Why You Should Definitely Intervene when Adults Overwhelm Your Kids

You’re at a family party and everyone is playing with your two-year-old girl. At one point, grandpa is bouncing her up in his arms in what started as a game—both squealing, laughing—but now it’s clear to you that your daughter has had enough. Unfortunately, grandpa is oblivious and refuses to stop, thinking your daughter is still having a blast....more

What to Do when You’re Unhappy with Parenthood

“Does it get better?”Whether you’re a first-time mom blown away by your new role, or even a seasoned mom facing different challenges, maybe you wonder:Am I happy with parenthood?...more

Is Taking Care of Kids Really the Hardest Job?

I’m guessing you’re exhausted by the time you fall asleep. You may have started your day waking up at an ungodly hour. You go to work which, in comparison, feels like a refuge from the chaos of caring for your kids. Your “day shift” then ends only to continue to the “night shift” of yet more child rearing and housekeeping. Or you’ve been home with the kids and realize this has been more challenging than any day you’ve been paid to work in the past....more
reillysmom16 It definitely helps once they're older :)more

Why Spanking Isn’t Necessary (And What to Do Instead)

 Rarely in any parenting topic do I absolutely believe something to be right or wrong, even if I don’t follow its tenets. From time-outs, to bed-sharing to helicopter parenting—these are all parenting methods that, while I don’t always follow, acknowledge and respect their functions for each family. Do what works, I would say, just as I would do what works for my family.Spanking, however, is different. I actually believe spanking to be wrong....more

How to have a social life (even if you have kids)

Growing up seems to come at the expense of losing social ties, especially when kids enter the picture. Back in college, every day was a social life; you lived, ate, studied, partied, bumped into and were surrounded with friends. Then you graduate and become “adults,” and gradually the every-day-of-the-week going out turned into only-on-the-weekend hangouts, until eventually you’re just too tired to stay awake past 11pm. Suddenly you find yourself with three kids and few chances to brush your hair, much less look presentable for a friend....more

Don’t do these 8 things when hiring a nanny

Whether you use an agency, an online site or word of mouth, hiring a nanny can be a stressful experience. For many, it’s the first time you’re an employer considering pay rates and conducting searches and interviews. You’ll also be handing the care of your children to someone else, and likely someone you’ve never met. To help you transition smoothly and feel confident and at ease, avoid these following eight mistakes when hiring a nanny:...more
One very important step you forgot was: Pay Your Nanny Legally! Nannies are employees, and you ...more

Should dads wake up for night time feedings?

Should dads wake up for night time feedings, even if mom breastfeeds? Should he break up his sleep even though he goes to work while mom stays home with the baby? For my family, yes. Of course, it’s never that simple, but let me explain why my husband wakes up with the babies even though he works and I’ve been staying home....more

An open letter to parents struggling with twins

Dear parents of twins,If you’re like my husband, you were ecstatic to hear that you were expecting twins. Double the love, right?...more

What have you learned from your children?

Before I became a mom, I assumed that parenting, particularly in the early days, was a one-way street, with parents doing all the giving and the children doing all the taking. After all, babies are so dependent on their parents for everything, and all they can give is a smile in return. Now, however, I understand that it’s often the other way around—that children actually give us so much more than we can ever provide, especially when it comes to what we learn from them, about them, and about ourselves....more

5 reasons why I suck at being a mom sometimes

I’ve had my fair share of mom-fail moments in the three short years I’ve been one, from dragging my tantrum-throwing kid on the floor to yelling at him during bath time. And while we learn from these experiences, I’ve learned that challenges never really stop, and instead simply evolve depending on the current circumstances. Take, for instance, some recent episodes where I sucked at being a mom:...more