9 Wonderful Comics with GLBTQ+ Characters

Clearly, comics with queer characters are about things other than being queer. So I could have put every one of these into a more "topic" focused comics post. But this group of comics stood out so sharply for me as happiness-increasing portrayals of non-heterosexual folks, that I couldn't resist making a friendly post with all of them together ....more

Karate Girl: In which a girl is karate chopped back to life!

If I told you Karate Girl was a good movie, I'd be lying. Luckily, a movie can be fun without being good. So we had a fine time watching this tale of Ayaka (Rina Takeda), a teenage girl who must save her sister from the evil karate school that killed their father when they were very young ....more

What Jiu Jitsu Moms Hear

Me: "What's wrong with your throat?" Boy Detective: "Nothing. I was testing a new choke on myself. It seemed pretty effective so I stopped." Copyright 2002-2014 Skye Kilaen - Planet Jinxatron ...more

6 Kids' Books About Pets That Adults Can Love Too

In my series of children's books that are good enough for even adults to enjoy, I've already done posts about cats, dogs, and animals in general. Books starring animals are also included in just about every other topic post. There are just a LOT of books about animals for kids! ...more

8 Crime Comics That Won Me Over

When I thought about my favorite comics, a lot of crime and caper books made the list. I was surprised because I don't think of myself as a crime-story loving gal. The evidence is right here in the post, though, there's no denying it! ...more

But our Dark Souls 2 time together is special!

Me: Next Friday night, I'm standing you up. A bunch of Austin blogger ladies are getting together to hang out. C-Man: Whatever ....more

9 Science Fiction Comics That Warm My Geeky Heart

I was raised watching Star Trek, Doctor Who, and Blake's 7. Spaceships, epic battles, robots, time travel, the stars! Exciting people doing exciting things on exciting other planets! ...more

12 Kids' Books About Princesses That Adults Can Love Too

Boy Detective let me know early on that he did NOT like princesses. "Mom," he said, "I like FAIRIES, not princesses." Strangely, though, he loves every book in this list. It's amazing how a good story can transcend genre prejudices, isn't it? ...more

8 Fantastic Comics About History, Legends, and Myths

Some stories are just BIG. Sweeping epics, or moments in history that will be remembered for centuries. Even if they're moments that never happened, in a world that never existed ....more

Maybe I need to be in bed too?

Me: Now he's playing an accordion in his room [instead of going to sleep]! C-Man: A xylophone, but yes. Me: That's what I meant ....more