Being an adult is really nothing like I thought it would be when I was little. I remember feeling like there would be nothing better than to be a grown-up. Nobody told them what to do ....more

The Keepsake I Don’t Have

If I could go back and change one thing, I would change what I chose from my Grandmother’s house after she died. My maternal grandma, Grandma Jo, passed away from Alzheimer’s in January of 2001. After she passed and my mom and her sisters had gone through her things, the grandkids were allowed to go through before they had the estate sale ....more

Just an Update

I am legit running out if interesting things to blog about with this every day posting thing. (Why is November so long? ...more

First Snow

Today was the first snow of the season, and it was actually a legit snow and not just some flurries in the air that didn’t stick to anything. I’m really not a big fan of snow, because I hate being cold, I hate being wet, and I hate driving when it’s treacherous out. But even I will admit this sort of sticky snow (that doesn’t stick to the road) is kind of pretty ....more

hearts breaking

My second year of teaching, a senior died in a jet-ski accident. There were suicides. There was a swimming accident ....more

Musical Confessions

So posting every dang day in November is hard. It forces me to concentrate on my commute. I hate to concentrate on my commute ....more

The Bedtime Battle

I have a love/hate relationship with my children’s bedtime routines. I know all kids are different, but it always astounds me how we can do the same thing with all three kids and get three vastly different outcomes. As a baby, Eddie just couldn’t fall asleep on his own ....more

five sleeping babies

Saturday Charlie came into our room while I was in there, and...more

love languages

Are you familiar with the five love languages? Well it turns out, my love language is gifts, and I have been sort of embarrassed about that since I took that dumb quiz and found out. I mean, doesn’t that make me seem greedy and superficial if the way to my heart is buying me stuff? ...more

feeding a hungry soul

Today did not start well. Without throwing blame around, I’ll just say that Sunday mornings are a variation of hard. We have never ...more