No Guarantees

::Looks around:: It’s been awhile since I wrote anything here. That’s because my blog got hacked and I couldn’t log in and then when I hired someone amazing to help, she found buggy wonky files all OVER the place. It’s like my blog got Ebola ....more

Get The Behavior You Want…{Review}

I totally never read parenting books. Ok that is a lie. I read...more

on cloud b

When Eddie was smaller and before we had Netflix, he was very into every commercial that had an “order now” at the end of it. “I want that!” was frequently heard around our house. When he started earning quarters for the extra chores he does around the house, he even stated that he was saving for one of those Stuff It things that you can supposedly clean up your whole room with and it will look like a fluffy animal when you’re done ....more

soccer season

Before we had kids, Cortney and I talked about how we would absolutely...more

Netflix Equals Family Night

We have been...more

Project 365 {week 39}

I’m on time with this post! I am also fueled by like a pound of sour jelly bellies. what? ...more

Project 365 {week 38}

Arghhhh!!! Why can’t I do these posts ON TIME? And why do I forget to take a “picture a day”? ...more

The Trouble with Kindergarten

Being away from each other all day is not new. Since he was three months old, Eddie has been in someone else’s care other than mine. Yet I miss him more this year than I ever have ....more


Today is super exciting…even for a Monday! In the spring, I was excited to announce that I was published in...more

Project 365 {week 37}

So this summer I forgot to take pictures every day because the first trimester had me couch-bound and nauseous. This week I forgot a few days because ZOMG BUSY! For instance I didn’t take a picture on Sunday, September 7 ....more