Verbal Abuse


Magnificently Seven Months

Dear Alice, I think every month I tell you how much I love the age you are, and your seventh month is no different. Look how happy you are! Let’s look at your stats: You are sitting up like a boss! ...more

Can I Tell Her She is Pretty?

Hey Pretty Girl! I see you! Good morning, Beautiful! ...more

My To Watch List on Netflix

So yeah. School started and now that is my life. My school, Eddie’s school, Eddie’s activities like soccer and cub scouts, Sunday school–which I teach and Eddie and Charlie attend ....more

We Survived…Barely

Whew! The first week of school for the 2015-16 school year is in the books and the Sluiters are EXHAUSTED! Eddie’s first week as a 1st grader went really well ....more

First Day of First Grade

Dear Eddie, Today is your first day of First Grade! Last week we went to open house and you met Mrs. D and saw your classroom ....more

Half Birthday

Dear Alice, Somehow, you are six months old already. I know. It’s surprising! ...more

The Things They Carried

This book reminded me of how necessary it is to go out of your comfort zone sometimes. This book reminded me that, no, I don’t normal read “war books,” but sometimes you need to take a risk and read something that is not your normal genre. This book reminded me that while it may not seem like I could relate to a Vietnam war vet, I would be wrong ....more

Summer Out, Fall In

Oh Summer of 2015, what a mixed bag of emotions you have been. My time “off” started March 5–the day before Alice was born. Summer break officially started June 5 after I picked Eddie up from his last day or Kindergarten and Charlie up from daycare ....more

The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao

Confession: I started this book and thought two things: 1) I like books that make me feel good about my Spanish and 2) this book is going to take a lot of brain power. I started this book for no other reason that I want to read more non-white authors and many readers I respect (who read the “literature” on top of just other stuff) rated this one highly. I also started it one day on the deck in the sun in my favorite reading spot ....more