Nesting and Resting

This pregnancy is so dang weird. I mean, it’s weird in the sense that it is really nothing like my pregnancies with the boys. One way is that I am tired ALL THE TIME ....more

BFFs and Netflix

My best friend since the 7th grade lives in Chicago which takes almost three hours one-way to get to. ...more

Skin Color Conversations

This week, unprompted, Eddie and I had three separate conversations about skin color. Me: Hey, I wonder what Alice will look like. Eddie: Maybe she will have curly hair! ...more

Blame the Common Core!

Since school has started, I have seen all the usual complaints on Facebook about the evils of the Common Core. I don’t get the math! ...more

First Snow Day

Today Eddie and I are home for our very first snow day of the 2014-15 school year. This is sort of a big deal because it’s only November 18 and there is over a foot of snow out there…and it’s still coming down. It’s also cool because my school district doesn’t close very often (we are an urban district with city roads that are very well plowed), but Eddie’s closes more frequently (his has a ton of rural roads) ....more

Stand Up {a giveaway}

Children’s books are a HUGE part of our family life in Sluiter Nation. Eddie has so many that I am running out of shelf room in his bedroom. ...more

A Little Bit of Girl

About four years ago one of my very great...more


Cortney and I have wonderful memories with all of our grandparents. I have gotten to listen to stories about camping trips with Cort’s maternal grandparents and Christmas’s with his paternal grandparents.Since we have been married, we lost both of Cortney’s grandfathers. Both deaths were very hard on our family because the men were such huge influences on Cortney’s life ....more


Sometimes… I feel like I am failing. I don’t think I have enough patience to be a mother. I wonder why I thought I could have another baby ....more

The Days are Long…

“The days are long, but the years are short.” I hate that phrase, but I use it all the time. Just this morning I woke up to our alarm, rolled over, looked at the clock and thought, “How in the world is it only Thursday?” ...more