Kid-friendly Ice Cream Balls

Once in a while I like to post a recipe here. When I do it’s not just a random recipe we like, it’s got a story. It’s one that the whole family enjoys ....more

Setting the Precedent

In a week my firstborn will be done with Kindergarten and ready to start what he calls, “the number grades.” He had a great year in Kindergarten and never once did I wonder if maybe we should have held him back because he still isn’t even six yet. Nope. Eddie was ready for absolutely everything–even homework ....more

Jeneration X by Jen Lancaster

Oh my goodness I needed to read some Jen Lancaster. It seems like everything I have been reading has either been a super heavy topic or it’s long or it’s serious nonfiction. I’ve read everything she’s written up to about 2012, so I went out and bought...more

Binge Watching with Netflix

I’ve watched hours of a show before. When I stumble upon a marathon of a sitcom or show I love on television, I have been known to lose that day (and night) to the TV. But just this past week I learned the true meaning of what “binge watching is.” I just finished the first season of Orange is the New Black ....more

Little Sister

I can’t set Alice down without this happening. Her brothers swarm. I expected it from Eddie ....more

I Am

I am a wife, mother, teacher, believer.I wonder about big things like life and death and the possibility of eternity.I hear the many names I am called and I wonder which one is truest.I see myself in my children.I want to save every child, starting with my own, from having to feel hurt or dumb or not enough.I am a feeler and a thinker.I pretend to be the best.I feel inadequate most of the time.I touch lives and minds.I worry that I will never completely fulfill my potential…or read all the books.I cry in laughter, frustration, and sadness.I am an actress.I understand that doubt is ok.I say “I love you” frequently.I dream of a day when love will win.I try to walk the path I talk.I hope I am not letting you down.I am a work in progress. ...more


During my pregnancy with Charlie, Cortney made it known that two kids were enough. He was very happy with two boys and with being a family of four. I was not convinced ....more

Mother Lover

Top Ten Reasons I Love My Mom she does a good job tolerating me. 1. She always puts up with my dramatics and ridiculousness. 2. Even though she doesn’t “get” my sense of humor, she rolls with it ....more

Apron Strings

I love historical fiction. Some of my favorite books fall under this genre:...more

Two Months, Two Girls

Dear Alice, You are two months old. This week you had your well-child visit and weighed in at 11lbs, 9 ounces and 23 inches long! ...more