Why ALL kids need diverse books

I’m over at SheKnows today, talking about #WeNeedDiverseBooks and why it’s important for everyone. Read it here: 4 Reasons all kids need diverse books The post Why ALL kids need diverse books appeared first on Planet Jinxatron ....more

Our organizing styles differ slightly

Boy Detective: I don’t mind my room being messy. Me: Oh yeah? Boy Detective: Yeah, ’cause then I can find things ....more

7 More Fun Children’s Picture Books You Shouldn’t Miss

When I started my children’s picture book series, I never imagined creating over 25 posts full of our favorite books. From robots to gardens, dogs to fairies, and everything in between. I’m not done yet, but I’m taking a break from themes to celebrate a handful of books just because ....more

Is that a legal move?

Me: Your teacher said you never really do any jiu-jitsu at school. Boy Detective: That’s not really true. There was this one time, on the playground, I tried to cross-choke a tree? ...more

The Texas Conference for Women is coming up! And you can win a ticket right here.

The 16th annual Texas Conference for Women is being held October 15th in Austin. Thanks to the conference, I’ll be attending for the first time, and they’ve also given me a pass to give away to one lucky reader. Yay! ...more

The 7 Best Children’s Books About Ninjas and Samurai

Some things are totally fun for make believe, but you’d never want them around in real life. Pirates, living dinosaurs, Jedi battles, etc. Basically anything where you get in fights or get eaten ....more

Getting this train back on the tracks!

Moving a blog from one publishing platform to another can seem easy. One may not realize until later how many things are broken! For example, the feed? ...more

Be Brave, Young Man!

Me: I’m going to vacuum now. Boy Detective: I laugh in the face of danger! ...more

6 Winning Kids’ Books About Sports

What I know about sports could fit on an index card, but I do know a good children’s book. So here are some of our favorite children’s picture books about sports, from a mom who loves books and a kid who loves books AND sports. Boy Detective enjoyed these in his preschool and early elementary years, and I also genuinely liked them… even after reading some of them out loud half a dozen times! ...more

6 More Graphic Novels You Should Read

I’ve written about plenty of comics so far, from action-packed spy thrillers to memoirs about growing up. In this post I wanted to highlight some of the most distinctive, genre-defying books I’ve read. Football! ...more