Reasons Being A Grown-up Stinks

I have been adding to this list for awhile now. It’s not that I don’t really love my life, but sometimes? Being a grown-up stinks ....more

Know Better, Do Better

Eddie, Charlie, and Alice, By the time you are old enough to read these posts, you will already be fully aware of this: Your school different is very different than the one I teach in. At least at the time of my writing this they are very different. Daddy and I grew up in your same school district ....more

Disney and Netflix

I have a confession: I love Disney. I do. I know I am not a typical “Disney Mom,” but some of my fondest memories of growing up involve Disney productions ....more

And Then There Were Two School Kids

I thought I was ready. I though this year would be much easier, and I suppose in a way it was. At least with Eddie ....more

National Book Awards: The Next Bracket

In June, I posted about a project that I am doing with a group of other educators. Dr. Steven Bickmore (you should go read his YA blog, by the way) gathered a bunch of us together to read all of the National Book Award winners and runners up since the award for YA turned twenty this year ....more

A Year and a Half

photo credit: Erin Barkel Photography My dear Alice, This week was so very busy with Eddie and me starting school and getting Charlie ready to start next week. Cub scouts started up again for Eddie as did bowling for daddy. Things were so, so crazy ....more

All You Need is Love…

I don’t think it’s a secret that we love music in this family. Months and months ago, Cortney said, “hey…did you know there’s a new show coming to Netflix with Beatles music and Eddie Vedder sings one of the songs?” Usually I am the one giving the first-to-know Netflix news, but when it comes to Pearl Jam/Eddie Vedder, Cortney is usually the one in the know first. We sort of forgot about it until a big box came in the mail the day I had my hernia surgery ....more

Pearl Jam at Wrigley Take Two

Three years ago, in 103 degree heat, while rocking a UTI, and then being evacuated for three hours due to a wicked lightning storm and high winds, Cortney and I saw Pearl Jam at Wrigley. It was epic for a number of reasons. Clearly ....more

Clean Up With Groupon

This is a sponsored post, but all opinions are my own. Cortney and I got married just over eleven years ago. Since I cannot tell a lie, I will admit that one of the most fun things about getting married is all the showers and fun house stuff that is gifted ....more

Mother Teacher

Back to school surprised me this year. I was going along, enjoying summer, having hernia surgery, thinking everything was grand and then there it was, staring me in the face: Back to School. It started with an innocent text to a friend, The Pastor’s Wife ....more