the cold winter months there's nothing like a huge bowl of chili to warm you up! So I thought I'd share my boyfriend, Scott's, homemade chili recipe....more

DIY Lip Balm - Homemade Chocolate Mint Lip Balm Recipe

Want to make some of your very own lip balm for those dry winter lips? Here's my own recipe for a lip balm rich in moisturizing butters with a fun Chocolate Mint flavor!...more

Printable Soap Labels for Valentine's Day or Wedding Favors

Looking for a unique way to wrap and label your handmade soaps for Valentine's Day gifts or wedding favors?...more

Seared Sashami Tuna with Sauteed Shrimp in an Orange-Soy-Ginger Reduction Sauce Recipe

For New Year's Eve my boyfriend cooked me up a special dish choosing from several of my favorite foods to eat: tuna, shrimp and asparagus with the fact that I love sushi niggling in the back of his head. The dinner was in truth a great experiment that we both thought turned out to be a great success. Scott, my boyfriend, calls it Seared Sashami Tuna and Sauteed Shrimp in an Orange-Soy-Ginger Reduction Sauce with a side of Asparagus. You may want to file this one in your recipe book as simply "DELICIOUS." ...more

DIY Valentine's Day Gifts You Can Craft and Give

Whether you're on a budget or simply want to give the gift of handmade this Valentine's Day, here is a lovely collection of DIY Valentine's Day gift ideas to get your started on giving the perfect gift for that someone special....more